I’ll be putting aside my Tour de Cryx for this week to take a look at the CID process that Privateer press unveild today in regards to the Steamroller 2017 Organized Play format. If your interested in what I have to say, my opinions, and what I like and don’t, come on in, lets take a look. 

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It is done!

Lock and Load 2016 has come and gone. I met up with some great people, played some awesome games, and saw people I only get to see a few times a year. True to advertisement, theĀ 3rd edition of Warmachine has released, and with it a flurry of new activity surrounding the meta, the factions, the lists and the rules. But before I get into what happened after the release of 3e and going forward, and I want to look back on what I did while I was out there and how much fun I had.

And I came home with all this!

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We have just over two weeks until the rules for the 3rd edition of Warmachine officially drop at Lock and Load, and I’m excited that I am going to be there to try and get some games in on Sunday with the new rules, but I am also excited to play the last few tournaments with MK II before I roll into the new game full bore.

I’ve talked a bit about what I am going to play when I get there, and I have had some significant experience playing with the casters I am going to work with, until recently when the 3rd edition announcement made me giddy to get some games in with casters I’ll never see again. Fortunately, I’ll get some serious playtime at Lock and load both with the new rules and with the old, so I don’t really worry that I’ve not used my chosen pairing recently.

What about Cryx, though, in 3rd edition?

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I’ve been excited since the announcement of 3rd edition Warmachine for over a month. Its three weeks until it launches at Lock and Load, and I have consumed a staggering amount of information on the changes that are coming, both upwards and downwards.

Its not that I’m down on third edition, though, Its that my expectations have changed a lot since the original announcement, and I really just want it to be over.

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The new edition of both Warmachine and Hordes have been announced for about a month, as of this writing, and since that time there have a been a number of changes, both large and small, that have been made to the game. These range in scope from massive to minute to everywhere in between.

We’ve been handed glimpses, via their Privateer Insider platform, of some of the changes they are making to Factions, Model types and even basic game concepts.

From these previews I feel we are starting to get a glimpse at what the game is going to evolve into as well as starting to piece together the clues behind some of the more interesting design philosophies that are being expressed.

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