After trying a number of ways to breakdown the Pantheon into families, especially given that many of the gods are spontaneous creations that aren’t tied to a given bloodline, I think that moving in that direction is an error. While I figure out how to explain how I wish to convey the elemental strength of the gods in a manner that isn’t familial, I’m going to move over to a second primal god and her direct  surviving progeny: Nera, Oranna and AmaraanContinue reading

When it comes to writing about D&D, one of the things that complicates my portion of the tale is that I am the DM. Being behind the screen and knowing that at any time one of my Players could read the article means I have to be worried about contradicting, exposing, or even creating information that is new to the world. However, I think that the effort of writing about the time behind the screen, its troubles and trials, is worth the potential risks, at least right now, and I’ve resolved to write more frequently on the adventure that I am currently running.

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D&D is one of my favorite past times, and one I have played for many years. As I’ve mentioned, however, I’ve had difficulty writing about it in a manner that I enjoy. Either I get to nitty-gritty, and it seems I loose what it is to be D&D, or I get the birds eye view, and miss some of the more fun and interesting die rolls, and I think both of them will overshadow any good sort of storytelling of he adventure that I do.

But, I’m going to try a bit anyway.

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Evalrun, God of Earth

Other Titles:  Goldhoarder, The Merchant Lord, Stern King

Alignment:  LE

Weapon: Halberd (Earthbreaker)

Major Domains: Earth, Trade, Caves, Wealth

Minor Domains:  Night, Guilds, Bribery, Poison

Totem Animal: Scorpion

Holy Symbol: A dark purple mountain with three peaks

Favored Appearances: Evalrun is the god of the earth, and favors dwarven and orcish forms. He considers both races to be his chosen, and though they often fight, he sees nothing wrong with it.  His male form is that of a robust, dark, and taciturn dwarf. Broad and flat of feature, he is unexceptional in size and stature. His hair is black as night and curled tight on his head, and his rough beard drapes down to his chest, braided and adorned with golden trinkets. His skin is dark brown,  and his eyes are black. He does not speak often, but when he does it is a low and rumbling sound from deep within his chest.

The Female form is generally an Orc, who’s prowess and strength is obvious. She is large, even for a female Orc, towering almost 7′ tall and boasting a muscular, broad physique.  Her skin, too, is brown, though of a warmer, more woody hue. Her features are round, with high cheeks, a large pair of canines, and a prominent chin. Her hair is gray, tied up in a topknot as is the custom. She talks in nearly the same rumbling base as her male form, commanding all those around to listen and hear her opinion.

Warform: The Father of Earth’s warform is that of a scorpion of onyx and basalt, hard and impossible to break. His pincers are edged with obsidian, his stinger tipped with diamond to pierce even the strongest of armors, yet dripping with a venom that can dissolve flesh and eat through steel. Between each edge and plate of stone chitin are wedged hundreds of gemstones, glittering with opulence as he moves and securing his only weakness withe the strength of the earth itself.

Personality: While Takannas, the most vocal and outwardly strong of the four original gods, is currently in charge of the war effort against the Accursed and is therefore in de-facto charge of them, Evalrun yearns for the day that he will rule the gods. He is the long game, slow and plodding, with deliberate, strong, forceful action. He seeks the complete submission of the gods to his will, but is unable to attempt a coup, for fear of loosing all he has to the accursed. Other gods are wary of his dominating, powerful personality, but none can deny his wealth and power. He holds, within his fastness in the Bloody Mountain, infinite riches, but also the greatest desire of yours that you can think of. He often uses this as a powerful bargaining chip, and when the war with the accursed comes to an end, many gods will have to make hard, difficult decisions.

Teachings: Evalrun teaches a very slow, deliberate, grinding form of living and progressing in life. Nothing comes easy, and nothing comes quickly, and instead you must work long and hard to achieve your goals. This is especially true with the accumulation of wealth, which Evalrun deems in the highest regard. He favors and blesses long schemes with little risk and commensurate, yet predictable returns. he also teaches the earths superiority over all things. without it, there would be none of the others. What would Fire burn? What would water be contained in? What would air stand above? Earth, and the earth priests, and those who worship Evalrun are the true inheritors of power and the true, rightful rulers of the earth. All others are pretenders who should be slain. After a long, destabilizing, risk-free campaign against their powers, of course

Abode: The Bloody Mountain is a vast mountain of black saphires stretching thousands of feet into the sky of the Iron Marches. Within lives Evalrun, and its halls overflow with treasure of all kinds. Here the Justice Hall of the Gods stands, Kelbrech, where each and every one can state their accusations, hear their accusers, and beg for lenience, even though none is ever given. Here is where the Paltonarchs swore their undying vengeance against the Accursed, vowing to hunt each and every one to the ends of the universe.

Clergy: The Clergy of Evalrun are often bankers and judges, doling out unfettered, maximum penalties and storing others money. They teach that wealth is the way to power, and power lets you influence and change the world. War, though undesirable and unprofitable, can lead to sudden change when needed, but the slower, more methodical ways of achieving power are almost always prefered.

Knightly Orders: The Obscurim are a circle of mages and sorcerers dedicated to the magic of earth and darkness. They worship Evalrun as the god of both, though they are less interested in wealth and slow moving plans than he is. These battlemages take to the field to destroy and crush the enemies of their patrons and their own causes. Some, and by far the less numerous, are simple mercenaries who offer their services and skills to those who can afford them and their great power. By far the largest sect, however, are those that offer their services that they see alignment with, but at a price. While their reasons for aligning with any given cause are shrouded in secrecy, they are well known, and their price, though high, almost always guarantees victory and is just as often paid.

Clerical Attire/colors:The basic clerics of the god of earth wear simple black robes trimmed in deep purple. As a cleric attains wealth and status, however, he adds to that rings, earings, brooches and other conspicuous signs of wealth to show both power and rank. The greatest priests sometimes wear enough jewelry and gems to buy small countries.

Followers: Evalrun tends to attract dwarves who admire his thrift, and orcs who admire his lust for power. Rogues and Mages are attracted to the god of night, with the power to obscure, confuse and completely hide one that is greatly desired.

Kashua, Accursed of Blood

Other Titles: Bloody One, She the All Seeing, The Final Breath

Alignment: NE

Weapon: Sickle ( Dream Sever)

Major Domains: Blood, Dying, Divination

Minor Domains:  Famine, Bad Omens, Harvest

Totem Animal: Vulture

Holy Symbol: A single, bright red blood drop, often stylized, with the drop encasing a howling skull. Sometimes this is worn on a necklace or a bracelet, but it is worn as a circlet as well, with the blood drop settling between the eyes.

Favored Appearances: Kashua is often seen walking the earth, but it is not a pleasant tiding. Her favorite form of a wizened old man or woman tend to share the same features. Long, dying gray hair with cataract covered eyes, hunching over a walking stick of some sort. Both have lost most of their teeth and seem to be at the end of their lives. They always seem to be followed by vultures as if to telegraph their imminent demise. Both speak slowly and deliberately, never lying or attempting to deceive the listener. Her appearance in an area spooks the locals, who see in her both the coming of fall and the signs of the first frost in her footsteps both portents of the hard winter to follow.

Warform: A vulture of great size, as all warforms, hers is composed of solid rock, somehow afloat on the air none the less. Its Beak and Talons are sharp and made of obsidian while her feathers are carved in intricate patterns, often with shrieking faces being visible. She tends to lead armies on recon missions and attempts to outflank and out maneuver. with her ability to divine the future, she is always a great assett.

Personality:  The Accursed of Blood is a solitary individual. She keeps to herself and makes no lasting bonds with others. She is selfish and needy, as well, requiring attention from whoever seeks her out, and desiring to keep what she has attained for herself. Those who follow her and revere her offer up to her enormous amount of blood as sacrificial offers, and she receives it all, regardless of source. She has a small conflict with Ariannas, the Paltonarch of Banditry and violence due to the amount of unconsecrated blood she spills and wastes on a daily basis. Her association with the Accursed comes from the sly words of Ferosh, who brought to her awareness her vital connection to all the creatures in the world and that without her, without her massive power, their would be no life! She took this to heart and believes that the wrongs she is suffering now are the fault of the Paltonarchs not acknowledging the primacy of the younger gods, and the fault and blame of all the decisions made since then lies squarely on the four gods of the Elements.

Teachings: Kashua’s Teachings are fairly straight forward. She is the lifeblood of all living beings. As the Goddess of both Blood and Harvest, she has the ability to kill with a single displeasure. She is also the god of dying: not death, or the afterlife, simply the act of passage between one form of existence and the other. She believes that life is a choice and that if you so desire both suicide and death in combat or some such other means is a glorious, well deserved, end. To honor the goddess of blood is with living sacrifices, swift harvest and bloody deaths. What was once a well respected and admired following have now become ostracized on the outskirts of society.

Abode: Kashua lives in the Avra Geldura,  the old tongue phrase that roughly translates the beginning of blood. A dark maroon wooden structure deep within the mercury and Lead swamps in the heart of the Iron Marches, it is from here that she makes her stories and attacks deep into the contested lands.

Cultists: Those who follow Kashua are branded as lunatics and heretics among their societies.  Believing that bleeding out their sacrificial victims and letting them expire over the longest space of time will assist in harvests and prevent Famine, they are only sought out in the very worst of times to either alleviate plague or to bring a much needed boost to an ailing crop.  with their ability to divine the cause of the problems and the best possible outcome, they can spell out the best way to appease the goddess. Often demanding the the best and largest animal with the most blood for sacrifce, and have been known to bleed out animals for hours before letting them expire. Often, these fanatics are lone hermits in the deepest parts of the woods or high in the hills simply to perform their devotions to their chosen god in peace.

Clerical Attire/colors:  The colors of the goddess of blood are lighter tans and grays, with a rope of blood red or deep maroon around the waist. Their worship and sacrificial robes are very different, with each drop of  blood bringing character to the sacrificial robes. Priests often wield no weapons and carry no arms but a single sacrificial sickle that is used to open veins and arteries.

Followers: Most of her followers are loners and hermits, with a few doctors, teachers and farmers mixed in. Warriors and assassins also often worship her, so that when the day comes, their blood may work their way into her already massive power and grant them status in the afterlives.

Few Succeed.

Over the last 18 years, I’ve DM’d nearly exclusively in a world of my own creation. It’s a fairly cold place, with short cool summers and brutal, cold winters but life has managed to grab hold, and civilization is nothing if not persistent. I’ve generally focused on the relatively medieval nation of Tyrndall and its fall from powerful nation to a despotic Tyranny, and I think it’s time for a change of pace. Tyrndall’s main rival and sufferer of equal misfortune is the late republican Roman based Killbar. Though the adventurers had heard about what had happened and even visited the land once or twice, the perils of its peoples and the darkness that has fallen on the land hasn’t really been showcased.

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