Guest Post, the Continual Trials of CID



After a bit of thought on the CID models and having almost no time to ruminate over them, these are the Quick and Dirty thoughts of the same Skorne Player from the CID hopes and dreams article! Enjoy! 


Skorne CID Week 1 Hot and Sweaty initial thoughts

Well, the CID as begun a few shocks here and there but I don’t think anything too wild and crazy.  These thoughts are quick and dirty so let’s get right into it.

Exalted Theme: The change to the 3rd benefit of the theme death rage is gone, replaced by Exalted models gain immovable object. This is absolutely huge and a big denial for your opponents.  It does stop the mirage interaction but more than worth it. I am not 100% sure this will stay unchanged there seems to be a fairly strong push against this ability as it eliminates opponents counter-play beyond just directly killing your models.

Abidan the Keeper: This model is not at all what I expected, he is small based immortal (can benefit from resonance) He is spd 5, weaponmaster, mat 7 with bodyguard, Righteous Vengeance, Shield Guard, Imperishable Conviction and does not collect souls.  This is a model I am excited to test, he is a powerful solo in his own right and some casters (morghoul3, Xerxis1, Zaadesh2) will love the Bodyguard ability. The drawback is this theme is already very full of solo options and limited space on what you want, and often he is competing with an Ancestral Guardian for a slot.

Ancestral Guardian: Only change was cleaning up the language on Resonance.  I understand the need for this model, but this theme relies on resonance very heavily, so I’d like to either see the AG’s combat effectiveness increase OR maybe come down to 4 points.

Aptimus Marketh: No changes but up for discussion. I have nothing to add for him I like him with some casters and he is useless with others.

Aradus Sentinel: The Aradus chassis got a small change that I think is both very thematic and very strong. Sturdy is a great ability.  I still feel the Sentinel is lacking especially with the PC change to our other Ranged heavy. I would like to see either the AoE go to 4” or maybe reload. Also, a PC to 15 would be appreciated

Aradus Soldier: Gained sturdy like the Sentinel. I loved the beast before and this is only an improvement. I am curious to see what others say about the Soldier with battle reports

Bronzeback Titan: Gained 1 Box, and -1 PC cost. Both solid changes, I will certainly test this out, currently thought I would likely just take the Aradus Soldier anywhere I would take the Bronzeback but testing is for a reason! I am hoping for him to gain Beat Back built in and a new animus maybe something that gives him a +2 movement on charging large/huge based models and charge them for free?

Cyclops Brute: Mat 6, should always have been Mat 6 this guy is awesome.

Desert Hydra: Well I certainly expected this model to go down in cost, but I did not expect it to also go to spray 8 and POW 14 for 35 points.  He will need testing to confirm but this seems really nice, I would still love it to have rapid healing (even if it has to lose 4 boxes to gain that)

Despoiler: Is a great character heavy, and going down to 17 points is awesome. His weakness is he is not in any theme. If he was in a theme he would be played very often even with his poor defensive stats 11/18 with 28 boxes is super squish for Skorne

Extoller Advocate: Went to 3 points, I think this model is a very good model and the point cost feels right, as he is the only attachment for the only unit in this theme that is very tight on points it was a welcome change.

Extoller Novitiate: The new model we knew nothing about, PC 2, CMD 6 Def 13 Arm 12 5 boxes leadership exalted they gain tough within his command and he can repair constructs. This model is super easy to remove from the board. I honestly have a really hard time fitting him in to list, because often I have 7 or fewer points to spend outside of BG if I choose to run 3 units and A Supreme Guardian. So it does not often make the cut, command 6 is a really small bubble for its main ability. I honestly would rather see it come down to 1 pc and be a weapon attachment for immortals and change Leadership exalted to Granted: Tough

Extoller Soulward: No changes, none expected

Hakaar: No changes none expected

Immortal Vessel: This guy was mostly spoiled last week. He is an extoller and immortal so he benefits from both of those tags, which allows him into other themes specifically looking at Winds and MoW.  I think this guy does a lot and will be clutch for some casters between shadow magic and Channeler. YOU have to keep him safe, but that’s on the player. I can’t wait to test him to see if he is worth the 4 points.

Immortal Unit: No change, but clearly will be in most battle reports so may see some changes

Kovaas: in CID because Zaal1 is in CID

Makeda & the Exalted Court: Her feat changed and all her spells but 1 changed. She now has an offensive spray, Bulwark, and Incite. Her new feat allows her to cast incite for free but otherwise is the same.  These changes at first are kind of meh, but the more I think on it the more I really want to try her. Incite with Command 10 is solid especially with her feat. Bulwark allows her to stack to some crazy high defensive stats.  It is also a very good spell for her BG, Karn can sit at def 15 before any other modifiers on the approach, Brutes can buddy up to also be def 15/def17 on the charge and incite makes them a nice mat 8 pow 14 (16 with enrage). I want to test her and I am really excited to read other battle reports on her. My worry with her is incite is fury 4 and she has 2 upkeeps that she nearly always wants out, so it’s very risky for her to use incite outside of feat

Mammoth: Came down to 35 points and gained shooting gallery, I think this is a cautious change and I would not be surprised to see more changed for it before all is said and done.

Razor Worm: Went to 1” melee not a big change but I already loved this little guy so hey any buff is great. I don’t expect this all of a sudden gets them spammed but it certainly helps.

Supreme Aptimus Zaal: So his only change is the one that happened during the Supreme Guardian change, but he is up to be looked at fully in this CID.  BUT during the opening day chats dropped this little ditty and if this holds true for both Zaal1 and Mordikaar it is HUGE and will help them both immensely.

We are considering adding rules to the Zaals that will allow them to take Ancestral Guardians in any army. Ditto Mordikaar and his Void Spirits. That said it is very unlikely these changes will be part of this CID because we do not want to change the focus off The Exalted theme force. If we made this change (and I think it is likely), it will be added to the CID errata when it goes live in coming weeks” PPS Soles

Man, I really hope that goes through as it is something I have wanted from the beginning of MK3 post themes. Letting these casters use their full card in every theme they play in is a big deal.

Supreme Guardian: He is BACK in CID so he can be looked at with the entire theme. He also gained the Direct Spirits ability which is really awesome as it helps the biggest issue this theme has, and that is soul distribution. Now while within his command you can choose where the souls go. This also allows Mordikaar to gain souls from models that do not have Hollow cast on them.

Tiberion: Cost 20 from cost 22. I think this is great, but I think it puts a spotlight on the shortcomings of the Sentry, but the Sentry is not in the CID so feedback on that model is not currently allowed.

Titan Cannoneer: gained 1 box and -1 pc. Great changes, but honestly I do not think it is enough for me to not just take a Siege Animantarax. Having it be the same PC as the Sentinel I would take the cannoneer over the sentinel, but in most cases, I wouldn’t take either. In DoA I would still take the Ironback Spitter before I would take either one.


~The Warcock