During the first months of me starting this up, the Second Reaper Bones kickstarter went up, and I bought into it, thinking to get a bunch of cool new models for my D&D sessions, as well as just an awesome variety of models which to paint. Now, that box has come in, and its ready to get rocking!

Last time, the models came in a pretty unmarked package, this time they came in a nice, glossy box, ready for retail. While I like the “unfinished” look of the last group, I can’t fault them for wanting to look more professional. This group of models, compared to the last bunch, sported more bad guys and humanoid enemies for my players to fight, and I was really pleased with that.

Said box. Pretty!

It came with:

Three Adorable Tiny Monsters: Basilisk, Intellect Devourer, and a Grick

Two Extra Giants I picked up for my elusive Against the Giants Game I’ll run some day.

A tribe of 7 Bugbears

A tribe of Gnolls

I bought an extra pack of Swampdwellers, because they were extra cool. Frogmen, Turttle men, and an enormous Swamp Troll

A few Horned creatures

A set of undead of all sorts

A small coven of Demons

A group of Early Western Guntoters

A set of Monstrous Creatures: Chimera, Bulette, Wereshark, Gorgon, Ankheg, and Carrion Crawler. The Roper and Giant Maw Required assembly, so they aren’t pictures.

A group of critter-beasts


Four Dragonlings

A set of Heros and Villians, mostly humanoid,

which included three Gnome/Halflings: Wizard, Druid and Warrior

Three Dwarfs: Two Warriors and a Priest

Two Centaurs

I was not particularly excited before today, but seeing the actual models gives me tons and tons of ideas for characters, bad guys and stories. Now that I have them, I am also excited to try and start painting more of them. though some of them (like the centaurs above) need a little heating and love in order to get their weapons, legs and limbs to the correct position, they are very well detailed.

I will say, though, that models like this are particularly hard to paint. I’d never really understood what soft detail v. hard detail was until I had tried painting a few of the earlier bones I received. What I noticed was that the models did, indeed have softer detail than the models I was used to. What that meant in painting terms was that all of the details, while looking sharp, and looking like it had an edge or crease or depression, instead were rounded and shallow. That means that it looks perfectly fine on the model itself, but is very, very difficult to paint. Drybrushing fails due to not having a god, sharp edge to cling to. Inks and Washes fail due to the shallowness of the recesses and creases, and you have to rely on either strong accent highlighting or very, very good blending in order to get a good looking mini. This means that I have to take longer than I assumed in order to get a good model, until I figure out how to paint these Bones quickly. its a strange world to live in, where painting a shirtless barbarian takes longer than painting a hordes Warlock.

I am also interested in working with them because they are sold as paint-ready, needing no primer. This is… suspicious to me, and I don’t trust it, and haven’t really been able to get over the fear of the models not coming out correctly if I don’t prime them to try it. Now, however, I might use them as winter paint projects, because it is extremely hard to use spray paint under 60 degrees outside. I’ll be trying it out eventually, just to see how it comes out and what it looks like afterward. Now that I have my second go round, I am going to be getting back on the Giant Painting Bandwagon. I’ve “only” got 10 more to paint.

I’ll be bringing them to D&D next week, seeing if anyone has a character they’d like to have represent them, and probably take a crack at painting them too. Tuesdays session was awesome, and I look forward to picking up some of these bones and using them against my happless friends, as well as painting their miniatures to look awesome!


Oh, and just in case your wondering, this is what 2 kickstarters worth of bones looks on the table.

Its massive, glorious, and sadly has only 8 painted models!




Last time, I rounded up my tournament results, as unwell as they were. Going 2-3 in a tournament is not a common experience for me, as I can generally break the .500 mark. Though it left a bitter taste in my mouth the day of, and even a few days after, the farther I get from the event, the more I can see clearly what went wrong, what I didn’t like, and what I want to repeat.

The Good

I feel I played well enough for my second ever tournament with Skorne. The last time I took them out I think I went 2-3 as well, also with Xerxis, but his pairing was Zaal, back at the Gargantuans event. I feel that I had a chance to come out on top in every game, and that there were mistakes that were made that lead to some very serious uphill battles that I didn’t need to fight.

  • I love the way fist works. Its a very strong, backbone army that has a lot of strange plays that can make an opponent regret their decisions.
  • Xerxis can get the job done, though both times he was called upon, he could not. Dice were not with him, but that’s not his fault.
  • Incindiarii are freaking crazy. I was initially pretty reserved about them, but they came through for me every time. Autofire AOE’s are pretty sweet.
  • Cetratii under defenders ward are, to everyone’s’ surprise, incredibly hard to kill. If they died to a single hit, it was often a warbeasts boosted damage.

What went right

A heading that falls under The Good. I think there are a lot of things that I did correctly, and a few major things I did wrong. I feel that I deployed and played quickly enough with an unfamiliar army that I wasn’t going to clock myself. While not a great fear, it is something I worry about with any new army. Though its possible to clock myself, I just tend to take the turn as correctly as I can, worrying as little as possible about the clock. Its not easy, and doing with such an unfamiliar army made me pleased

I was within just a few rolls or a few minutes of winning all the games I lost. These are the points that hurt the most, but are the biggest takeaways to have. While a close game is awesome, It can be extremely draining. The same thing can be said for multiples in a row. Even though I was being put to the grindstone, I managed to maintain a positive disposition, a light banter, and play effectively.

I stuck to my guns and Played fist 4 of 5 times, even when it might not have been the right choice, in order to learn the armies.

I played against a withering barrage of good casters, and have a bunch of takeaways that I can look at for improvement the next time around. I’m not going to just walk out of the stables ready to win all the races, as much as I would like to. Instead, I have to play games, learn, and win, just like anyone else.

The Bad 

I lost. Thats bad. But more than that, I didn’t have a good game plan for The Fist of Halaak other than Be Fist. Now, a lot of that is based on the fact that I didn’t really have a lot of practice, and I was using units I had only used once before (Incindiarii) or only a few times (Arcuarii) This lead to a number of decisions that I would not make again, were I given the chance.

  • The Fist of Halaak is not as auto-pilot as some players, on both sides, seem to think. There are a hundred different things to go wrong, and a million little placement issues.
  • I am way, way to bloodthirsty with Xerxis. He moved out to kill models the rest of his army could have dealt with, and almost ever time it ended in some kind of tragedy.
  • a 10″ Control area is way, way smaller than I thought. Though I have a medium base and the Warbeasts have larges, I found it very simple to just run out of my own control area.
  • I deployed the same no matter the scenario, no matter whether I went first or not. Having 2 units of Arcuarii and Incindiarii means that I could very easily adapt to my opponents deployment and the scenario.

What I Wouldn’t do Again. 

Both Fist and Chain Gang are grindy, meaty armies that are going to just weather through the storm of the opponents storm. They both have high armor, high wounds and move slowly. Neither will get the alpha strike on the opponent, but neither really cares

  • Having two grindy armies can be hell on you, mentally. With no real method of finishing off a game quickly, you get really stuck in there and just burn through your opponents willpower, models, and clock.
  • I want an army with a more active playstyle. I feel that I have a much better grasp on a playstyle that does more in each of its turns. Fist is a perfectly good list, but I can’t rely on my opponents just grinding themselves out on the army every time.


After running through the lists and the plays and the way the armies worked, I really want to drop one of the lists, and pick up something more agile. This likely means dropping Chain Gang, as Fist, and Xerxis, feel the most fun to play, but I also want to run Chain Gang more because I have less practice with it. I’ve pretty much made up my mind that its going to be Fist, though, that I keep.

That means that I’m going to have to pull an agile, active army, and I think that Skorne has the tools to do it. I’ve been talking with a number of people, and this list is what I’ve come up with.

Supreme Acrhdomina Makeda+5
-Molik Karn11
-Titan Gladiator8
Incindiarii (6)9
Praetorian Swordsmen (10)6
-Swordsmen Officer and Standard2
Paingiver Beast Handlers (4)2
Paingiver Beast Handlers (4)2
Tyrant Commander and Standard3
Gatorman Witch Doctor3
Mortitheurge Willbreaker2

I Think is a very fun, interesting, and cool list. It originally had 11 points of Venator Reivers in there, but they just don’t synch well with the feat, and with what I feel I need to drop this against. I’m going to take my fist list, and drop it into any slogs I think will come up: Bradigus, MMM, Gators, and the Fist Mirror. Its going to be a list that is specifically there to pull into those gross grinds. This leaves a list here that has to deal with both high defense and high model count lists, able to counteract with a number of different strategies that will enable the list to start that more active game that I want.

To that end, I had someone suggest the Molik Missle as an option. Its active, its scary as hell, and its effective. In this instance, I can take, under perfect circumstances, Molik Karn from 22″ downtown into a caster. Where I once was concerned about running out of her Control Area, I now have a Mortitheurge Willbreaker. This means that as long as I have a living Karn, they have to play very cautious. Add to that the Archidon, a model with Flight and a solid P+S 17 bite, but a lousy MAT 6. On Makeda’s feat turn, this little sucker can fly an impressive 17″, overtop models and without fear of free strikes during the movement. This gives me a secondary assassination option if Karn Goes down.

Swordsmen are the backbone here, and I have done everything I can to get them into, and keep them in, the game. Road to War and press forward means that this unit can simply walk 10″ forward and make attacks, meaning that they don’t have to give up positioning and facing to make attacks. With sidestep, they can dig in up to 14.5″ and kill things sitting behind the Front Lines. Stay death makes sure that my officer stays alive to grant precision strike and sidestep, even if they fail the tough granted by the Gatorman Witch Doctor. Finally, Makeda’s Elite Cadre grants the unit vengeance, giving them an impressive 13″ walk or 14″ charge, with the Tyrant Commander there to give out reveille  when needed. Under Makeda’s feat, they can get into wherever they need, and with boosted to-hit rolls, their attacks will connect with all but the highest defense models.

The most recent addition are the Incindiarii, and I don’t know why I’d not thought of them earlier. I was worried about high defense, as Fist weathers that only a little better than I want, and I reached for a second unit of Swordsmen. A friend of mine, however, corrected me into taking a unit of Incindiarii instead. Their shots cause fire, so drifting can even be dangerous to the opposing caster, and with the Tyrant Commander and Road to War they can threat out up to 19″ away in any given turn. I think, at the very least, its a solid addition to any army, and with Mak around to get them out of dodge if they get tied up, its just a match made in heaven.

I know there are lots of permuations of this list already out there, but I am really excited to run this one here shortly. While it won’t be until the end of March at the earliest, Its gonna be a damn fun time when It gets there!

Any thoughts or ideas on the lists, and I’d love to hear them! either dig me up on Twitter or leave a comment!



Rashban, Accursed of Rivers

Other Titles: The Endless Rage, Queen of Floods,  Drowner

Alignment: LN

Weapon: Harpoon (Piercer)and Hooked Net

Major Domains: Rivers, Speed, Determination

Minor Domains:  Floods, Drowning, Swimming

Totem Animal: Crocodile

Holy Symbol: A Black river splitting a gold mountain in two.

Favored Appearances: Rashban is an aloof and detached woman, but easily the greatest fighter that the Accursed have at their call. Once a god of water, she is now the perfect foil to the Fire Families war gods. As such, she is nearly always armed and armored when encountered in either form,  and is of strong build and powerful frame.

In her Female form, she is of average height, never topping 5″10″ and of a physique that suggests working for her living all her life. Her curly blue-black hair flows down to her shoulders and seems to pile up on them in pools. Her eyes are crystal blue, almost white, set in a round, expressive face.  Frown lines are nestled deep in her cheeks and her face seems to rest as a simple scowl. what little joy that there is in life, she seems to never encounter it. She wears supple and light leather armor, dyed a deep and shimmering cerulean blue. When she knows that she will be in battle, she wears a leather helm that covers her entire face, eyes and all, using her other senses and her abilities as an Accursed to fight.

Her form as a man is only slightly different, favoring that of a Dragonborn over all others. Massive, scaled and deep blue, he is often mistaken for the spawn of a blue dragon, though nothing could be farther from the truth. He wears no armor and no shirt, simply a pair of trousers dyed pitch black. his face is stoic and unknowable, able to hide even the most obvious of thoughts within his scaled and myterious face. His eyes are dark, almost black, with no whites or pupils, simply orbs of darkness set in his angular, sharpened skull.  He is covered in nautical tatoos and scars, showing his attachment to the rivers and seas

Warform:  The Warform of the Accursed of Rivers is a Crocodile, massive and covered in scales of Ice and salt. The teeth are massive and made of ice as well, but contained within the scales is a rushing river of churning water. Little escapes the jaws of this massive fighter once engaged, and though the form is bulky, it is surprisingly agile with impressive speed when needed.

Personality: Rashban is a stern, dour woman who has few friends and less confidants. A member of the water family, she tends to be truthful, honest and direct, and sees little value in deceit and duplicity. She laughs little, and sees the world through the grim lenses of the absolute truth, as it is to her. What she believes once, she will believe almost indefinitly, and it takes many arguments to convince her otherwise. She is a strong companion, however, and will commit to any action asked with the full and strong belief that she can, and will, accomplish the task. She believes that she will die in battle on the Iron Marches, slain at the hands of one of the Fire Gods, but she believes that when, not if, that happens, it will be at the turning point of the war, when she alone accomplishes whatever mission is critical and vital to the victory of the Accursed.

Teachings: Rashban is a stern, unbending woman,  and what she values in herself and others is the inability to change, the suborn dedication born of knowing ones correctness and place in he world.  She also takes a stern view on those who go out of their way to try and change their place in the world seeing it as a violation of the natural state of things and the proper balance of the universe. Hold the course, stay the line, and don’t break. Never second guess yourself, and know that what you set out to do can always be accomplished.

Abode: The Drowned Stronghold sits at the bottom of a river of mercury in the darkest recesses of the Accursed held area of the iron marches. Magical barriers keep the mercury out, while the fortress itself is filled with brakish, dark water. Few people walk these halls, but those who do are the grim and dire guardians and companions of the Accursed of Rivers.

Cultists: Those who are drawn to the cult of Rashban tend to be those obsessed with the rivers and the fate that she holds over those who traverse them. They call themselves the Floodbringers, and they see themselves as a very important part of cycle of all things. They wander up and down rivers, scouting out places that are especially vulnerable to flooding, and pray there for the power and mystery of their god to wash away the town and all its terrible inhabitants.

Clerical Attire/colors: The colors of the Accursed of Rivers are simple river colors, with grays and blues of all colors in favor. They tend to wear flowing robes with wide, voluminous sleeves and hoods. the colors tend to be sown in a swirling pattern, and sometimes even are patchworks of other colors all strapped together.

Followers: Rashban tends to gather followers who live within her rivers; Ferrymen, fishermen, and travelers, but also attracts runners, athletes and conservative philosophers.

MakeadaThis past Sunday, I made it to my first Tournament with Skorne since the Gargantuans release event up at Maplewood games a few years back. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have fun, but Jesus if I have never been more exhausted after a tournament. It was hard, with a slog through 5 brutal casters and armies over 12 hours on a cold and bitter Sunday morning. Though we started with 26, only around 10 finished the tournament, leaving the shop only a short time after 11:00pm

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Last week, between Thursday and Sunday, I managed to get six games in with my Skorne. Totaled up, that is more games that I’ve had of any Privateer Press system in that short of window in a long time. Five of those were at a tournament on Sunday which ran extremely long, which I’ll get to on Thursday, but to prepare, I was able to get a game in on Thursday, which allowed me at least a single practice game in before I attempted to take on a cutthroat tournament.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition is a pretty fun game. I know, I’ve been playing it for, well, according to the Xbox, some 97 hours. Thats longer than I played Dark Souls II. The Xbox One also lies, though, so its Time played stat is a bunch of lies that makes me extremely mad. Just… The maddest.

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This morning, the Templecon Keynote Presentation was held. The Templecon keynote tends to set the tone for the rest of the year of Privateer Press Releases, and is one of the coolest parts of the Con. Its like Warmachine Christmas. I don’t remember, though, how often it was this early in the morning. Maybe its always been at 10:00est, and I’ve just somehow not paid attention, but it was a really inconvenient time to try and pay attention to a Keynote. I’m not taking off work, but I sure as shit want to pay attention. I don’t know that there is a good time to really present these things, maybe 9:00pm est, but who wants that?

While there were previews, and they were neat, they are not what I paid attention to. While I can understand spreading the brand out through multiple outlets, I feel its really starting to dilute the product. The only secondary brand I don’t mind is the IKRPG: Its where the company started and I understand their desire to continue in that field. Books, cardgames, boardgames and other periphery just aren’t my desire for this game – I am not the target market.

The keynote is available here for anyone who wants to watch it and my summary isn’t good enough for.

This years big news for Warmachine are New Colossals. Much like the Heavy Warjack before it, there are a variety of colossals sharing the same basic body-build. These colossals vary slightly from their predecessors and have some interesting abilities and weapons.

Starting with Cygnar:

We have the Hurricane, what I expect to be a strong and powerful piece, seeing the stormwall before it was a fantastic centerpiece to many an army.

The art above shows what look to be direct fire guns replacing the miniguns of the stormwall, as well as the storm accumulators replacing the Big Guns. Also, as we learn below, the Storm Pod Launcher and storage bays have been replaced with new and greater tech.

The First arc node on a colossal! Yay? I’m not sure how I feel about this. Also, with two Storm Emitters at P+S  16, he hits harder from range, and thats not making me feel all warm and fuzzy. It sure as hell doesn’t make me feel any better that he has a push effect, though I am ok that it is away. I expect this to be some sort of riff on thunderbolt. They don’t explain what the Turbulence generator does, though I expect to see some sort of Stormwall (from Kreuger 2) effect. I expect this jack to see a ton of play with Nemo 3, and probably Haley 2, because everything is good with Haley 2.

Next up, Protectorate.

The Revelator hopefully has a bit less of the one-‘caster friend symptom that the Judicator before it has had. Something that is relevant in many instances yet still retains that aspect of choice would be, well, choice.

We do get a look at art again, and it looks like its not replaced the flame throwers, they definitly look like fire hoses, and I expect them to spew flame everywhere. The innacurate rocket-pods, however, have been replaced with enormous what look to be flame belchers. With the flame belchers being range 10 AOE 4, I expect range 10 AOE 5. And it probably has auto-fire. This looks like it could be rather good, though.

Sadly, this thing removes stealth. from pretty much anything. Its not explained how it does this or for what, and even if its conditional, but it does it. Even if it just saw through stealth for itself, it would bring a huge pile of pain for its opponents. Relying on stealth is becoming harder and harder these days, though I don’t really fault anyone for it. Its hard to have fun when you can’t reach out and touch anyone!

Next Up, Khador!

The Conquest is a solid Colossal that forgets to excel in a number of roles. I have heard it said that when another colossal is on the board, Conquest is the best, but when there is not, he is the worst. Let us hope that Victor can bring us some pleasantness!

Gone are the little guns and the Main Guns and replacing them are what look to be auto-cannons and a giant mortar. While I expect he is slight of range and high of power with those shoulder guns, That big ol’ gun makes me a little nervous.

Oh, Right. Because it should. By the way, its a 5″ AOE, because they mention, during the attack types (no, you don’t get all of them at once) that you can “make a 5″ area of difficult terrain.” They also mention that is is both long range and inaccurate, which leads me to believe that its range 20ish. God, thats gonna drive me nuts!

Next up, Cryx!

Sepulcher seems to be pretty straightforward, a place where the dead are set to rest. Unlike the other factions, Cryx is not given a lowdown of its abilities and concept art, instead they are treated to the actual model!

As you can tell, this is almost completely cribbed from the Kraken. It seems a slight bit more squat, but it has some neat features. First, it has what appear to be tentacle-guns in addition to its Kraken-weapons. I assume this means that it has the 4″ reach from the primary chassis on its close combat weapons, and they look like they would have the same rules. The big gun on the forehead and the arm guns look like this could be a fairly awesome ranged support platform, especially given that they talk about its ability to pop out both mechanithralls and brute thralls. I don’t know if this means that they will create solos, or if you will need to have Mechanithralls on the board to add to them. It would create a kind of synergy, as no one likes to have bodies in the way of the enemy than a colossal!

Next up, and Retribution.

Helios is a strange and enigmatic House Shyeel adaptation of the Hyperion. Its been developed to evoke and supplement the Magisters of its house.

It has massive fists, larger than I remember the Hyperion having, and it looks like it could crush a car, but the strangest thing is its gun. Out of every colossal that has been created, this is the first with a gun that causes no damage.

Instead, with the tractor beam in its force Gate abilities, it can augment any battle plan that the Retribution can bring to bear, or so it seems. I do not look forward to this bugger comin’ out!

Finally (yes, no Mercs) The Convergence of Cyriss

The prime conflux is going to be a hard sell to all those Axiom players. The Tow Cables are going to be extremely hard to beat, and the auto-hitting melee weapons are pretty damned impressive.

And this thing may do it. It looks like its come loaded for bear, with a new, giant forehead cannon and two shoulder mounted electric guns, along with grappling fists that seem purpose built for holding things in place. How do I know they are electric guns? Because they mention that this whole colossal is about electric damage.

To boot, instead of firing off just any old servitor, which seemed good enough, this Colossal shoots out servitors that help it be more effective.

Gut Reaction

Honestly, I couldn’t have feel more underwhelmed when I saw the original Keynote. Colossals are not a thing I wanted in the game, honestly, and I was happy enough with the battle engines, even though they seem to have almost completely failed. Outside of the Storm Tower, the Vessel of Judgement and the rare Force Generator, I don’t see them nearly anywhere, and I would have loved to see that space explored so much more than I wanted additional colossls. What really gets my psyched up about a release is the warcaster information. I would have loved to see information on some new warcaster or, failing that, what epic versions there would be around in the next book.

I think the FA:2 of the original colossals was the biggest mistake that PP has ever made, and that includes MKI Vlad 2! its just an unmitigated mess when your opponent has two colossals and your not prepared to deal with them somehow or another. I play both Skorne and Cryx, and thankfully, I have solid ways of just removing colossals from the board whenever I want. I can only imagine what it would be like to play any of the other factions. I wish that these colossals will introduce a rule that shares the FA among the two colossals, something like a “colossal FA” I know they won’t because it just makes more sense to allow two to be fielded, and honestly, what would it change? Outside of the 75 point IG gauntlet rounds, there is nothing that rule is going to do to change the way any of the 35 or 50 point games will be played.

Time Heals All Wounds

And sometimes, its not all that long. While I would have wished for something else for warmachine, I can’t undo what has been done. I’ll take the Sepulcher and see what I can do with it, and I’ll learn to fight against each and every colossal that exists, with every faction I have. The beating heart and soul of Warmachine has been the same since Hordes: Evolution was printed.

Adapt, or Die.


Till next time!

Gestril, God of Storms

Other Titles: The Shattered one, King of Clouds, The Champion, Bringer of Doom

Alignment: CG

Weapon: Spear (Tempests Cry)

Major Domains: Lightning, Storms, Thunder, Tranquility

Minor Domains:  Rain, Wind, Aggression, Primal Fury

Totem Animal: Rhino: The Rhino symbolizes the violent nature of nature, everything that Gestril espouses and embodies

Holy Symbol: A single, open eye with a lightning bolt bisecting it

Favored Appearances: Gestril favors neither sex nor race when appearing on the prime, and has come to the aid of many. Oftentimes, he appears as a member of the race of those he has come to assist, and of the opposite sex, though he looks almost the same except for the small details of his race.

In male form his is large, broad shouldered and wide of girth, though not fat. He has a sharp, angular face, with wild, jet black hair. He has lost an eye, or effects as much, and wears an eye patch over it, sewn with rubies to give the impression of an eye even on his patch. The remaining eye is wild and bright blue, betraying his inner storm.  His arms and legs are toned and scarred from constant combat, and its visible that he is competent with a weapon.

His female form is similar, though less stout and more fit, as if she’s trained her entire life. her hair is long, wild and black as well, though unlike his, is not bound in a ponytail, but a leather diadem set with ice blue sapphires. Her features are broad, and wide, while his are tight and angular, though they both have only a single eye and scars to show both their temperament and their experience.

Warform: The Subtlety and power of a storm is embodied in the warform of Gestril, that of a rhinoceros. Strong, Powerful and leading the charge, this beast is composed of storm clouds and lightning bolts. Gestril may be the most powerful warrior in the Pantheon, and all who oppose him know it. His form underscores that, a horn of solid and complete Ice, and eyes of churning rage. Even though almost all of the gods and accursed take enormous forms for their warforms, Gestril is an exception even to them, towering over many of the warforms of others and powerful enough to never be attacked head on.

Personality: Gestril represents the best and worst in nature all at once. He is unforgiving and capricious as a summer storm, but he also does what is in the best interest of all, even though it may be terrifying and dangerous. Gestril is also the most brazen fighter of all the pantheon, having fought numerous duels with the Gods of War, having come out on top each time. He attributes this to the primal fury and natural skill in his person, citing that no training in the world can overcome the power of natural abilities. He is wild, strong and bombastic, and extremely opinionated. To contrast, however, he also is peaceful when unprovoked, content to wait out life and combat in idle time contemplating and listening. Once aroused to combat, he is implacable, but leave him alone and he is as dangerous as a child.

Teachings: The teachings of the Storm Lord center on a single theme: respect. Though we may not all share the same beliefs and goals, a lot can be said about simply respecting the people in the rest of the world. However, in extreme contrast, they also teach very little forgiveness: Those who break the respect granted to them are forever remembered as betrayers and the lost.  There is little room in the heart for those who have proven themselves unworthy. As a Nature Aspect, he also teaches reverence and respect of nature, though in his case it is almost universally the weather. Storms, both of violent lightning and strong rain, show the Storm Gods displeasure and his wrath. What little there is to be done other than hunker down and prove your strength against the might and rage of the storms.

Abode: Gestril lives in the Tower of Reverberations, a massive tower in the center of the Marches that stretches into the sky and touches the clouds above, Though he does not train an army, per se, his followers live and reside in at the foot of the tower, constantly in the eye of an enormous storm.

Clergy: The Followers of the storm are strong, self-willed people who lead the societies they are in through deeds and words both. They strive to set an example to all the people who encounter them as unforgiving of treachery and lenient to the natural forces of man. While weakness is to be expected, complete submission to it is not. Self Reliance, strength in the face of adversity and the willingness to admit that not everything is within your power are the basic tenants of the church of Gestril. The natural way of things is unpredictable and terrifying. One can only stand against that nature for so long before they become either weak, insane. There is a path between being overrun, and losing it completely, and the Stormlords of Gestril are here to guide.

Knightly Orders: The Scions of Thunder are a small, loosely organized group of dedicated servants of Gestril, Lightning Mages who seek a greater oneness with the sound and energy of the storm. Deemed insane by many more logical people, the Scions seek out the roughest and most powerful storms to bask in the revelations they bring. Dedicated to seeking the knowledge of the universe within the dark hearts and calm eyes of the storm, they are gaining every stronger and more powerful understanding of the natural weapons of lightning and thunder, harnessing them for their own strength and power.

Clerical Attire/colors: Gestrils priests wear dark gray and ice blue when they are not in combat, wielding the spear and shield of their patron. Almost all of their robes and clothes alike are the same storm-gray with a hem and trim of the cold, clear blue. Emblazoned on their back is the eye of Gestril, the sigil of their lord and the master of storms.  

Followers: Rogues, Warriors and wizards all follow the Path of storms, with some local druids and priests following the Lord of Lightning as well.


  1. Jank Tank



Jank Tank

This stupid place is where I spend most of my time lately, and part of this is because of the Bradigus Problem. I’ve decided that I am going to take Fist of Halaak Xerxis to he local tournament here on the 15th, but I’ve not really decided what I am going to do with him. There are some strange variations of both him and Rasheths Chain Gang, or non-gang, that I think I can work with in order to do some moderately different things.

First, the two starting points. These are, to me, the basic Fist and Chain Gang list. The fist list curbs my own terror at running into something like Irusk 1 or Rask, while the chain gang is cribbed completely from Trevor Christensen because it looks like a hell of a lot of fun to run.

Fist of Halaak

Tyrant Xerxis+5
Cataphract Cetrati (6) 11
-Tyrant Vorkesh3
Cataphract Arcuarii (4)5
Cataphract Arcuarii (4)5
Cataphract Arcuarii (4)5
Cataphract Incindiarii(4)5
Cataphract Incindiarii(4)5
Tyrant Commander and Standard3
Tyrant Commander and Standard3

Chain Gang

*Bronzeback Titan9
*Bronzeback Titan9
Titan Sentry8
Titan Cannonner8
Paingiver Beast Hanlders (6)3

However, there are a number of Circle players in our area, and most of them run Bradigus, causing a ton of consternation on my part. At the end of the day, though, He’s much easier for Skorne to deal with than other factions, so I am really pleased. However, I didn’t think that Fist and Chain Gang were the best options. So I started mulling over lists to try and find a way to either have the list break on me, or break it, which lead me all over the world.

One of the first lists I wanted to create was something that was just jam packed with as many Cetratii as I could stomach. They are my favorite troops, and if I could just pack them in there, I’d be thrilled. This was the List I came up with

Tyrant Xerxis+5
Cataphract Cetrati (6) 10
Cataphract Cetrati (6) 10
Cataphract Cetratii7
Cataphract Incindiarii(4)5
Cataphract Incindiarii(4)5
Tyrant Commander and Standard3
Tyrant Commander and Standard3

The thought was simple: Replace the 2 units of Arcuarii and Vorkesh with Cetratii. One, likely the smaller unit, would trail a bit and act as bodyguard for Xerxis. One large unit would get Defenders Ward and come up the center, with the other large unit getting fury, stacked either behind the Defenders Ward or to their flank. The Incindiarii would be the flanks and jamming units if needed, with Tiberion and Xerxis bringing up the rest of the army. I thought to myself if 6 models with arm 20 are a pain in the ass, I wonder what 16 would be like. I don’t dislike this list, but I don’t think a 5 person tournament is the crucible this should be tested out in.

That forced me into a non-fist thought process, and what I came up with was this:

Tyrant Xerxis+5
Cataphract Cetrati (6) 11
Aptimus Marketh3
Cataphract Arcuarii6
Cataphract Arcuarii6
Cataphract Incindiarii(4)6
Cataphract Incindiarii(4)6
Tyrant Commander and Standard3
Tyrant Commander and Standard3

I remember playing Xerxis with Marketh and freaking loving it. With him in the list, I was able to cycle Fury onto three units in a turn and get miles and miles of work done, even when I wasn’t feated or charging. Its a simple list with a simple plan: Punch the enemy good and hard and make them pay for whatever they decided to do. This is definitely a list I want to try out as well, but once again I think its something that takes a bit fo getting used to to get to work right. Oh, and a friend had convinced me to look at a second beast, because Tiberion with rush is freakin’ bonkers.Which got me here.

Tyrant Xerxis+5
Cataphract Cetratii (6)10
Cataphract Arcuarii (4)5
Cataphract Arcuarii (4)5
Cataphract Incindiarii(4)5
Cataphract Incindiarii(4)5
Tyrant Commander and Standard3
Pain Giver Beast Handlers (6)3

The Two Beast Fist. This is The list that I have seen a ton of places, that I have talked to a friend or two about, and that I think can do a ton of work. It has all the right components of durability, aggression, fire and beasts, and I think that I can really get this list to hum if I play it a few times. Once I get this “tried and tested” list to work for me, I can see why or why not I want to embrace some of the other list concepts I thought of first. One of the casualties of the lack of game time I’ve had due to a child is that lists I think are neat don’t get to see the table anymore. They have to be lists I think mean a damn.

So, now we come to chain gang, a list I’ve been looking forward to for a long, long time. Titan herds and cyclops herds are something I’ve been longing for since time immemorial, and now I get to play one. However, Bradigus.

Enter, Rasheth Unchained.

*Molik Karn11
*Bronzeback Titan10
*Titan Sentry9
Extoller Soulward2
Extoller Soulward2
Paingiver Beast Hanlders (4)2
Paingiver Beast Hanlders (4)2

This list is almost certain what is coming with me, and it has a very, super, ultra specific function. Oh, and its also a bunch of titans. One of the big problems that comes with Bradigus, unsurprisingly, is Kreuger2. This titan of scenario play is something that I’m not sure I am ready to take on. While Fist is going to be my default drop against Bradigus due to the massive amount of boxes and wounds he brings to the board, Kreuger 2 has a very specific situation which makes him highly likely to drop. Any sort of central scenario is going to bring him out, and I don’t so much as like Fists odds there. It will be very easy to move around and TK my models out of position for a scenario win and just not fight the fist list at all. The Titan Train, however, can lock arms and stand in there with the best of em, virtually invincible against the push. TK can get around it, of course, but that is going to be extra focus intensive. The big problem with that scenario, though, is that there are two situations that I can see in which Rasheth could be squaring off against Bradigus. The first is that if the circle player doesn’t know that it is a Kreuger 2 situation, I could be way ahead of the game, and need to fight against Bradigus. The Second is that if the Circle player knows what I know, and is trying to bait the list. This is why I had to break tier. In dropping the Cannoneer, I am seceding the ranged come completely, but I am gaining the ability to toss Molik Karn out there and take down a stone or two before I get completely massacred. Stripping the double or triple port is highly critical in that situation, and I think a rushed, Eyeless sighted, enraged Karn can reach out and touch someone some 13+ inches away, and could be fantastic in being an equalizer.


I think we will see, on the 15th, how I do. 29 people are registered for the tournament at the moment, and we can hold up to 32. This’ll be a tournament unlike any I’ve attended! Feel free to leave me comments on my armies, your experience with/against them and anything else you think could help!


Ostelaan, Accursed of Feasts

Other Titles: The Gluttonous One, the Sumptuous  King, Lord of Lust, The Celebrator

Alignment: CN

Weapon: Baton (Merrymaker)

Major Domains: Feasting, Lust, Gluttony

Minor Domains:  Beer, Hospitality, Entertainment, Cooking

Totem Animal: Hog

Holy Symbol: A Mead Cup, overflowing

Favored Appearances: Ostelaan is an extremely flexible being, preferring no given form over any other. He simply exists in whatever form pleases him most at the time. Currently, he has been seen parading as an exotic elf, with skin glistening and dark, pitch black eyes and even darker hair. He is well muscled, with strong lines and close cut hair. He currently favors men as his go-to partner, but will settle for women, if he’s bored.

He was adventuresome with his last favored female form, a voluptuous and powerful orc with deep green skin and prominent forehead and tusks. She sought no partners, but instead took any and all who came to her. Her feasts were lavish and grand while she lived among the orcs of the wildlands. She never took specific place as her home, and instead traveled the lands, throwing feasts with those beasts caught by her great hunting prowess and cooked by her own hands.

Warform: The Warform of the Accursed of Feasting is a hog, his body composed of crashing waves and roiling currents. His slavering maw if filled with huge, razor sharp teeth of ice, with a snout and hooves of solidified salt. Though rare on the battlefield, Ostelaan consumes everything in front of him when roused to combat, savoring the taste of the souls and essence of those opposed to them as they are dissolved in his endless stomach. see – Totem Animal)

Personality: Ostelaan is both  lead by his need to consume. He does not just devour food though,  but fills his days with lustful activities, beautiful dances are singer, and copious amounts of alcohol, though he never seems to become drunk. In his private hours he lives well, but his lavish feasts are events to be remembered for years. exotic and beautiful dancers entrance, bards and poets of ages past enthrall, meals prepared by chefs of impeccable skill and magnitude and as many forms of beer as he can get a hold of. He consumes everything possible in the highest quantities possible and lives for little more, and while under his roof, he will brook no hostility from his guests and ensures through violence if necessary that all his guests are treated equitably and with grace. Though he is also the Accursed of lust, it is not a violent, forceful lust, but the lust driven of visual desire and shared attraction. It is not, however, love, and he finds on ability to connect with the lovers he takes.

Teachings: Ostelaan teaches that life is best lived to its fullest, and that means taking in all the joys in life: food, sex, drink, and entertainment. He is the Accursed that cares least for the war, having little invested in it other than his love or Ferosh, the late Accursed of Ambition. Instead, hospitality and entertainment are to be both savored and sought at prodigious rates, leading to a wandering life looking for new and powerful experiences. Though he teaches that gluttony and lust are acceptable, he also stresses that one should be in shape to enjoy those activities, and actively encourages purging after consumption and abandoning ones partners. Shackles, whether emotional or physical, prevent one from ever experiencing everything that life can provide

Abode: The Great Hall of Banquets is located the the rear of the Iron Marches, and sits in the groves of leaden trees and rusty grass, but within its halls a thousand feasts take place each day, each one greater than the last. It is here that the Accursed gather between battles and conflicts, each one inviting their immortal followers and their demon servants.

Cultists:  As a cult, the followers of Ostelaan are hard to root out. Many could be just gluttonus and lustfull sons and daughters of nobles and rich merchants, but a few are truly dedicated to the Accursed of Feasts. Their parties are lavish, their feasts are impeccable, and their entertainment is sublime. Keeping their heads low isn’t really a possibility with the lifestyle they have chosen, but they hide in plain sight, encouraging their fellows to throw ever and ever more insane feasts, Hiring entertainers from far away lands, staging readings and plays from ages long ago, and even hiring writers to create new plays and poems for their own aggrandizement. Simply by exposing others to the lavish and sumptuous lifestyle, they are spreading the power and influence of their chosen mentor.

Attire/colors: Bold reds and vibrant blues are the colors of Ostelaan, though he has no specific uniform for them. The colors are simply pleasing to him, both in their contrast and their complement. Both him and his clerics prefer loose fitting, easy to remove clothing for multiple reasons, and have been known to even dine in the nude, when it fits them.

Followers: Those who follow Ostelaan tend to be wealthy, as it takes considerable finances to be able to pull off the style and grandeur that Ostelaan demands. Other than being wealthy, his followers come from all walks of life, from warriors to poets to scholars.