We’re starting our second contract with the OVR, and I’m going to change up the way I write my reports. Instead of going down to the nitty gritty, I’m going to do a more broad overview. We’ll see how I like this layout.

After collecting our payment from our previous contract, and splitting the various rewards between Ronin, Carric, and myself, both Ronin and I did some downtime activities. I researched a bunch into the mad wizard’s papers, finding that, surprise! He was mad. There are some bits and bobs that I can find information from, but others not so much. I can’t replicate his projects, at least not with the methods I am willing to use, but I keep the stash of knowledge for further research if I ever need it. I also take the amulet we found and put the gem into it. I want to be able to have it near me at all times, just in case.

A few weeks after our return, we are approached for another mission. A man’s son was recently ambushed and killed, and we are to find the body of his son and the family’s heirloom sword. We are joined by a Half-Orc Bard going by the name Rumy, who will be a welcome addition with the loss of Haltz.

We make our way to the family’s home, where we ask the father some questions, and then are given the opportunity to question the lone survivor. The man has not exactly been treated well – He was a coward, and they wanted to be certain that they both had the proper information and that he wouldn’t repeat his actions. Chained to the floor, the soles of his feet flayed off and eyes gouged out (Among other things), he repeats his tale – A man with a hammer “Carved to look like fire” attacked the caravan, killing everyone and ransacking it. He only survived by hiding in a ditch.

We then make our way into the Brackwood, a wonderful, peaceful woodland full of rabbits, deer and friendly birds. Or, rather, a dark and foreboding semi-magical forest of doom. After our first day, we come to a bridge, with bits and pieces of it broken presumably from recent flooding. Ronin made a scouting attempt across what remained, and only managed to stir up a… thing.

In my research, I had come across references to creatures made from magical runoff, and this fit the bill perfectly. It was made of mud, stones, and skulls of not-so-happy woodland critters, Somehow, the topic of paying a toll to the creature came up and it seemed pretty happy with the idea. After trying a few thoughts (And Carric pegging it with a few arrows), we managed to all get to the opposite side of the muddy streambed, where we figured out the thing was trapped within a small area around the bridge. As it was unable to come after us, we go happily on our way.

Or, for some of us happily. I, and at times some of the others, end up having headaches and being generally grumpy in this forest. This clears mostly as we get away from the forest on the third day, coming out to a clearing. We see a few farmhouses – One that looks empty, and one that looks inhabited. We decide to make our way to the empty one, as arriving at an inhabited place in an area plagued by bandits at nightfall probably wouldn’t be the best idea.

We arrive at the house, finding it deserted and empty – Well, except for the bodies of the family we found inside. Ronin and I take the time to bury them while Rumy explores the house and the surrounding area, with Carric finding a sheep for dinner. Ronin prepares it for us, and we sleep – Much better than we have in previous nights.

In the morning, we make our way out to the inhabited farmhouse, to which they unsurprisingly bolt themselves shut and try their best to ignore us. Carric talks at them, eventually convincing one of them out.

We explain what we were hired to do, and that we expect the local bandit king to have the sword. Since we’re going after him, he gives us some information – The bandits camp on the “Golem’s Blade” cliff, and while there is a road (and a diversion camp) that lead up to it, there’s also a way around the back.

We decide to surprise them in their rear, and after getting off track a time or two, we find their camp a short time after dark. Sparing no subtlety, we attack. Rumy sets off a few of the horses to cause some confusion, and we take out a few of them before they know what’s going on. Some get away to go round up and warn the others, and one decides to make a stand. Ronin goes after him while Carric stays to the shadows, raining arrows on unsuspecting victims. Rumy, too, keeps to the shadows, waiting until the opportune moment to use her bardic magic, shattering several bandits into bloody pulp. I use my own magic to hit some of them, until switching to my glaive to help Ronin dispatch the lone bandit.

The ruckus summoned a big, burly Orc from his slightly-fancier hut, along with two bodyguards. The men who we had been dealing with had stalled for enough time for several others to slip into some armor, and they began rushing us as well. Rumy took a shot at the boss and his guards, dealing some damage to them before she was even seen.

We’ll have to wait until next week to see what sort of mess we’ve gotten ourselves into.

I’ve never really been one for converting my models. Ages ago, in the halcyon days of 40k, all the models were plastic and making them look unique, while fun, also means that you had a billion part model that took ages and ages to assemble. Assembly isn’t my favorite part of the hobby, because it eats away at painting time, and no one likes that!

I’d never felt I was innately skilled at sculpting, unlike some of the other pursuits in hobbying, so I had never really tried anything incredibly complex. That changes when I bought my first, metal, Centurion for Cygnar. I hated both his spear and his pose, and felt that his model never matched the glory of his artwork.

The old metal model. Unimpressed.


The Bad Ass Art!

I resolved to make the model look at least a little bit more like the art, even if it was just the majesty of it and not the pose. To that end, I bulked up the shield and then used a brass rod for the spear haft to extend it. I thought it looked good, and it looked better painted.

A more Beefy Centurion

That lead, after a long, long while to my Bane Spartans, who I’ve already spent some time writing about. The success and, I’ll admit it, fun, of those conversions lead me to seek out some other units that I thought I’d like to see modified. The big, huge glaring light was that of the Nyss hunters. I love almost everything about them except for their over-sized heads. I felt that their massive domes would get in the way of everything, and, even more egregious, that they would not be fun to paint, and I want to have fun painting.  I started looking around and found some good heads, though not many of them, and a good set of weapons.


Those weapons, by the way, I bought off of Shapeways. That site has some fantastic parts for models, from heads to weapons to arms and torsos, all modeled by people like you and me, and then 3d printed and sent to the customer. Its awesome.  The heads Were helped along by a friend of mine who had an army of Fantasy Wood Elves, and was sitting on a huge stock of ones I needed. After a bit of cloning, hacking and chopping, They were finished.

Now, I had Spartans and Ninjas. I was pretty happy.

Except that I still had this bug, it seemed. Something within me would see things that I once thought were perfectly fine, and I’d decide I wanted to give them my own touch. Bane Riders were the next up.

While looking through a ton of sites for ninja-like heads, I kept coming across Samurai heads. Each time, I got more and more convinced I needed to do something with them. Eventually, I settled on Bane Rider Samuari. I would do a simple swap of their heads and weapons and call it a day. Much like my Bane Spartans, these heads ended up being much, much more complicated than I wanted them to be, but I ended up doing just fine, I think

However, since I am going to try and trade my assembled models for unassembled so that they are easier to convert, I have not been able to get at the bane riders with a dremmel or a knife to see if the heads actually fit.

To go along with the swords, I also bought some giant Katanas. They are larger than normal, which works because the Bane Riders are so large. I’ll be swapping these in when I get my new unit. 

I think I might even add flags to the their backs for that little added touch.

Sadly, though, even this was not enough for me. I needed more. The thought came to me, though, when I was digging through my bitz box and located a head of a Bane Knight that I had gotten with my unit. It was a pot helmet that seemed like it would fit on pretty much anyone. Fortuneatly, or unfortuneatly, if you these poor fellows, There was a unit of Steelhead Halberdiers in front of me. The helmets were almost exactly the same! I just needed to do a straight swap.

However, that wasn’t going to be enough. I deffinitly have to add more cryxian flair to the models. I figured that a Bane Thrall axe head would do the trick to replace the halberd.

So, I have  a pretty full stock of models I need to get converted and painted up. I might even have some little bits and bobs that I need to add to the Halberdiers before I finish them off. I also think I want to do a cool, neat base for the Nyss. Oh, and that Totem Hunter conversion in No Quarter is amazing, and the skorne one looks like it could be insanely fun to paint!

If anyone has some suggestions about models in the Cryx, Merc, Skorne or even Cygnar line that could look cool converted up, let me know. I think I’ve got a few ideas percolating around in my brain, but its extremely hard for me to pull them out.


Thanks for reading!

I recently was introduced to a new and completely insane format of MTG this weekend, and I think I may have fallen in love.

Tiny Leaders is a format of MTG that seeks to mimic the Commander feel and gameplay while also enabling competitive, one on one gameplay.  As someone who has very little time to play commander, yet still loves the format, I completely applaud this venture.

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Oranna, Goddess of Laws

Other Titles: The Iron Mistress,  The Dread Tactician, Lady Law, The Enforcer

Alignment:  LN

Weapon: Ironbound Staff (Redactor)

Major Domains: Laws, Plans, Order

Minor Domains:  Preperation, Tactics, Logistics

Totem Animal: Ant

Holy Symbol: A simple black and red quill, trailing a blue line in more exotic versions

Favored Appearances: Oranna is a strict and unforgiving being, and her chosen forms represent exactly that. While she prefers her female form slightly, she takes whichever form is most utilitarian for the event.

He Female form is both beautiful and rigid, unapproachable in almost every fashion, she knows each and every formality and nuance to the society she is in and will brook no deviation from it. Her hair is black, tinged with plenty of dark, dark blue, and it is formed completely in conformity with the current fashions and trends. She it tall, generally speaking, with cold blue eyes and angular features.

Her male form is similarly strict, with very similar features, including hair, eyes and height. His demeanor is pragmatic and standoffish, while hers is more factual and leading. His features, where hers a sharp, tend to be broad and flat, unassuming in the least.

Warform: The Warform of the Goddess of Laws is that of a Queen Ant, towering over her armies marching in perfect unison and fighting with precision and form. Composed of frothing waves that somehow manage to keep their form, with pincers and wings made of razor sharp ice. She can spit a blast of icy water that is so cold it manages to freeze everything it touches in place where it contacts them. Her form is so cold that where she treads, pools of frigid water gather and harden as the land freezes solid.

Personality: There is little of forgiveness or mercy in the being or Oranna, and ignorance is no excuse for not following the rules of the land. She stoutly opposes chaos in all its forms, and seeks to organize, lead and police everyone she can. Though she follows the laws to the letter and form, she grants mercy where there is leniency in the law for it. she sees no reason to punish simply for punishments sake; she is no tyrant. There are limits, however, to what little tolerance she has, and even a second offense brooks the most severe and devastating of consequences. Unwillingly breaking the law must be punished, but willing defiance is intolerable.  She also takes great care in planning and executing any form of project, from the smallest of barn raising to the greatest of all invasions.  While she objects to revolt and revolution, as one should work within the system if there is to be change, she finds no problem with invasion. It is a lawful and strict capacity of any nation to invade and conquer another, provided it has not pledged that it will not. The Laws tell you what you may not do, and anything outside of that is by its very definition, outside the law and legal.

Teachings: The Church of Oranna teaches the strongest and most obedient of subjugation to the laws of the land.  It also teaches that within those laws are the way to happiness and strength. However, one must not only live by the laws, but they must be an ordered and thoughtful person. They must strive to make the best decision, given the circumstances, and little should be left to chance. Chance and Luck lead to chaos and the unpredictable, and that is anathema  to Lady Orannas being. Plan out each day, follow the plan, make your life a bastion of order and symbol for others to follow. Live within the law at all times, and become a leader in your community and your family. Lead, when necessary, but follow when commanded.

Abode: Oranna lives in the Basilica of Edicts, an enormous building on a cliff overlooking an ocean of mercury on the western flank of the Paltonarchs territory in the Iron Marches. It is here that she leads her armies against the invading forces of the accursed and where her endless army trains and drills

Clergy: The church of Orannas priests are highly educated and sought after judges and barristers. They know the laws of their land, and sometimes others, in extreme depth, and have pledged to complete impartiality when dealing with the law. Additionally, they can be sought out for assistance when it comes to traversing legal matters, including laying claim to land, writing up a will, and bringing justice to lawbreakers. Sometimes, however, Nobles and aristocracy who believe themselves to be above the law find them to be a tedious and tiresome bunch, always telling them what they can and cannot do. Many households have a priest of Oranna as an adviser but not all of them listen.

Knightly Orders: Laws exist for people to follow, and order is best maintained by those who follow the laws. However, not everyone understands this concept.  The Lexions, Orannas tactical and military arm, are the enforcers of this concept. This Order has two branches, the Arbiters and the Mitigators. The Arbiters are called upon to lead a confrontation with groups of unruly or rebellious peoples, and will teach the forces of those lawfully in charge how to fight against and defeat a rebellious mass. The Mitigators simply do the work themselves. They will not rush into battle, but they will simply hunt down the lawbreakers to the end of the world.  There is no place that they can hide, and no amount of time that can pass before justice is met Once the contract has been signed, there is no escaping their proscribed punishment.

Clerical Attire/colors: Oranna’s colors are deep blue-grays and vivid whites, able to stand in contrast to one another. The robes of her followers are adorned on the left side of their chest, slightly higher than center, with her holy symbol. All of her priests, called Adjudicators, have pages and pages dedicated to the prescribed clothes that a priest must wear, how and when they wear them, and how to cut and take care of them. Resultingly, they present a uniform front to the world in their long robes, deep sleeves and great hoods.

Followers: Most followers of Oranna are planners and judges, with many great tacticians pledging that they owe all of their capacity to their fealty to Oranna. Generals, however, are more apt to be a follower of a war god. Some mages, and the rare warrior will dedicate themselves to the Iron Mistress, but most prefer a more lenient master.

I’m just kinda going to go around the nerd world in a few minutes, there have been a ton of developmens I want to touch on that I’ve not been able to just sit down and rash out into a full post. It’d be perfect for a bite size nerd, If I wasn’t trying to paint every second I possibly could!

Warmachine Developments/Spoilers

Recently, there were released a number of excellent spoilers/previews from the next/last Privateer Press Anthology book.

From the already released Exigence:

The Skorne Aradus model.

Aradus Sentinal from Will Schick

Aradus Sentinal from Will Schick

The Gatorman Sacral Vault

Sacral Vault

The Doom that came to Infantry Armies

I think there is a ton of potential for both of these models to be in my armies. I really wish that I played either Circle or Legion, so that I could use the Sacral vault in that army as well, but thats not happening any time soon.  I really like the look of the Aradus, but the base-to-model ration is, as always, suitably Skorny. The guns it brings are a welcome addition to almost every Skorne army!

The Sacral Vault I am a little less thrilled about because I am gonna have to get a PG to paint that monstrosity up for me, and then trade them a painted model of equal value. Hopefully I can get this done before Lock and Load, where I play my gators.

There were also reveals, releases and spoilers on the jacks for three of the five factions that are going to be getting new character Jacks in the upcoming Reckoning book.

Dynamo, who’s just a monster from hell, was released, Moros was spoiled in the latest No Quarter, and Ruin has their rapid prototype model revealed. Honestly, Ruin determined my second Khadoran caster, and is allowing me to comfortably expand into a two list pair that is extremely cool to theory about. Moros is going to cause me no end of fits, when I play Skorne. For the vast majority of the time, however, I play Cryx, and I won’t need to worry about that little machine from hell. Dynamo is the model I am least enthused about, but that is probably because I don’t want to get shot in the face anymore. I just can’t take it.

Well, I probably can. I’m playing Fist.

Oh, Right. Pictures:

A really cool model, though in ret, so BOO!

A really cool model, though in ret, so BOO!

King Missile

King Missile

THE Khadoran Warjack of the Future.

THE Khadoran Warjack of the Future.

Seriously, look at that thing. He’s wearing a Warpwolf for a cloak!

The Complete Release of Infinity v. 3 or N3

When this initially came out, I was ecstatic, and I think I still am. This game has a ton of potential, and is a very, very well made game. That doesn’t mean its perfectly balanced or an extremely tight ruleset, though is it better than most.

They had originally said that Human Sphere and Campaign: Paradiso were going to be kept as is, but they have since recanted, in their own way. Now, with the release of the edited rules for the expansion books and all my models with new stats and rules again, I can feel the excitement creeping up on me.

Oh, and have I mentioned that all the rules are FREE

What you would need and want to assess the game are:
Basic Rulebook
Troop Profiles
Human Sphere Rules
Paradiso Rules

I really think its a game that most minis gamers will enjoy and find enjoyable, and you should try it out!

Malifaux Avatars

According to this post, Avatars are completely removed from the game of Malifaux. While there are various ways of saying it nicely, they are out. There are rules for using them in a campaign, which is adorable, and there are ways to use them as legal proxies, which I fail to see as a reason to purchase them, but they don’t mean anything. I think its a brave decision, but its even harder on me in the wake of the Infinity Profile Trim. Out of three games I play, only one has never removed a model willfully from the game. While it may be eclipsed by other models, I will always be able to field the models I purchased within the limits of the game. Infinity recently took some of the weapons and options away from certain troop profiles, removing some of my models from the game, and now Malifaux is doing the same. Thankfully, I’d never gotten my Perdita Avatar after the rules made her so derpy I never wanted her.

Going along with that, I understand their decision. Its 30+ models that need to be worked into their new style of game, and I don’t even think its possible, especially when your trying to get player feedback. Certian Players are going to want big, nasty, awesome centerpiece models, while others are going to want the choices of taking or not taking the model to be nearly automatic. I agree with the decision, but I don’t like it.

Conversions and Painting

After the success I had with my Bane Spartans, and the initial rush of the Ninja Nyss, I have expanded further outward with my desire to convert. Its not an overwhelming desire, but I do like the uniqueness it gives my army. The first thing I had decided was that I was going to turn my bane Knights into Samurai. That’s being done by a simple head and weapon swap, and I have actually built them and have em ready to go onto the new bodies when I get them. The second is the Bane Halberdiers. I use Steelhead Halberdiers from time to time in my  Cryx lists so I wanted them to match just a little. In order to accomplish that, I’ve decided to replace their halberd heads with Bane Axe heads and replace the Steelhead Bucket Helmet with Bane Knight heads. After I paint them up and get them matching the color scheme of the Cryx army, they’ll fit right in!

Painting is finally happening on my Skorne force. I’ve joined the Tale of Warmachine and Hordes Painting Group, and I have to paint five points of models every month in order to continue participating. To accomplish the monumental task, I’ve decided that I’m going to paint up the rest of my unpainted Skorne warlocks, and get using them on the table. First up is Rasheth, who I have to say, I am pretty proud of, for his spot. He’s sitting about 70% finished, and I look forward to having him finished!

You will also notice that my pictures suck less. Thankfully, the phone I have sucks less!


Nova Open and the ECR

Its about time for the NOVA Open and the East Coast Rumble to start getting ramped up, and I am looking forward to seeing a ton of people and getting some games in. Running and judging WMW qualifier events is no small task!


Tremid, Accursed of Decay

Other Titles: Brother Bloat, Rotfiend, the Great Miser, Defiler

Alignment:  CE

Weapon: Twin Picks (Blight and Spoil)

Major Domains:  Rot, Decay, Greed

Minor Domains:  Corruption, Decadence,

Totem Animal: Swarms of Flies

Holy Symbol: A single large green swamp-bubble with two smaller, popping ones to either side.

Favored Appearances: Tremid rarely sets foot outside of the Endless Moor, but when he does walk among the mortals, he does so in a corpulent form. Both his male and female forms are grossly overweight, and seem as if they couldn’t possibly walk, yet still manage to do so.

His male form is that of a particularly disgusting elf. His hair is cut short and greasy black, sticking to his balding head at unnatural angles, completely unkempt.  He wears a voluminous deep green robe tied at his waist with a single knot on a disgusting yellow cord. His face is a blotchy red, and punctuated with angry pustules and boils. His hands and feet, uncovered both, are blistered and swollen masses, fat and twisted. He carries on himself a seemingly inexhaustible purse of gold, and never has any shortage of people willing to do his bidding for a bit of coin, which he offers constantly.

His female form is no better, an unbelievably round and boisterous Dwarf. Loud and gregarious, she talks endlessly, when she is not eating. Her blond hair is long and knotted, having never been taken care of. Her face has deep set, beady eyes and a round, angry red nose. She wears the same robe and single knotted rope, with the overflowing purse of gold as well. In this form, though, Tremid feels more bold, and makes passes at anyone, male, female or child, that passes by.

Warform: Unlike many other gods, Tremid’s warform is that of many different, smaller forms. He takes the form of a swarm of buzzing, biting, stinging flies of all shapes and sizes. The swarm exists within a biting sandstorm, flaying flesh and blistering soft, exposed organs. They very in form and shape, but many of them, once killed are of gems and stones.

Personality: Tremid is slotfull and greedy to the greater degree than any other god. He is needy and determined, looking for every chance to break down, corrupt and destroy others plans and lives. He exuberantly embraced the rebellion, and was one of the Black Pacts most ardent supporters. He loves the company of others, and while he rarely will leave the Endless Moor, he is constantly throwing lavish parties and inviting many of the Accursed, and sometimes even the Paltonarchs, though they never come. He serves the most vile and terrifying foods alongside the greatest dishes that can be created, tending towards those meals that are fermented, rotting and spoiled alongside fungus and mushroom dishes.

Teachings: Tremid, as the Accursed of Decay, teaches that nothing is stable or permanent, and that all of it must eventually decay, rot and spoil. In many cases, that means embracing the spoilage and making do with it. Scavenging for food, looting trash heaps and other peoples refuse and living in squalor are all concepts that Tremid espouses. He teaches, as well, that the same end is destined for gold and wealth. This, he says, is the driving reason to collect and spend as much and as conspicuously as possible. Gold should be used to acquire those things that make life better for you in the short run, or worse for others. Delectable delicacies, important relics, and genuine art are all things to be coveted and consumed. It is never enough, though, as he never teaches this followers to look forward or protect their belongings, and eventually the priceless painting or delicious food rots away and needs to be replaced with another.

Abode: The Endless Moor is exactly that, a giant fetid swamp in the rear of the accursed territory. It is here that, under the black, reeking mud that he has built his warrens. Nothing here is permanent, and he constantly has his dedicated demons and patrons rebuilding and shoring up his ever crumbling walls.

Cultists: Among the Accursed Cultists, few are despised as much as the cultists of Tremid. Where they walk, food stores spoil, plants rot on the vine, and children are stillborn. Wounds, both emotional and physical fester in the presence of the rotlords chosen. To that end, they often form cabals of their own, congregating outside of society, using proxies to enable them to corrupt and foster decay wherever needed.

Clerical Attire/colors: Dark green and slimy browns are the colors of Tremid, and they are worn in loose, voluminous robes. It is a point of pride for his followers to not bath, clean or take care of themselves in any way, eating everything they want and not caring about the consequences. Almost everything they touch ends up covered in grease, sweat and puss of some sort.

Followers:  Rarely do the followers of Tremid conform to any sort of categorization. Lonely vagabonds with no where to live or the desperate, deprived 10th son of a nobleman or  worthless exiles with an axee to grind have all turned to the worship of Tremid.



Makeda and the Exalted Court

Archdomina Makeda (Makeda1) has always been one of my favorites when it comes to Skorne casters. I’d jumped into Hordes just a bit before Evolution came out, so I remember only having three casters to play around with and she was easily the one that saw the most table time. Her second form came out with Molik Karn, and for a long time the two were intrinsically stigmatized in my head. I used to have a problem playing the more powerful pieces, though that is no longer the case, and with the two tied together so tightly, I never really got around to playing much of her. Xerxis eclipsed my love of Makeda, and when Makeda 3 came out, I was deep in the grips of Cryx. To cut to the chase, I have wanted to play Makeda 3 for a very, very long time. Getting back into Skorne has now given me the chance to catch up, and I am extremely stoked to be doing so.

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Kara, Goddess of Thieves

Other Titles: The Black Hand, She of Shadows, Lightless, Silent Death

Alignment: CN

Weapon: Dagger (Final Conclusion)

Major Domains: Thieves, Trickery, Deception

Minor Domains:  Luck, Ambition, Assassins, Absolution

Totem Animal: Serpent. Specifically the venomous, poisonous serpents.

Holy Symbol: A large, straight dagger, pointed downward, gleaming from the tip.

Favored Appearances: Kara generally favors a female form, but has no problems taking a male form as well, if it suits her. Though she takes on whatever form is needed to accomplish her goals, she has some specific traits she leans to when on the prime.  Her female form is homely and nondescript, though pretty enough to catch the eye of those men or women she feels she needs to seduce for a night or longer. She is unremarkable when she desires and can burn in your mind when she finds it useful. Her hair is mid length, and often a light brown, and she dresses modestly, though not poor. She wears no jewelry or other distinctive markings, though she does carry her dagger wherever she goes.

Her male form is one that stands out and gets attention, though not in a good way. He has dark hair and eyes, with a close cut beard of the same shade. He fumbles about along his way, seeming to alternately limp and stumble forwards. He keeps his eyes down, his clothes plain, and his voice low.

Warform:  A venomous serpent composed  of whirling stone and ice, her warform slides forward into battle. Unlike most serpents, hers has a barb on the tail dripping with venom as well as fangs as large around as a mans thigh made of lightning. Her main form of combat is that of a swift strike from either her fangs or her barb, and she is equally deadly with both.

Personality: Kara is an unrepentant thief with little morals with endless lies pouring from her mouth. Yet she alone may have saved the Paltonarchs from a miserable end by personally slaying Ferosh, betraying the young rebels and turning herself in to the Paltonarch leadership. Though there is little to believe about her, her loyalty to the cause has never wavered. She has personally slain a number of Accursed, and continues to deceive and trick her way into and out of their camps, gathering information and slaying vital assets. She is prickly about her status, and while she is convinced she took the correct action in betraying the Young Rebels, she does not feel that she is truly welcome at all times.

Teachings: Kara is truly a dark teacher, one of the great vile minds in the Paltonarch ranks. She teaches subversive and dangerous lessons to her followers: Lie, Cheat and Steal: What you can take is yours by right. To build upon that, she also teaches that ones life is always greater than that of any others, and preserving your own life in any way necessary is the very basis of existence. She preaches skill and honing your craft, but she also teaches that it is better to be lucky than good. Finally, she teaches not to be content with your position in life. always seek to ursurp and overtake those with better status and or means than you. Take what you can, and leave nothing behind.

Abode: Kara lives in the Darkened Deep, a labyrinth of tunnels leading to a great underground keep carved completely out of obsidian. Its dark, dank and full of snakes. From here, Kara works with the darker side of the Paltonarchs war, leading surgical strikes and deep reconnaissance as needed.

Clergy: Kara has few clergy that worship her and spread the word as she is deemed, while a worthwhile asset, treacherous and dangerous. Those who do keep her faith are tolerated as long as they do not break the laws, a tall order, or sometimes, when they are the law.

Knightly Orders: While the order would not be considered Knightly, Kara does have a sect of extremely devoted followers. They call themselves the Adders Fangs, and they are assassins that seek out and slay the richest and most wealthy beings that they can find. While many times that means killing powerful merchants and great lords, every once in a while it will entail rounding up a group of like minded folk and heading into a dungeon to plunder a lichs tomb or to slay a powerful dragon and collect its hoard. These dark and sinister people are also for hire – For the right price, and have been known to end whole wars before they can start for their clients.

Clerical Attire/colors: Clerics of Kara are known as the faceless, as they are all sworn to wear a black, opaque cloth mask. It is not known whether or not they can see through it, however, as some seem extremely clumsy, yet others can be said to “look” you right in the eye. They wear navy blue shirts and trousers, and tend to be armed both with a standard short sword for defense, but also a curved, snakeheaded dagger is always on their person.

Followers: Assassins, thieves and thugs are among Karas most reverent followers, but there are also wizards, warriors and strong men who follower her as  well.