Building on the Father and firstborn son of the Fire family, This time I have the Twins, the goddesses of Violence and Honnor, Ariannas and Valeas.

Part of being a conceived god, as I mentioned with Kalboras, is divestiture: The siphoning off of a portion of a gods power when the child is created. In the case of Ariannas and Valeas, they both pulled the major portion of their existence from their father, while retaining a touch of their mother. Both children were extremely close to their father and this closeness was intensified when Kalboras betrayed them and their mother was killed.

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I’m kicking off the second round of Monday Mythologies with a deeper look the Fire gods. Particularly, I’ll be looking at the Family surrounding Takannas, the God of Fire and War, and his children: Ariannas, Valeas, and Kalboras. I will also include Telaxus, Marija and Maltera, Orphaned gods of the Fire Family. This week, we look at the Father, Takannas, and the son, Kalboras.Continue reading