Clarifications and Continued Spoilers from Vengeance.

its been a few days since Templecon ended, and there have both been continued spoilers of the upcoming Vengeance releases, and some clarifications. Through a number of channels, the PP staffers have continued to tease us with the tidbits that are coming in Vengeance, and in the case of Cephalyx, the book after. I find it moderatly strange that there is so little for Mercs here in Vengance. from everything I have gathered its only the Tactical Arcanist Corps and the Earthbreaker. I figured they’d have more than that.

Exulon 1

First, to temper my enthusiasm a little bit about the Cephalyx, Lost Hemisphere had an interview with Will Schik right after Templecon. It clarified a ton about the Cephalyx, both how they will function, and how they will be released. The part that stick in my mind the most, to my disappointment, is that there will only be one caster at release. Exulon Thexus is it.  Now, he’s part of the Mercs, and I can’t really fault them for having only one ‘caster, but I was all ready to jump into the Cephalyx contract: I was going to pick up everything. Now, I’ll still do the same, but It’ll just be less than I Initially thought. I have Drudges and Overlords, thankfully, and they are even painted. I just need monstrosities, the US, solos, and the new unit, and everything spoiled will be mine! I don’t really get a ton of chances to play Mercs, but now I have something to pair alongside my Epic Magnus list to really give people problems: with the long range assassination potential of Magnus, and Wills heavily touted control aspect, I think it’ll be something worth shooting for.

Along with the statement that there will only be a single ‘Caster came the small surprise that there will not be a stand alone, Pirates of the Broken Coast-like, book. Instead, there will be a NQ dedicated to them, which I expect to be May or July, just in time for Lock and Load and a digital rulebook. I like real books, so I am not thrilled, but my Relic Knights is fully digital, so I’m not completely against it. Overall, I am still very, very psyched about the Cephalyx but I have tempered the desire to run them as a minifaction. I expect them to be treated much more like Rhul, which has slowly grown over time to be a complete subset of mercs, than the Pirates.

That bit about the Cephalyx cleared the air a little, and I expect that there will be a fair bit of sadness directed towards it. Today, though, they had three further pieces that came out related to Vengeance.

Reznik was spoiled completely, but Matt Wilson.

ReznikThe picture of Page 42 was tweeted out and Matt was pretty stoked that he got to spoil something, but Will, who told him what to spoil, set him up. Turns out that the Protectorate forums had someone reveal everything about Reznik about a week ago. In responce to realizing he wasn’t giving the world anything new he then tweeted a clip of Imperatus, the Apotheosis level character warjack for Retribution. With just this little bit, he looks like a bad character.


Reznik looks fairly legit. I don’t think he’s going to break the world open, but he has some really good spells. Iron aggression allows at least one jack to keep up with him every turn, and Lamentation is always a good spell. Deathmarch joins the Protectorates rather small bevy of MAT increasing spells and abilities, and I can really see it being useful with Flamebringers: while MAT 6 sidesteping 3 attacks is good, MAT 8 makes them serious business. If its Rezniks Feat turn then they have effective MAT 10 and everyone explodes every time they get stabbed. Flamebringers Indeed. Creators Wrath gives me the heebey jeebeies. Blessed weapons and additional dice on both attack and damage rolls makes him a serious melee contender. with speed 7, a huge base and low def/arm, I don’t expect him to get there often, but when he does its going to be a massacre. I expect a devout or two will be around him at all points in time to save him from Eiryss and Gorman as he is a very juicy target.

Then, we have Imperatus, about half a pages worth, but enough to have me worried that he’s going to be a pain. DEF 13/ARM 18 is going to be legitimate. He only has 22 or so boxes, if the configuration is consistent with other jacks, but I expect him to have at least 10, if not 15 boxes of Force Field. Compound this with the Phoenix Protocol rule, and I expect to have a hell of a time putting it down for good. 32 boxes + 16 when it regens is pretty impressive. Thinking about it, 15 forcefield might be just a little to much. 48, as it stands, puts it in the range of some Gargantuans. I don’t know whether that speaks to the hardiness of Imperatus, or the vulnerability of Gargantuans. The Halation Cannon seems pretty standard, with pow 14 ROF 1. I am sure it has some insane special rules, but they won’t be listed here. The main standout, though, is the P+S 19 Sidestepping melee weapons.I expect them to be the same Thermal Blade as the Phoenix: Reach, Magic Weapon, and Continuous fire. Sidestep your way into a ‘Caster and light them on fire. That’ll make everyone happy!

The last tidbit that got shared (with me) was Goreshade’s theme list. Will made mention of it in the Interview, but I was to glued to cephalyx information to really pay attention. Here it is, fleshed out in all its glory:

goreshade theme

I expect to get to at least tier 2 just to have the charge of the Banes on the table, but I don’t expect to go farther than that. The Desecrator is a decent ‘jack, I guess, but I’d just rather as not take him, and adding the Kraken on top of that is a giant points sink. I mean, were talking 57 points to take full advantage of everything in the Theme. If you ignore the Tier 1 benefit, you end up with 10 points to spend. This will incidentally upgrade all three Mechanithrall units to full and still have room for Tartarus. I’ll probably tinker around with a Tier 2 list and see what I can come up with. Arcnodes everywhere, with Bane Thralls, Knights, Riders and Tartarus seem like it could be pretty cool.

I’m thinking some sort of terrible concept like this:

Goreshade, Lord of Ruin+5
Bane Riders11
Bane Riders11
Bane Knights10
Tartarus 4
Bane Thralls8
Bane Thrall UA3



  • Brad Griffie

    That tier list, just wow. So let me get this straight you have Gore3 which of the 4 Vengeance casters we’ve seen is probably the MOST mediocre of the bunch. Lets be honest, he has a great spell assassination and has built in recursion but it’s not arcable blinding light with a SnP feat, it’s not auto hitting impact/charge attacks with additional die, or Mr. I have a focus so I can’t be targeted by non-magical ranged attacks oh and hey I’ve got lamentation so you can’t spell me to death and hey I’m going to RFP your recursion. Oh hey PP says his tier is going to make you want to take multiple units of Bane Cav…where in that pile of crap makes me want to take 2 units of Bane Cav? Oh hey that tier 3 benefit is kinda sweet cost 8 Levi or cost 9 Harrower is pretty sweet but it forces you to take the extremely crappy Desecrator (WWS synergize well with the bane accumulator too bad you can’t take them) so there’s another 8 pt tax to the list. Oh yeah that -1 pt on the Kraken is cool too but if you are taking that throw another 9 pt minimum tax on that to get 3 corpse tokens from the start (oh and hey that unit that is tailored to work with mechthralls? yeah you can’t take them either), so hey how do you like that 27 pt Kraken so you don’t have that unique colossal penalty of needing TURNS to get it up to speed. So yeah Goreshade 3 is a scary spell assassination too bad his tier doesn’t do anything for that but almost seems to try to force you into a Jack caster roll which he isn’t. Hey it might be sour grapes and I’m aware of that but I really wanted something different to come out in the new book, I mean we waited how long to see anything released for Cryx… and then we get G3 who just has no ‘COOL’ effect on him like the others. There’s no game changing or even faction changing effect on him. Honestly I’d be surprised if you see him on the table after the new shiney phase wears off.

    • Tionas

      Fair enough, man! Here is the thing, though: I don’t look at the rest of the casters and feel any quaking in my boots either.
      Epic Reznik lost armor and only has 20 health on that giant base of his. Butcher 3 only kills things, leaving him very vulnerable to everything else in the game. Stryker 3 is good, but lost a defense in the trade to a horse, so easier to kill. Issyria is about as squishy as a caster can get. Spelling her to death might be hard, but shooting her is beyond easy. I don’t see Goreshade as having no cool factor. Mockery of Life is going to be bananas, and his assassination potential with feat, blackbanes and siphon is really, really high.

      I get the problems with the Tier list. It needs a ton of points to function, and requires a ‘Jack I’ll never take and a colossal, and a pile of Mechanithralls. But thats why my List hits only tier 2. bonus to the deployment roll and 2 units of bane riders pleases me. The rest of the list can go to hell.

      • Brad Griffie

        Fair enough. Rant phase over 🙂

        Butcher 3 is probably out of all of them the one that scares me the most. And that’s from a Circle/Cryx stand point. In a KB scenario you can not stay far enough away from him and still be scenario viable or not giving him free points. Stryker 3 losing a defense is negligible, he still has Rowdy, has a Def buff spell, arcane shield on a stick which are all things I see with Stryker anyways so he really doesn’t lose anything. Reznik just seems tailor made to shut most Cryx down which is annoying as all hell. Issyriah is very squishy but I have’t played her so getting to her might be an issue as there is no way she’s up front. Like I was saying to Jon I was just hoping for something to shake things up and so far I haven’t seen anything from Vengeance that shakes anything for Cryx. I guess we just have to Cryx even harder to beat all the anti-cryx tech coming.

  • Moondog

    The Cephalyx stuff was surprising to hear about. I kind of thought they’d roll more out for it, but I can understand why PP would keep that as a more limited release. Besides, as you said, there’s always the possibility that PP will add more as they go along.

    I think Goreshade3’s theme list is definitely odd. The first two tier bonuses make perfect sense, and I can even see the reasoning behind the tier 3 bonus (you’re bringing “all the banes” so why not a Desecrator?) But I don’t understand why they’d push for him to bring a Kraken *on top of all that*.

    I could see building a list where you try to get your 3 units of Mechanithralls in there to start your Kraken full of Corpse Tokens, but that seems like a janky way of offsetting one of the Kraken’s issues. I can see how that list would have fair assassination game (all you need to do is get one model near the ‘caster, freeze them, then gun them down between the Kraken and Siphon Bolts,) but I’m not sure that’s “worth it” or even that much fun.

    The list you posted using the theme list seems much more like something that’d be entertaining to run. About the only “problem” I see with it is a lack of cheap feat fodder, but I don’t think that’s a huge issue. I think Goreshade3’s feat can scale to do as much or as little work as you need it to, so with that configuration you can save it for assassination or use it to pick off key models, and focus more on over whelming your opponent with force (that’s a lot of banes, and the bane riders are no joke.)