Losing sucks.

That’s a harsh statement, but it is not without merit. I find that one of the hardest things to do is devote both time and energy to a task and then fail. I don’t mean minimal time investment, but an amount of time that you’d consider significant. What is key here is that the measure of time or energy is not absolute, but the measure of worth. What is even worse, though, is that we play games in which one person is guaranteed to come out feeling less cool than when they went in.

But there is always an upside. Losing, while it sucks, can be one of the great teachers.

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To See the Void

My trip with Mordikaar started back when he was released. His rules were sweet in metamophosis, and there was a ton of hype for him to be released. Until MK II beta was announced, from what I remember, weeks later. At that point, with an unreleased model and a spell list guaranteed to change – Manifest Void was awesome: While in Mordikaars control area, enemy warbeasts cannot be forced to use animi, and enemy caster must spend one additional focus or fury point to cast or upkeep spells. Non-Skorne models cannot gain soul tokens for models destryed while within Mordikaars control area. Manifest Void lasts one round. Cost: 2 AOE CTRL – He didn’t see much play. Then, when the field test went out, he had a few different changes, mixing up spells between Zaal and himself (did you know that he had a bad version of revive and Zaal had Hollow?) including giving him Lamentation before ultimately taking it away, which made him a little less of a draw for me.

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