Monday Mythology: Chremiss, Accursed of Rulership

Chremiss, Accursed of Rulership

Other Titles: Aloof Queen,  the Iron Crown, the One True Queen

Alignment: LN

Weapon: Warhammer (The Queller of Chaos)

Major Domains: Rulership, Rivalry

Minor Domains:  Obedience, Judges, Confidence

Totem Animal: Elk – The elk is a king of his land, confident in himself ,eager to prove his worthiness, yet obeys the natural laws when he is ruled unworthy.

Holy Symbol: A heavy iron crown with seven spikes across the front, set with a large, pale sapphire in the center.

Favored Appearances: Chremiss is extremely vain and revels in showing off beauty in every form that she takes. Both her male and female forms are almost overpoweringly sexual, and many a ruined king or presumptuous lord has come to their end due to her machinations. Her Female form is that of a striking Sylvan elf, with skin a deep auburn and blazing emerald eyes. Her long, perfectly straight and pitch black hair falls down her back. Tall for an elf, she is also well endowed, playing off it with her deep cut, form fitting dresses. She tends to frown on weaponry and armor in this form, preferring to stay dressed in regal finery.

Her male form is vastly different, but just as pleasing to the eye. Tall, with a straight back and broad shoulders, he holds himself with a regal bearing. Pale and tawny curls cover his head, and the same color holds for his beard and eyebrows, below which peer deep brown eyes that seem to understand you. He is always in peak physical condition, with well toned muscles belied by his loose fitting garments.

Warform:  Chremiss tends not to fight, but lead. However, when called upon to defend herself or battle necessitates it, she is fearless in battle as a massive elk of earth and stone, studded with gemstones. The eyes of the great beast are giant rubies, and the hooves are of pure diamond. The rack of horns upon her head is of topaz, both strong and sharp.

Personality: Chremiss is both vain and haughty, with an immense self worth and feeling of importance. What is worse is that she is often correct in her assessment of many situations and her keen intelligence and common sense has lead her to become one of the greatest battlefield commanders that that accursed have at their disposal. Though she knows she is more intelligent and understands her talents better than anyone, she is rarely one to explain herself and expects total obedience from her subjects. With the other Accursed, she is in constant political maneuverings and petty rivalries to bring her standing higher and higher. While they are currently ruled by a council, she has aspirations to be the sole ruler and monarch of the Accursed and defeat the Paltonarchs, and then the Demon Queen.

Teachings: Chremiss is the patron of both the rulers and the ruled, who appeases them both as the lawful and right way of the universe. There must be rulers, and that ruler must be a single entity, one that is able to assess the situations, make the best choices for all involved, and move forward with the proper choice, regardless of the sacrifices involved. If you are that chosen person, you must never look back in regards to those choices, be confident, and you will be obeyed. By the same token, you must remember those who have wronged or defied you, and strive at every turn to both earn their respect, or force it on them.  Finally, she teaches that in order to resolve impossible differences, there must be some sort of arbiter, and the judges are a profession that one should both revere and obey.

Abode: The Palace of Brilliant Might is one that stands at the very center of the Accursed Territory. A grand structure with hundreds of rooms for every conceivable concept, this is where the Accursed plan out their offenses and try and figure out a way to overthrow the Paltonarchs. Here, as well, is where the rules, laws and structure of the Accursed organization lies, within the halls of the One True Queens abode.

Cultists: Those who follow Chremiss are few and far between, publicly, but a number of power mad kings and princes have been known to worship her. Many countries have secret Organizations within their ruling classes that have followers and worshipers of Chremiss gather together to try and exert her brand of influence upon the country. These Cabals tend to be small, with no more than 10 or 12 members most times. They push rivalries with other nations, including warmongering if needed, absolute authority and strong, powerful governments if any can be arranged. 

Clerical Attire/colors: Chremiss’ followers wear dark blue, though the form, function and frequency is not always the same. They have a penchant for rings, often with sapphires and other brilliant blue stones, and circlets embedded with the same gems. Her followers are often high profile individuals, and they rarely wish to be known as worshiping one of the accursed, so they often disguise the colors of her worship. 

Followers: Kings, Rulers, Nobles and Generals. Sometimes Peasants who want comfort in their terrible existences, Mages, Athletes and Rogues.