Welcome back, Last week we put the touches on the landmass and vegetation portions of the continent I'd been creating, putting together the lessons from the first section. Now, it is time to start populating it with creatures. This second section, The Natural World, will focus up to and on all the creatures in the setting, why and how to populate them, and how to conceive of their interactions beyond the standard predator and prey situation. Since we are here, however, lets take a look into exactly how predators and prey shape up and how they work differently in a Fantasy world. dd Continue reading

1337615786_062-warmachine_legends_11of4 Just around a month or so from now, perhaps two, we will be seeing a major errata to Warmachine. This, by all accounts, will be the largest errata ever issued to Warmachine and Hordes. There is some chatter that up to 50% of Skorne is being looked at, as well as the bottom and top 5% of each faction. There is a hope from a significant portion of the community, that this errata is the one that brings the best balance to the game, and everything else from here on out is just knocking out outliers. I feel that this is the likely end result as well, which means that there is significant work on Cryx in the errata. What do I hope they will address? Lets take a look. Continue reading

This first section was vitally important, though sometimes a little dry, because it allows a strong setup of the following sections and creates a strong foundation to build on. Remember though, that you're not bound by your prior choices, and can easily adapt what you have created to better suit the vision that you are creating. Often, when people see the detailed worlds and settings that I have created, often behind the scenes of games or stories that I am writing, they ask why any of it matters. And, to a fair point, they are correct in respect to a number of the topics, that is, until they become vital. mountains to traverse, a great drought in the savanna to lead raiders and bandits westward, a cold and bitter set of years pushing explorers South. Lumber, pastureland, livestock, natural resources. All these stem from the setup that was created in the early stages of the world, and have carried their weight into the story, lending credence and continualism.  Lets take a look at the place I've been creating, and apply some of the concepts over the past few weeks. dd Continue reading

1337615786_062-warmachine_legends_11of4 I've not been playing a lot of games lately, but I've made some progress into my goals. One of the things I wanted to do was to get enough games in with a caster to get their feel before moving onward. I've been playing the game and playing cryx long enough to be able to sort out, with a modicum of reliability, how a caster feels and whether or not it plays right, in about 5 games. It doesn't always give me a taste for the meta and how I utilize it in a tournament, which is a flaw, but I don't get to enough tournaments to really make it my priority. I do worry about tournament boogeymen, but only in the dojo. This'll be my first written battle report with Goreshade 2, and its with the last iteration in his final game before Terminus. Continue reading

1337615786_062-warmachine_legends_11of4 This day, which has come for many before I, Has finally come. Today, I was finally able to get my inflictors. I have now joined the ranks of those many Cryxian Warlords who can be protected from the slings, arrows and bullets of outrageous fortune. It is a day I have looked forward to for a very, very long time. I've got two lists I've been eyeing for a long time, and I finally get to take a chance on both of them. I've talked a few times about them here, but I've been working on one of them continuously. Even today I've changed it. Lets take a look at my current, probably stupid, Lich Lord Terminus list. Continue reading

Alright. We are almost there! I've put up a table of contents, a road map of sort, to how I am going to write these articles out. If I miss a topic that belongs somewhere else, I'll make sure to go back, but the list is pretty much in order, and how my logical brain wants to build it. This should be the last article on the first section, Landmass and Vegetation. Next, I'm going to do a whole set of articles on Animals, which I am very strongly looking forward to. Well, enough of that! On to Biomes and Vegetation! dd Continue reading

Last week, I mentioned I was going to do vegetation, but I think this week suits better with a discussion on climate. This is also where we are going to start getting a bit into how it works with the fantastic, because while the other topics: Land formations, Waterways, Ocean and Wind Currents, and Tectonic Theory, are all pretty static things that can easily be explained in real world terms and barely react to stimuli, Climate is nothing but a huge response to all the stimulus above, and likely others that are more fantastic dd Continue reading

1337615786_062-warmachine_legends_11of4 With Privateer revealing that they will be looking to address the Cryxian ability to play into gunlines and my general lack of playing time, I've started to branch out into list that, while might not be the best, or even good, into a gunline, might be my pairing with a list that covers that match up for me. I have also, while working with the Coven list, been brainstorming lists for the whole roster, spare a few. Its going to be interesting, going forward, and I think that once the problem with ranged is addressed, it will open up a gammut of different lists. Come, let me show you what I'm thinking about. Continue reading