Lock and Load Recap, Part 2!

I did much, much more than I thought I did at Lock and Load.

I figured one post and it would be done. The truth was completely different. While I made it through Day -1, 0, 1 and into day 2, I still had a ton more games to play yet.

So, After the first 11 games , I took a brief nap (some 5 hours) and got back in line for the spelldraft tournament. It was going to be the last one of MKII, and likely the last one I would ever play in. Who did I bring? Of course, Deneghra 3, Who doesn’t want to spam 3 cost nukes all day?

This was my spell list:

Man, I was excited. I just wanted to get a bead on a squishy spellcaster and watch them explode.

Hellbound and Eye proposed some sko… I mean, choices, but Fury was going to be amazing, especially as this was a, big surprise, 50pt tournament. I was bringing the full Deneghra 3 recursion factory.

Round 1

You know those squishy casters I was so gleefully hoping for. Well, the tournament didn’t so much as start out right. Round 1 was Borka 1. With Stumbling Drunk and a pile of charge-based and battlgroup effects (Coup de Main, Boundless Charge, Mobility), He was forcing me to put up, and keep up, hellbound all game. Which I obligingly did. Thankfully, I was able to use Fury and CMA on the Satyxis to bring down the Iron Fleshed Boomhowlers in the one zone, while using Nyss to tie up two units of champions in the other zone. Stranglehold was the star of the game, as I was able to keep both Borka and the Mauler slow and steady instead of rampaging everywhere. In the end, after a flurry of spells, Borka was still standing, and I had to Fury a few Bloodwitches and go at him. .

Round 2 

Sadly, I didn’t get a picture of the game round 2, but it would also be pretty depressing. You know whats not a squishy spellcaster looking to be blown up with spells? Butcher 3. With Roots of the Earth and Arcane Shield.

Needless to say, I was a slaughter. He ran some of the best anti spell tech around, with Orin, Harlan, and Eiryss 2 all out there making sure you were punished for playing the game. It was an extremely smart build, and I hope, if I ever play in one again, I remember it.

Butcher 3 took scenario and I was unable to make a solid dent in his army, even, killing only 20 points. you know whats really solid? IFP with Arcane shield. Really good!

Round 3 

With both of us coming off a recent loss, the next round was a complete blast. Kromac 2, who I had never (and never will, MKII) played against with a pile of Warpwolves and a few new spells. Most notably: Mutagenisis.

Which almost cost me the game.

See, in the picture below, its a little tough to make out, but right above the blood hag, under Denny 3’s wing to the left, is a Stitch thrall. That stitch thrall is within 2″, very easily, of Deneghra 3. Had Kromac stuck the boosted 7 needed to hit the Stitch, instead of rolling the 6 that he did, I do believe that the game would have gone very, very differently. Mostly, because I would have been chopped to bits. Because Strength of Granite on Kromac is a damned THING.

Instead, after a pile of spells tossed at him to try and get a crit knockdown and failing, I sent in the Bloodwitches with Fury to, again, cull the caster. Once again, I took the game. this time, thanks to a boosted 6.

Round 4

Finally, as my MKII experience crawled to an end and my brain, now a pile of caffeinated mush and terror, my last match was drawn. Cryx on Cryx, with Denny 1. I was yearning for this game for the whole damned tournament. Instead I had faced tank after tank after tank, with little to show for it. Now! Deneghra!

Who has stealth. Awesome. and a very typical Cryx army lobbing missiles and weapon masters everywhere. Great. what could possibly be worse.

Starcrossed. Denny 1 had picked up starcrossed.

Sadly, I don’t have an image for my final game either, (though I thought I did! I’m so disappointed!), but Denny, smartly, pulled up against the edge of a swamp, popped starcrossed turn after turn behind a wall of Black Ogrun, and said to me.
Get some.

Round after round I endured this misery, until I finally gave in, and rushed my arcnode into a finally cleared position in line with both a Black Ogrun and Deneghra. Venom time!

It took me every focus and soul I had, but from outside of Star Crossed, through the arc node, with Venom, I was able to take down Deneghra 1. With that, my final game of MK II, I was able to rest. 397 recorded games in the last 4 years. I just wasn’t going to get those last 3.

It was fun. It was worth it, and now, I can get ready and start building my lists for MK III and making sure I can do insane and stupid conversions and lists. Its a whole new war, and I’m ready to get busy.

See you on Thursday!