Once I’d played a few games with Skarre 3, I was pretty solidly in love with both the concept and the character. She is a strong and versatile caster that runs melee the way I like to run melee. I’d not run into anything that challenged the casters durability or long game, but I was confident with her. So confident, I decided to take her to a tournament, and pair her with a list I was determined not to play unless I saw absolutely no way to win with Skarre 3. She did well, let’s see the lessons. Continue reading

She is finally on the way. Skarre 3, Admiral of the Black Fleet, has come to our pre-order doors and she is available in her carded glory to theorize and build lists on. Today, the first part of our experience with Skarre 3. There is likely to be a massive time span between today’s theory and the first two games because she’s not coming out for some time you. Welcome to Skell likely returns next week! 

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