It is done!

Lock and Load 2016 has come and gone. I met up with some great people, played some awesome games, and saw people I only get to see a few times a year. True to advertisement, the 3rd edition of Warmachine has released, and with it a flurry of new activity surrounding the meta, the factions, the lists and the rules. But before I get into what happened after the release of 3e and going forward, and I want to look back on what I did while I was out there and how much fun I had.

And I came home with all this!

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Lock and Load, PP’s convention out in Seattle each year, is my chance each year to step away from running events, judging, and general overseeing in order to play the game I enjoy and get more than a few games in at a time. Last year I managed to pick off 18 Iron Arena games while also judging masters and playing in the team tournament. This year, though, I’ve managed to get into some awesome tournaments.

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