Coldforged Adventures: Dozens of Adventure Hooks

I continue rushing headlong into the second year of writing Coldforged material, and this year I hope to cover enough topics in preparation to print as is possible. I hope we’re in the home stretch. I’m starting a new series here about writing adventures and trying to get the flavor of Coldforged setting to come through. Here, though it is the first draft, I present a dozen adventure hooks for each region/Kingdom. Let’s dive in.

Adventuring in Tysis

In the decades since the original D&D was launched, people have played hundreds of thousands of adventures, I’d expect, and each of these adventures took place from towns to churches to extraplanar hellscapes. I don’t believe that there is a single adventure idea that has been unexplored. That said, the combination of locations and hooks can often create a specific feel for an area or region that gives it the special flavor unique to its origin and style.

Presented here are random tables (or simply lists to choose from, who am I to make these decisions for you) for each of the Kingdoms and regions. While these are, of course, not an exhaustive list, it does provide a baseline to build off of.

Northern Tundra

The north is a vast and underpopulated wasteland, though it is home to a number of tribes of various humanoids. Ancient ruins, frost giants, and the land itself is the greatest enemy this far north.

Forest of Lev

A great conifer forest, the Forest of Lev is the crumbling home of the Levishan fey. The fey plague has taken hold, and their society is held together by those who have the blood of heroes.

Ironarm Mountains

The Ironarm mountains streak into the sky to claw the clouds. Here among both the high peaks and the lower ridges and hills monsters dwell in caves and hidden valleys, while cyclops raiders and renegade Thraxians endanger those on the fringes.


The Thraxian forest is wild and untamed, even by those who live within. Dangerous and deadly, the perils from enemy tribes, cyclops raiders, and even other kingdoms is a constant threat.

Northern Highlands

Rolling hillocks and abandoned towns interspersed with lakes and ponds once cultivated populate the northern highlands. Now inhabited by many monsters, bandits, and other unsavory types, its pleasant demeanor belies danger within.


Once a great empire, what is left of Killbarum is dangerous with untended magical locations, ferocious monsters let loose, and the promise of magical power in an abandoned wizards lair just waiting to be plundered.

Toldiri Hills

The wild hills that separate northern Killbarum from Tyndaria is home to the bestial Hrondring. They keep the bandits and other outlaws in check but are themselves known to raid from time to time both Kingdoms they border. A dangerous place that is known for monsters and people alike.

Aloran Plains

The wide northern plains are, much like most of its northern neighbors, an untamed and wild place. Here, where you can see for miles, the sky holds many dangers. Civilizations both ancient and recent lie in ruins among the plains, waiting for a dauntless explorer to claim its rewards.


The woods of Tyndaria, when passable, are settled and peaceful places, when war brought by the kingdoms does not interfere. Dangers come from other people, more than monsters, yet the wilds are not completely tame and hold menace their own within the deep confines.

Drimmak Mountains

Once the home of the Drimmen, the Drimmak Mountains are the home of giants and the durable and tough Voskag. Its massive length has never been fully explored, and the treasures and origins of the Delvers still lie unclaimed and unknown in many forgotten locations.

Gray Morass

Within the Gray Morass, the Children of Jet, scaled and Draconian lizards, amphibians and people, lie and plot the takeover of the continent by the elder wyrm, Jet the Swamp Dragon. Expanding year after year, many lost castles and abandoned towns lie within its massive reach.

Southern Coast

The southern coast is under constant threat not by a single pirate, but by raiders of all types. Caparan Goatfolk raids the towns and ships as well as the Brokensail pirates and the Dangerous Sharkanoids under the waves. Dangerous, yet profitable, with plenty of food and shelter with some of the best weather the miserable continent has to offer.