Every year, with the help of a number of good friends, I run Warmachine and Hordes events for the Nova Open, a fairly large (2000+ attendee) Miniatures game convention here in Washington DC. 

This year is no different, though in years prior I’ve done a much better job at a build up. This year, its happening the same week this comes out, so the chances of me convincing one of you to come out here are a lot less. Still, next year try and make some plans to come to see me! 

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Once I’d played a few games with Skarre 3, I was pretty solidly in love with both the concept and the character. She is a strong and versatile caster that runs melee the way I like to run melee. I’d not run into anything that challenged the casters durability or long game, but I was confident with her. So confident, I decided to take her to a tournament, and pair her with a list I was determined not to play unless I saw absolutely no way to win with Skarre 3. She did well, let’s see the lessons. Continue reading