Back in May, I hit the end of the “best of” list from Banger, which is a pretty solid list, though some of the more esoteric ones just didn’t grab me the same way that I want my metal too. Now, I get to the suggestions from my friends of albums I may have missed. Let’s get to it! 

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Like every year, I made the annual trip to Seattle for Lock and Load for Privateers personal show, and like almost each other year, I enjoyed myself immensely. There was a time, early on in the planning process, that I was worried about the trip, and again just days prior when I had an extremely forbidding feeling about my decision, but it turns out it was just my brain being bad at being a brain. What did I do while in Seattle? Glad you asked!

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Well, no update today. I’ll be taking a couple weeks off to get ready for lock and load, using this time to paint up some models and pack and what have you. I’ll still be active on Facebook and posting pics.of games and models, so it won’t be complete radio silence. 

See you guys in July!! 




Once I’d played a few games with Skarre 3, I was pretty solidly in love with both the concept and the character. She is a strong and versatile caster that runs melee the way I like to run melee. I’d not run into anything that challenged the casters durability or long game, but I was confident with her. So confident, I decided to take her to a tournament, and pair her with a list I was determined not to play unless I saw absolutely no way to win with Skarre 3. She did well, let’s see the lessons. Continue reading