Coldforged Sneak Peak: Character Creation

This week’s Coldforged Sneak Peak is Ancestry and Heritage! these pages discuss the very basics of the choices for your lineage in a Coldgforged Campaign!

I start the Character Creation pages with the Races – I personally don’t like to use the term race as its an artificial construct of the Victorian era, but here we are with a rules term, so.. uh. It’s awkward, but I’ll use it. I have common and uncommon people in the setting, and wanted to point that out, but I also have numerous distinctions among each. Is it really worth splitting that many hairs? In the end, I decided it wasn’t, really.

I’m fairly happy with how these came out, but I know I have to give them another once over.

Thanks for reading, and definitely let me know of any feedback!

Until Next time!