In Spite of Myself 

I managed to sneak another game in on Tuesday, though at this point its no longer considered sneaking as I’ve been doing it for months. I brought out Zaal, again, but probably for the last time in a while, as my Skorne days are dwindling and I want to get a few more casters under my belt. This week, I took on a newer gamer from our meta playing a 50 pt. Rhan list.

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When it comes to writing about D&D, one of the things that complicates my portion of the tale is that I am the DM. Being behind the screen and knowing that at any time one of my Players could read the article means I have to be worried about contradicting, exposing, or even creating information that is new to the world. However, I think that the effort of writing about the time behind the screen, its troubles and trials, is worth the potential risks, at least right now, and I’ve resolved to write more frequently on the adventure that I am currently running.

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The Rage Ghosts

This week I was able to get in a game with an opponent I don’t get to see often. We used to get games in fairly regularly when I lived further south, but its been a while, and I was glad to see Protectorate on the other side of the Table. He brought Durst and Feora 2, While I brought Zaal and Makeda 2. I didn’t know what to take, to start off with, but as we talked and I learned a little more about what a protectorate player wants and doesn’t want to see on the other side of the board, I got a better idea of where I needed to go.

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Building on the Father and firstborn son of the Fire family, This time I have the Twins, the goddesses of Violence and Honnor, Ariannas and Valeas.

Part of being a conceived god, as I mentioned with Kalboras, is divestiture: The siphoning off of a portion of a gods power when the child is created. In the case of Ariannas and Valeas, they both pulled the major portion of their existence from their father, while retaining a touch of their mother. Both children were extremely close to their father and this closeness was intensified when Kalboras betrayed them and their mother was killed.

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D&D is one of my favorite past times, and one I have played for many years. As I’ve mentioned, however, I’ve had difficulty writing about it in a manner that I enjoy. Either I get to nitty-gritty, and it seems I loose what it is to be D&D, or I get the birds eye view, and miss some of the more fun and interesting die rolls, and I think both of them will overshadow any good sort of storytelling of he adventure that I do.

But, I’m going to try a bit anyway.

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In Zaal We Trust. 

So. Game 2.

This past week, I got to play a game against a friend of mine who, awesomely, also plays Skorne. Sadly, I don’t get a lot of practice against it, so its good to throw down against someone who I think has a solid grasp of the game and can beat the snot out of me if I mess up. Now, I’d prefer this match up with my Cryx, again, I don’t get to play against Skorne, but playing against it is playing against it, no matter the faction.Continue reading

Just yesterday i had one of the coolest and most enjoyable D&D experiences in a very long time. Sadly, though, I have an extremely tough time actually portraying a good time and talking about D&D in any good sense. Maybe I’ll try and make it more of a habit. This week, though, it wasn’t only the D&D adventure, it was the communication that happened before the session even began.

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Battle Report: Zaal v. Asphyxious 2

I’d finally gotten my army back from Seattle, in pretty fantastic shape, if I do say so, and I’d been itching to throw down with some of my Skorne after getting pretty flustered with how Baranabus was treating me. I’d put the final coat of paint on Zaal just a few days before I left for Lock and Load, so he was on my mind. He’d not made the final cut into the foam for transport, either, so the whole time my army was in transit, he was sitting in front of my computer screen, mocking me. So hard did he mock me that I started thinking about how cool his list, Immortal Host, was and about how I have two units of Immortals, and how just flat out awesome it would be to put them on the board. The desire to do just that grew in me until it was bursting, and I knew I wanted to put him and his host of stone warriors on the board, and soon.


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I’m kicking off the second round of Monday Mythologies with a deeper look the Fire gods. Particularly, I’ll be looking at the Family surrounding Takannas, the God of Fire and War, and his children: Ariannas, Valeas, and Kalboras. I will also include Telaxus, Marija and Maltera, Orphaned gods of the Fire Family. This week, we look at the Father, Takannas, and the son, Kalboras.Continue reading

The Brawltimore Tournament Circuit has been going for about 6th months now, and I could not be happier with the results. We’ve had over a hundred people attend more than a score of events run by nearly a dozen different pressgangers. Attendance at tournaments has increased, and  most stores are seeing a sizable increase in the warmachine playing community on a weekly basis.

And, because I’m a great big nerd, I’ve been grabbing and analyzing the data from the events all along.

So, without further ado, I present an analysis of the Brawltimore Meta.

Casters by Faction.


Well. Thats a big chart.

That is ever caster, in every list, from every Podium Tournament (ie one that grants bigger points for 1st -3rd), broken down by how many lists were written. Now, I know its not a graphical representation of how many times each list was used, but I do think that its a good way to see what is big, by Faction.

Things of note here, that I find interesting.

  • Each faction has around 13 casters, now. of those nearly half a represented for every faction.
    • Special Consideration to Trollbloods, Skorne Convergeance and Retribution, who each have only one caster left off the list (Borka 1, Makeda 3, Aurora and Vyros 1)
    • Skorne seems to have the flattest curve, bolstered by the greatest number (56) of lists being represented
    • Butcher 3 represents nearly 40% of all written Khador Lists
    • There are more Pig Casters Used (4) than Gator (3)
    • Cygnar is the least diverse faction.
  • Really, I see that pretty much every faction comse at this with a greater than 50% stable, so I have to be prepared for pretty much anything, from Butcher 3 all the way down the line to Morghoul 2

But lets take that a little bit further. Lets see what I am most likely to face, overall.

Total Caster Graph

well, if I am looking to prepare lists, I really, really want to make sure I have an answer for Butcher 3. He’s a menace to society, and also to the Baltimore Region. I’ve also got to prepare for Kreuger2, Bradigus, Asphyxious 2, Skarre 1, Damiano and Harbinger. I have to prepare for tons upon tons of troopers. I don’t think the top contenders here are really a surprise to anyone, except that maybe Deneghra 2 (6 instances) and Calandra ( 4 instances) are not as popular.

Its an interesting digest of who is being played, and how often, at the tournaments in the area. 438 lists in 6 months.

But, beyond that, though, there are two interlinked graphs:


This is how many players, and how many times those players have shown up to a tournament. There have been 15 tournaments, so its telling me that I have a fair shot of seeing 2 or more of Circle, Khador, Skorne and Cryx, and a decent chance of one of each of the rest. However, It could be any of a multitude of players for the top factions. Minions, however, are almost always represented, and will only be one of two players. Knowing who you’re gonna play against can be an edge!

This next one intruges me, because it shows me the popularity of the above factions over time.

There has been a recent surge in Trollbloods, after a pretty anemic start, and a winding down of Circle after a pretty strong showing throughout. Khador, while remaining strong, has started to wane a bit, though I’d expect that that’ll tick up as soon as Zerkova and Ruin are released. Ret, though, you almost never see, and Convergence is very hit or miss.

Finally, I have the per-tournament attendance, by faction. While its interesting data, I’m not sure its very useful. people availability really can cramp a single tournaments attendance. But there are solid masses of Red (Khador and Skorne) and Green (Cryx and Circle) in ever pole. It simply reenforces what I’ve learned prior: Plan for Butcher 3, Asphyxious 2, Kreuger 2, and Bradigus,


What other type of data would you like to see on our meta? What do you think of what’s up here?