By the time you read this, I’ll have played in another tournament and likely have done maddeningly poorly, but I wanted to write a little bit about a a few of games I played in the last tournament. In this one, I brought Scaverous and Denny 2, and both lists were ones I created on my own. If you know anything about me by now, know that this didn’t go very well. 

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Tournament report! 

Sturgis 2 at Bel Air Games 4/22. 

As the first voted-on caster of the Tour de Cryx, I was excited to get him to a tournament and put Sturgis through the paces. That is not to say that I was excited to play Sturgis – I was decidedly not, but I had just gotten a win with him the other week – by sheer luck and force of will, so I hoped maybe I wouldn’t completely tank the tournament! 

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I’ve not been playing a lot of games lately, but I’ve made some progress into my goals. One of the things I wanted to do was to get enough games in with a caster to get their feel before moving onward. I’ve been playing the game and playing cryx long enough to be able to sort out, with a modicum of reliability, how a caster feels and whether or not it plays right, in about 5 games. It doesn’t always give me a taste for the meta and how I utilize it in a tournament, which is a flaw, but I don’t get to enough tournaments to really make it my priority. I do worry about tournament boogeymen, but only in the dojo.

This’ll be my first written battle report with Goreshade 2, and its with the last iteration in his final game before Terminus.

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As I’ve mentioned more than a few times, Last weekend was the NOVA Open down in DC (5 minutes from the airport and IN a hotel. Check it out next year!). While I was busy leading most of the time, I attempted to get two games in. The first game on Thursday was a bust, but Saturday night I had some unexpected free time. Anthony from Frozen Kommander was walkin’ around looking for Iron Arena games, so we sat down and got to it!

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I don’t get to go to many tournaments. Its not a problem for me, just a statement. When I go, though, I often fret for a while on what I am going take, what I can do to cover match-ups, and how I am going to avoid being curb stomped. Saturday I made it to my first tournament in a rather long time (December?), and my first one back with Cryx. I had a great time, played three insane games, and walked away with my head held high!

This one is long, bear with me! Three awesome games!

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Caster Rankings

Back when I mentioned my list of posts I wanted to do to wrap up the Skorne Chronicles, I thought that I’d take a look at Zaal 2. However, I think I’ve gone into well enough about him earlier that I can put that off for a little while yet.

Instead, I’ll work through, chronologically, how I felt with each caster, what their high and low points are, and how much I enjoyed the caster from both the fun and competitive angle.

First up are a pair of casters I ended up not using very often at all. and by very often, I mean only this one day. The first casters I reached for when I started my journey were the two newest ones in the ranks, at that time. Xerxis 2 and Makeda 3

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