Ace of Paints – Still Unsuccessful.


A few months back, I put out a timeline for my painting for the year. It wasn’t ambitious or anything, just a simple to-do list with a number of models on it. Sadly, I can’t say I’ve been doing good. Let’s take a look! 

When this all started, I had a pretty simple goal to have had accomplished by now. 

  • March: 
    Bane Riders (5) , Storm Giant
  • April
    New Deathjack, Frost Giant Princess, Fire Giant Jailer
  • May
    Skarre 3, Cloud Giant Males

The Progress made has been pretty light. 

The Bane riders, as I showed off last time, are complete! 

The Current progress on the storm giant is lackluster, at best. He’s been a huge monster, no pun intended that has eaten up a swath of my time much greater than I’d expected. I am very pleased with how he is coming along, but I’m clearly way, way behind. By the end of this month, I’m supposed to have four more giants painted as well as skarre 3 and Deathjack? That is clearly not happening any time soon. I should do something to make my ambitions more realistic, but I’m not sure I want to. I have so many models to paint, so may giants and Warmachine models, not to mention Skorne and Infinity stuff I would like to get to one day. 

Oh, and I went and signed myself up for Champions and Masters at Lock and Load in just a few weeks, so I’m sure I’ll be trying to paint models for that, as well. 

It hasn’t been that great of a year for painting, and it hasn’t been that great of a couple years. I used to lose myself in painting over the course of a week or days, but since my little girl has been born, I’ve just not had the time. I’m fine with it, personally. I’d rather have that time with my little one and the family than I would painting any day of the week, but I do think I could do more to make time to paint. Having a ton of hobbies is very difficult to balance, especially with so many other things calling to me each and every day. Writing these articles certainly hasn’t helped clear up my free time, and neither has joining a podcast. While my involvement in the community has gone up, my painting time has severely diminished, especially when its also the same time I get to play video games and read. It is hard to actually get any of those things done, all at the same time. There are literally not enough hours in the day. 

There is a part of me that simply wants to stop writing two articles a week and spend the extra time painting or video gaming, or anything else, especially when I am also getting a lot of thoughts out there with the podcast – it eats a whole night I used to paint. Then, though, I lose the ability to hone my writing skills as often. I know I won’t free up any time as I’ll just fill it with something else, but it might be worth it none the less. 

It’s unlikely, though. I am much too stubborn! 

However, it is likely that I am going to take a vacation from writing these Tuesday spots to get a bunch of painting done for champions before Lock and Load hits. I have to finish just a whole TON of models, and they sure as hell aint gonna paint themselves.

Now that I’ve picked up champions, I’ve got to figure out how to get swords on one unit of ghost fleet and paint them up, as well as green stuffing the arms on my Viking Blackbanes. Once that’s done, I’ve got to paint up two units of Rev Crew, the Hellslinger and a unit of Bane Warriors. I might as well paint Barathrum while I’m at it. 

But that is way, way too much to think about right now. Right now, what I’m going to do is run downstairs, put some paint on a Storm giant, assemble a pair of crabbits, and get down to business. 

I know its a short one. 

Until next time.