Darkest Before the Dawn

Sometimes, the hardest part of this game is hitting the reset button. Every once in a while, seeing that you have put work into making a list function, put thought and time into setting up what you think is a formidable and powerful set of synergies, and played a number of games that were, good, but not good enough, you have bow your head and admit defeat. At that point, You’ve reached the hardest part of a list. The daylight is in view. Seize it. I have recently hit that point with Deneghra 3

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  1. Exhaustion



As I left the tournament Saturday, I was a little agitated. My last game has not gone well, though I’d won, and the entire day was spent tirelessly working towards what I felt was a pedestrian¬†2-2 showing. Both victories seemed hollow, and both defeats seemed felt self-inflicted. This isn’t to say that the person who won shouldn’t have – they did, but I could defenitly see where I made it much harder on myself than I should have.¬†Above all I felt my main caster¬†throughout the tournament, Zaal 2, was working uphill. I’d spent the last two months playing him, and though it was fun, I’m tired of using a caster that feels like he has one hand tied behind his back.

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MakeadaThis past Sunday, I made it to my first Tournament with Skorne since the Gargantuans release event up at Maplewood games a few years back. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have fun, but Jesus if I have never been more exhausted after a tournament. It was hard, with a slog through 5 brutal casters and armies over 12 hours on a cold and bitter Sunday morning. Though we started with 26, only around 10 finished the tournament, leaving the shop only a short time after 11:00pm

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