Guest Post: Skorne Exalted CID Week II.

Continuing the CID News Rampage, these are the Hot Takes on the let’s Get a Weird portion of the CID that PP released yesterday. I will be doing my own write up once all the rules die down and the final CID document exists. Until then, enjoy Ryan Babcock, aka the Warcock’s take on things! 

Skorne CID Week 2: Things just went from Hot and Sweaty to Spicy Weird

I am only going to go over the models that received changes in this update. Let’s get to it!

Abidan the Keeper- This model went through a bunch of changes losing most of the abilities he had previously including weaponmaster, only keeping shield guard. He gained Flank Ancestral Guardian and Immortal Companion- Which allows Ancestral Guardian models to spend a soul during the control phase to bring him back into the game within 2” of them and he can fully activate. He went from a good, albeit boring caster or important solo guarding piece to a really neat possibly infinite shield guarding missile that will likely drive opponents unable to RFP him crazy. I am super pumped to try him

Ancestral Guardians- They gained +1 pow on their Halberd putting them to base 14, it is a small change, but feels like a very good change as most players wanted their offensive abilities pushed upwards a little to manage their cost.  I think this is a great change and like most changes in week 2 I hope and expect it to stick

Aptimus Marketh- He got 2 changes he gained the Spirit Eye attack of other extoller’s and he gained the Magic Ability Harmonious Exaltation. The former was unexpected but is very nice and the ladder was one suggested by the player base and I think is a great change as it makes him valuable to ALL of our casters.  Also, this change greatly helps a few of our fury starved casters.

Aradus Sentinel- This model saw some big changes and I am interested to see what the testing brings. His gun lost scather and arcing fire and became SP10 pow 14.  Also picked up gunfighter, went to fury 3 and PC 14. These are some very aggressive changes I wouldn’t be surprised if Gunfighter goes away, but I hope it does not. I am ok with it being fury 3 especially when only 14 points, to me it will finally supplant the Ironback Spitter in my Morghoul2 DoA lists that use it. He may have some abusive interactions with Xerxis2 that I know people will be testing.

Bronzeback Titan- Now I have wanted the titan herd to come back, but for that to happen the Bronzeback needed to be better well, IMO he very much is and I am excited to give this a go. The Bronzeback gained beatback on his war gauntlets, regained his old mark2 hyper-aggressive and Puissance changed to now be Cost 1 self and gives the caster Unyielding. This is huge and makes this very aggressive piece pretty survivable in a faction that already loves hardy Survivable models. I will be interested to see what the Unyielding does for casters like Xerxis1 &2, Makeda3 and to a lesser extend Zaadesh2 and Zaal2. He may now be borderline too durable with some casters so this is something to watch closely.

Despoiler- No changes but is now part of the Exalted theme force, which is very exciting as I want the ability to take our beasts without their bonded caster.

Extoller Advocate- Grave mist changed to now give a Flat +2 def. This is a great quality of life change and no longer is part of the ability just ignored by certain models

Extoller Novitiate- He gained a second *Action Stones Wrath +2 str for FF construct model. This is a very powerful ability especially with the ability to take 3 of them in a list and many options for some significant power on models. Pow 15 base Hakaar, Pow 16 AG’s, Pow 20 with Diving inspiration Supreme Guardian. The novitiate is still very easy to kill and this does really shore up a perceived weakness in the theme of limited damage output. Feedback may be intense on this change.

Immortal Vessel- Basically he went back to the LNL spoiled version. No longer collects souls now PC 3 and has telemetry built in. A great change, I still love this model, and I didn’t feel he needed souls it was just another mouth to feed in already a very soul hungry force

Immortals- They got the change I wanted, with all this support needed to make the 1 unit available in this theme really sing they went down to PC 8/14 which alone finally enables me to put a Novitiate in a list without feeling I am losing out on something.

Makeda and the Exalted Court- No changes but the changes to Marketh I think really open her up and pull her from IWH caster into MOW and Exalted pretty significantly. Also, Despoiler will get along quite well with her in exalted. Being able to cast incite for 3 and upkeep both spells for free so possibly camp 3 outside of feat turn is a big deal. I expect like week 1 many people will test her frequently.

Mammoth- Another model with very aggressive changes. He lost assault and +2 rat within 5” ability. In return gained Pain Maddened which gives him +2 spd for one round when damaged by an enemy attack. 3” melee on his tusks (great with counterblast), Went to Rat 5, his Gun is now Range 14 and gained  *Attack Full Battery fire making it a pow 20 AOE 3 with Devastation tossing models hit d6 inches away. This is pretty awesome and is something that will clearly be tested and closely monitored.

Titan Cannoneer- Got bumped to fury 4 solidifying it in its hybrid roll vs the Aradus Sentinel. I am eager to test this change.


That’s it, some pretty significant changes I wouldn’t be shocked if we see some toning back on some of these, maybe not. I am excited to get some tests this weekend.


~The Warcock