Yesterday, the 3rd edition of Warmachine was released, publicly and completely* MKII is dead, long live 3rd!

I have, however, had the decks on Warroom since the Lock and Load, and have been looking over the cards for a significantly longer time. Cryx, being my main faction, is what interested me the most. I poured over card after card, looked at each rule and interaction.

And promptly dismissed it all. There is nothing like actual games to make the faction cement. I pulled out my favorite caster, The Witch Coven of Garlghast, and have managed to sneak in three games in the last few weeks. Here is my initial look at Them. I’ll be taking a deep dive with them over the course of the next few weeks.

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moving has been much more tedious than I expected. Many complications have prevented me from writing, notably loosing the power cord for my monitor and the entirety of my mouse. I’ll be writing again as soon as I can, hopefully for Thursday! 

I did much, much more than I thought I did at Lock and Load.

I figured one post and it would be done. The truth was completely different. While I made it through Day -1, 0, 1 and into day 2, I still had a ton more games to play yet.

So, After the first 11 games , I took a brief nap (some 5 hours) and got back in line for the spelldraft tournament. It was going to be the last one of MKII, and likely the last one I would ever play in. Who did I bring? Of course, Deneghra 3, Who doesn’t want to spam 3 cost nukes all day?

This was my spell list:

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It is done!

Lock and Load 2016 has come and gone. I met up with some great people, played some awesome games, and saw people I only get to see a few times a year. True to advertisement, the 3rd edition of Warmachine has released, and with it a flurry of new activity surrounding the meta, the factions, the lists and the rules. But before I get into what happened after the release of 3e and going forward, and I want to look back on what I did while I was out there and how much fun I had.

And I came home with all this!

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Every year, I head out to lock and load, and this year is no different. I’ll be playing in the final games of MKII  masters, the last MKII spelldraft, and a late night Team Tournament as well. I look forward to playing a whole pile of games to round out the end of one edition and the start of another.


I’ll be posting to Instagram and Twitter as I get the chance! I’ll have an article on my experience and first thoughts of MK II on the 16th!


A New World Rises

This is the last chance for me to write about MKII. Instead, I will continue to write about MKIII and the future. A lot has been leaked and many cards are known in their final form, insomuch as errors and issues have already been discovered casting doubt over the leaks as a whole. This is not unreasonable. However, as each insider has come in turn, the doubters get more and more scarce. The rules and concepts discussed match the cards.

What I want to look at today, though, is the new caster for our faction, spoiled in No Quarter last week and given a little bit of show along with the rest of the casters and Battlebox models, Bane Witch Agathia.

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