A Gathering of the Nerd news

I’ve been laser focused lately on Warmachine and hordes, and its not really left a ton of room for other projects or games. That doesn’t mean that things haven’t been moving forward other places, though, and a number are worth noting.

First, the Malifaux Avatar Beta. Today they should be releasing another version, but I have struggled to really care. It seems that Wyrd is addressing this issue as well, as they have declared just a few days ago that they are going to shut down the Avatar beta from April 25 until sometime in September. I’m pretty happy with the decision, as by then I should be mentally ready for the changes that it will bring. Perdita’s avatar is in a pretty good way now, but I look forward to seeing what comes out in the next few weeks, and what she opens with in September. It’ll also give me some time to buy, paint and assemble her for use.

Then, we’ve got the final – hopefully – notice that the production run on Relic Knights is complete, and that as of today, they will be packaged and making their way to the CMON HQ for shipping. I know that CMON and Soda Pop have conciously uncoupled, so I am not completely convinced that this will end up completely happy, but I will say that I am revving up from cautiously optimistic to moderately impatient. Its a fun system that I am looking forward to trying out more than a few times.

I’ve decided to get rid of the WWX stuff I own, except my favorite Werebear, Geronimo. I just can’t justify being part of a community I can’t keep in contact with. Maybe I’ll be able to make a buck or two with the stuff on Bartertown.

Over the last year I’ve felt increasingly sad with my Infinity Army, Haqqislam. I really like their astetic, but between the inability to get down to the local shop and play, the loss of the two main people I’d gotten into the game for/with, and the general lack of downtime to play games, I’d just begun to feel that the game had lost its luster for me. Sadly, adding into that malaise was that the army just wasn’t getting releases. Every month I’d look at infinities upcoming releases and see that there just wasn’t anything there for me. Since the Barid came out I’d seen the Dire Foes box, the repackaging into a new box of the Qapu Khalqi starter, the release of more models for the Sekban and then more recently the massive re sculpt of Tarik Mansuri. None of these really got me going: The dire foes box was really expensive for a single model, I had all the Qapu models, and the Sekban just aren’t on my radar to buy. Tarik was neat, but I very rarely played him. The other day however, they released the coolest ting for the Haqq army since Al-Djabel. New Kum resculpts. For those of you not in the know, these are the old Kum biker models.


They are wildly insane, unicycle crazies. I was not enthused. As each new bike came out, I became less and less enthused because they were all really, really damned good. There weren’t many, but they were out there and they made my bikers look silly. No more. I give you – resculpted Haqqislam bikers!

Kum-Riders-1I’m extraordinarily pleased. I’m ready to throw down some cash and pick them up.

 In video game news, Blizzard decided to eat crow and make a Diablo III that people would actually like. I’m not playing it, yet, but I have no doubt I will. It was a short, fun game with no real substance, but I’d like to get a little more money out of it. I don’t think it’ll consume a ton of time unless its a really good overall. I have heard that it is like playing a new game, though, so I will definitely give it a go. I may even buy the expansion!

And there is even more! MTG is coming out with its new set in just a few weeks, and the spoilers are floating vigorously around the internet. I am pleasantly surprised with how cool the God of Storms is, with UR being my favorite pairing. I got a game of Arkham Horror in on saturday, which we, all 7 of us, lost terribly. We forgot the gate limit for the amount of players and the Great Old One escaped. After a valiant fight we were able to half way destroy him, but he ended up dragging each of us under the earth to be devoured.

finally, there have, of course, been Warmachine goings on. Lock and Load is but a short month and a half away, and I am stoked to be going out there again. I am tossing around list ideas in my head and trying to make sure I don’t overstupid myself into a list thats just bad. To add to the temptation, I received my Kickstarter rewards, and have them built and hanging around: Aiakos, Jakes, and both versions of Dalin Sturgis. Aiakos is just begging to be included in a list or two…

Just to make things worse, one of the coolest models I’ve seen in a number of years was previewd just says ago: Dozer and Smiggs! While  I am not a troll player, I could see getting this big ol’ bastard and giving him a go. He looks amazing to paint!


I’ve also Joined twitter and started just rambling here and there. Feel free to follow @seethingginger, and I might just say something worthwhile!