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One of the things that really sets apart a fantastic world from the mundane one we live is the presence of monstrous, fantastic creatures. In many mythologies, these creatures are looked at without much fanfare with each creature just existing as part of the natural realm. I’m not convinced that that would be the case here, and I’m going to take a look at a couple of things that I’m fairly sure would change both dramatically and subtly, given the presence of these deadly creatures.



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I’ve not been playing a lot of games lately, but I’ve made some progress into my goals. One of the things I wanted to do was to get enough games in with a caster to get their feel before moving onward. I’ve been playing the game and playing cryx long enough to be able to sort out, with a modicum of reliability, how a caster feels and whether or not it plays right, in about 5 games. It doesn’t always give me a taste for the meta and how I utilize it in a tournament, which is a flaw, but I don’t get to enough tournaments to really make it my priority. I do worry about tournament boogeymen, but only in the dojo.

This’ll be my first written battle report with Goreshade 2, and its with the last iteration in his final game before Terminus.

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Like the last two years before it, NOVA comes to my neck of the woods with great fanfare. The largest convention I am part of running, the Press Gang has put a swath of events that I am excited to run. With players from all over the world coming in to play at their massive GT, it is great to have players from all over the US come and play in the WM and Hordes events that are put on.

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This is gonna sound dumb, but there isn’t gonna be a post here today, because I harvested peaches from my peach tree and made a cobbler out of them. My own peaches, and my own peach tree. Yes!

I’m also up to my neck in NOVA open awesomeness, getting ready for my biggest judging and coordinating effort of the year, and stuck doing a ton of other things. I’ll likely get one out on friday, which I guess is better late than never?


See everyone then!


As some of you may have noticed, I’ve not posted here this last week. Life, of the most unfortunate type, sometimes happens, and I am glad to be writing again.

Not this Saturday, but the one previous, I went to a tournament, one of the Store Wars series that I’ve been participating in for some 5 months. Our Team, the Titanic Bastards, has been doing Ok, winning the first tournament and nipping at the heals of the winners ever since. I Captained the first event, and then was out for the next three. This month, though, the first real tournament of 3rd edition, I was looking forward to some solid, competitive games.

Before that, though! Lets take a look at some errata!

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moving has been much more tedious than I expected. Many complications have prevented me from writing, notably loosing the power cord for my monitor and the entirety of my mouse. I’ll be writing again as soon as I can, hopefully for Thursday! 



Every year, I head out to lock and load, and this year is no different. I’ll be playing in the final games of MKII  masters, the last MKII spelldraft, and a late night Team Tournament as well. I look forward to playing a whole pile of games to round out the end of one edition and the start of another.


I’ll be posting to Instagram and Twitter as I get the chance! I’ll have an article on my experience and first thoughts of MK II on the 16th!

One of the most enjoyable aspects of playing XCOM, at least for me, is the punishing difficulty levels. Unlike my initial fears, this game is turning out to be at least as challenging as its predecessor, and will quite likely outstrip it as either Retaliation/Second Wave or Expansion packs come out for it. What I initially took for soft is, instead the plush outer coating of a grenade wrapped in velvet, and once you’ve cut off the skin, there is no going back.

What happened to my second game is testament to this concept, and one of the key reasons I keep coming back to this and Enemy within. Amusingly enough I keep having the voice of Illidan run through my head.

You are not prepared.

Be forewarned. There may be light spoilers ahead, but mostly about gameplay, less about story.

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