A few weeks ago, as I was trying to place an order for my KR Multicase, I put up a review/Guide as to how to use their product. Mostly, It went over how I expected to use their foam, but I had no foam on hand to showcase what can be done with it.

Days afterward, I received the shipment, and spent quite a bit of additional time putting it all together. Now, in stunning full color for the very first time, I give to you the glory that is Cryx – KR Kaiser 3.

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This one is gonna be short. I’ve got fallout on the brain, but I still want to keep putting posts out there, keeping up with Warmachine, D&D and whatever else I’ve been up to. Recently, its just been the two and a little bit of painting, but Fallout has co-opted that, ruining my Iron Man streak of painting a Warcaster every month for the whole year. Sacrifices were made!

In Warmachine I’ve been examining my Skorne lists, pulling up Hexy 2 and In D&D I’ve been working on killing my players. Well, not actively killing, but making sure they know who’s boss.

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I missed last weeks Thursday article, and for that I apologize. However. Fallout 4 came out on Tuesday, and I received the package early Wednesday morning.  When I got home, I turned on the console, booted it up and installed. The wife and kid got home just as the install finished, and I had to wait. Finally, at 8:30pm, the day after It was released, I sat down, made my character, and embarked into the common wealth.

THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. I will try not to include much in terms of story, but there may be some. 

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I. Cannot. Wait.

I’m generally a very patient person. It might not seem it at first, as I’m pretty direct and prone to speaking frankly and bluntly, but that’s simply expediency. It allows me to get the most out of what I am saying in the most efficient way possible. Today, however. is not that day. As I sit typing this, I know that Game Stop, across the street, likely has a growing line around the building. The displays are being built and the store is getting ready to sell a PILE of copies of Fallout 4.

But I am not there. I am here, and once I get done writing, I am going to go to bed, wake up, and go to work.

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Last time, I talked about the Long Grind that I feel i have put myself through the last few months. While I enjoyed the games, I rarely felt like I was really playing Skorne. With Zaal 1 and Zaal 2 I felt very close to Cryx, and with Morghoul 2 I felt like I was playing Minions. Both of those lists really don’t have the same type of power that Skorne emanates. I needed something bolder, something that hits hard and lays its targets low.

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The Time has Come

I have come to the undeniable revelation that the Fallout Intellectual Property is my favorite. XCOM is my favorite game, hands down, but the setting, lore and style of Fallout beats it in my book every day. Where I am excited for XCOM 2 to come out so that I can experience the game play, I eagerly await Fallout 4 so that I can, once again, immerse myself in the world.

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