Back in May, I hit the end of the “best of” list from Banger, which is a pretty solid list, though some of the more esoteric ones just didn’t grab me the same way that I want my metal too. Now, I get to the suggestions from my friends of albums I may have missed. Let’s get to it! 

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Well, no update today. I’ll be taking a couple weeks off to get ready for lock and load, using this time to paint up some models and pack and what have you. I’ll still be active on Facebook and posting pics.of games and models, so it won’t be complete radio silence. 

See you guys in July!! 





Last year, I took a listen to the best albums of 2016, as nominated by a bunch of people on the internet. Not one place in particular, but just across the internet. This year, I am doing the same, its really the only way I get new metal into my blood, aside from random Youtube recommendations.  so, what do we have? 

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This is the Second of a series directed at new players, but hopefully with some nuggets for veterans and journeymen alike. This is a post about my opinions on Cryx from the vantage point three editions and dating back to 2004. Today I’ll delve into how our Warcasters breakdown, and what to expect from them 

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This week, I’ll not be posting a Thursday article, I’m gonna push it off until Friday: Iron Lich Asphyxious. This should also be the last week without a Tuesday article which will be a NOVA wrap up, then back into From the Ground up! 


See everyone then!