Continuing the Series, I’m going to take a strong look at the Specialist class, just like I did with the Sharpshooter and the Grenadier. I’m going to cover why I like and don’t like what I took, and how it helped me play the game. If you consider class based decisions and abilities spoilers, I’d stay out now. otherwise, dive in with me to take a look at the Specialist class.

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This is awkward.

Four weeks after saying that I was putting out my last post on XCOM2, its still going strong, and seems to have expanded beyond what I could have comprehended. Ah well, always forward!

This week, a look at the Sharpshooter class, how I used it and why I like what I like.

And remember, spoilers past here

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Part 2.

I thought I was going to be able to sum up the events of XCOM2 in a pretty simple manor last week, but that wasn’t the case by far. Then Cryx came up in the 3rd Edition Warmachine Previews, and I was up to my neck. THEN I bought a house, which requires a ton of work. So, days and days later, I bring to you part two of my final post on XCOM2.

Remember, a ton of Spoilers are beyond this gate. 

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This is my final entry as Commander of the XCOM forces. The Aliens have been routed, the resistance network has become the de facto government, and the populace is slowly coming to grips with the world as it exists now. We, have been saved.

I’ve written about my experiences, a bit about missions and tactics, but this time, I want to catalog how I accomplished the mission.

Be prepared. Many spoilers.

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Its finally done.

The game that has consumed some 110+ hours of my free time, a vast amount of brainpower, and many valuable hours of sleep has at long last been completed. I have defeated the alien menace once and for all. Noble sacrifices were made along the way. Icon, Ice,Volcano, Kid. Hunter, Dynamite, Oni, Hawkeye. The honored dead, our sisters and brothers in arms gave their lives to free us from the, very literal, alien menace.

Spoilers abound after the jump. You have been warned, Abandon hope. 

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Last week was a low point. A dark and cramped place which I was sure sunlight would never embrace again. Warmth and comfort were simply memories. The only end, if it ever came, would come from the cold and merciless eyes of an alien overlord.

The bleakness has passed. It was the fire that has finally tempered me into an alien killing monstrosity, as hated by those who I am trying to save as those I am seeking to destroy.  I strike from the darkness, leaving nothing but bodies, burning buildings, shell casings. Where I choose to walk, aliens, and their collaborators swiftly perish. They hunt me. They hunt me to prevent themselves from being the prey. It is to late.

I don’t expect this feeling to last past this evening.

(There will be spoilers)

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It is truer each Monday that it was the prior.

XCOM is hard.

Now, though, It has settled into my bones and I have become weary. Not of the game itself, but of the endless repetition of starting over, of each tortured revolution back to whence it came in order to slam down with its full and awesome might upon my battered and broken soul, screaming in anguish that I once again have to suffer the lessons of introduction.

Yet I continuously fail, the fault of which lies at no ones feat but my own. Where I should learn, instead, i continue to make mistakes, so many of which send the game into an inevitable spiral that reaches its terminus not at a final destination, but at the beginning, where I start uphill again.

Be warned, there are spoilers. 

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On the top of the attributes that makes XCOM the pinnacle of my gaming joy, is its unforgiving, relentless, mercilessness. Those who have been reading a bit will get this as a simple truism about how my gaming career went, but games like Megaman, Dark Souls, and XCOM are exactly where I like the punishment scale to lie – maybe a little rough. I say that as I head into starting my seventh C/I Game in XCOM2, still playing a month after purchase, give or take a few days. I have yet to see the end of the game and it has been glorious!

And I am learning, becoming more deadly and more confident each time. Each game I start and play to the end I absorb a little more, I see more cracks appear in the alien infrastructure. It may not be this day, It may not be this week, but the aliens, their days are numbered.

Warning – Extremely Likely Spoiler Content

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