Casually Classic: My Leveling plan in WoW Classic

With Classic WoW coming out next week, I just wanted to put to words the plan I have for leveling for the long journey to 60 as my warrior in Classic WoW. I know its not a terribly attractive article, but it’ll help me have a reference point for later.

Classical Build

First off, I’m going to be playing a Warrior and trying to tank for the vast majority of the instances and quests in the game. I am not, however, going to be leveling as protection, as that is doomed folley. I’ll be leveling arms with a progression tree something like this:

This is absolutely not an optimal leveling spec, but it is, I think, one that I will enjoy through the early levels. There isn’t much to do other than auto-attack and rend sometimes for the majority of early leveling, so going into Protection to get the extra threat for tanking the instances I will absolutely be doing feels just fine, until 40, when I can get Mortal Strike. At that time, I’ll respec to Arms and get the whole damned tree, and start working on the Protection talents until 55, ending up something like this.

at this point, I’ll just grab whatever, probably something like this, as I’ll need to respec at 60 no matter what, so it doesn’t matter.

With that in mind, I know I’m going to play an Undead Warrior, because their move set is cool, and they are fun. I know its not the most optimal class for a warrior, but I’m not worried. The race bonuses aren’t terribly important until you get to the cutting edge anyway, so I’m not particularly bothered by the lack of perfect class/race combination.

For professions, I’ll likely be taking Herbalism and Skinning. On the last server, mining made me just a boat-load of money, but Herbalism for potions seems like a much stronger continuous cash flow, even late into leveling than mining, and then I can grab alchemy at some point to provide myself with potions. Skinning just allows for more money to be made per skinnable monster, which is important for getting that mount at level 40.

That does mean that, like on the private server, I am going to want to follow the Undead Storyline. It’s a solid one that gets you deep into 30, as well, so it’s worth playing through at least once.

Before that, though, I am going to take about 30 minutes and get the three main flight points. As soon as I get the character logged in, it’s right to Undercity, over to Ogrimar, and then down to Thunder Bluff via Crossroads and Camp Taurajo. This will save a bunch of time later in the game when I need to get to TB or Ogrimar, and I’ll just have the Flight points. It will also net me a level or two from exploring, so that’ll be nice. Then I’ll hearth back to the sepulcher and get going on the leveling Zones.

Starting in Tirisfal Glades, I’ll then move down to Silverpine Forest, and then over to Hillsbrad Foothills. This leads pretty easily into both Alterac Mountains and Arathi Highlands and the Hinterlands. This won’t be enough, however, to get that push from 40-50, and will require some traveling. Tanaris is a lot of fun, once you’ve hit 40, and the badlands helps here as well. These both have instances in them as well, which makes it fairly important since I will be wanting to do both of them as soon as I hit the levels that will allow it.

one thing that will help with buffering out each of the zones and levels is that I will be gathering each and every possible quest for each instance all the way through the process.

I’ll be using the quest guide here as it has all the information that I need for racking up all the quests in order to get the most out of the instance runs I do.

I won’t go out of my way for Deadmines or Stockades, or likely Gnomergan, but the rest of the instances are fun.

The ones that are going to be the most problematic are Blackfathom Deeps and Sunken Temple, as they are the farthest out from where leveling really occurs. Still, there are quests in Swamp of Sorrows in the late 30s and in Zoram Strand in the mid 20’s. Another large factor in making sure that the dungeons are easily attainable is making sure to get the flight paths to the right areas prior to needing them for the dungeon. Badlands is the absolute worst, and I wait until I hit 40 doing Arathi Basin and Hinterlands quests to even make my way down there. Desolace for Mauaradon is a pain, but I’ll be needing to go over there for a first aid book anyway. Swamp of sorrows is also way out of the way, so I intend to try and hit that right after 40 to pick up a few quests and XP while making my way up to

That leaves my leveling plan something like the below chart. I was going to go through each quest and where to get it, along with when to grab it, but the guys on WoWhead did a much better job than I could, so I’ll just leave with the plan I have, which is good enough for me because now I have one, where before, I simply didn’t

Until next time!!