Each Thursday this year, I focus on a different aspect of the world I’ve created and played D&D in for over 20 years, in the hopes of honing the ideas and cementing enough in place to settle the world in my own mind. This week, having finished the general histories and overviews, I am going to start winding down the regional information, starting with detailing the 10 Kingdoms of Tyndaria

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Though it been a fairly inconsistent spring and summer, I’ve got even more obligations and vacations planned for the next 4-5 weeks. the NOVA Open is next week, Labor day after that, and Metallica in San Francisco after that. It’ll take time to recover and get back into the groove of things afterward, but I don’t want to rush content (much of it already feels rushed due to annoying time constraints). My next article won’t be until 9/24, though I will be still active on facebook, posting dumb things and gaming content. I’m going to go on a whirlwind of activity and see you all on the other side, hopefully, revitalized and refreshed!!