Coldforged Minutiae: Dumb Things no one Cares About!

I continue my headlong rush into the second year of writing Coldforged Material, and this year I hope to cover enough topics in preparation to print as is possible. I hope we’re in the home stretch. This week we’re going to some really small details that even I don’t think matter too much, but I can’t let go of. Have you ever wondered what type of Draft Animal do the Levishans use, or what their main natural resource is? Do they use Silk or linen or wool cloth? All that and even more that no one has asked for, in this article!

While there are many, many things that are neccessary to create a world, there are plenty of fine details that, for the most part, no one asks about or needs, to be honest.

Sadly, one of my favorite parts of worldbuilding is this meaningless Minutiea. So, presented here for you are all those little details, stuffed together. Enjoy!