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One of the things that really sets apart a fantastic world from the mundane one we live is the presence of monstrous, fantastic creatures. In many mythologies, these creatures are looked at without much fanfare with each creature just existing as part of the natural realm. I’m not convinced that that would be the case here, and I’m going to take a look at a couple of things that I’m fairly sure would change both dramatically and subtly, given the presence of these deadly creatures.



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This Saturday, I’ll be going to play in my first tournament in four months. The fantastic John Spencer has picked this one up for me so I can play, and I intend to make the most of it. My real hope is that we have enough players for 4 rounds, though getting there will be tricky: The East Coast is experiencing a but of burnout from New England to Virginia.

That said, Lets take a look at what I’m thinking of bringing. I know it can’t possibly bite me in the ass, right?

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Welcome back, Last week we put the touches on the landmass and vegetation portions of the continent I’d been creating, putting together the lessons from the first section. Now, it is time to start populating it with creatures.

This second section, The Natural World, will focus up to and on all the creatures in the setting, why and how to populate them, and how to conceive of their interactions beyond the standard predator and prey situation. Since we are here, however, lets take a look into exactly how predators and prey shape up and how they work differently in a Fantasy world.


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Just around a month or so from now, perhaps two, we will be seeing a major errata to Warmachine. This, by all accounts, will be the largest errata ever issued to Warmachine and Hordes. There is some chatter that up to 50% of Skorne is being looked at, as well as the bottom and top 5% of each faction. There is a hope from a significant portion of the community, that this errata is the one that brings the best balance to the game, and everything else from here on out is just knocking out outliers. I feel that this is the likely end result as well, which means that there is significant work on Cryx in the errata.

What do I hope they will address? Lets take a look.

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