Monday Mythology: Fire!

I’m kicking off the second round of Monday Mythologies with a deeper look the Fire gods. Particularly, I’ll be looking at the Family surrounding Takannas, the God of Fire and War, and his children: Ariannas, Valeas, and Kalboras. I will also include Telaxus, Marija and Maltera, Orphaned gods of the Fire Family. This week, we look at the Father, Takannas, and the son, Kalboras.


Takannas, God of Fire, is a strong, bold, powerful, and brash character. Prone to violent outburts and fits of rage, his mercurial temperament  leaves many who interact with him wondering about his mental stability. Though violent, he is always contrite and apologetic to those who his temper inadvertently harms. His tendancy for violent outbursts also encompass emotions beyond rage and anger, and he is quick to lust, jealousy, and every other form of exuberance; an inferno of untamed and unrestrained emotion.

Takannas, by virtue of being one of the Primal Gods and among the first four, holds a high place among the paltonarchs. He has grown with the world and seen it blossom and wither in equal measure. He had known love and loss, and has great pride in all of his children, of the son that betrayed him. As the head and patron of the Fire Gods, he holds the loyalty of all those with that elemental bloodline, including those not of his own fostering.

Prior to the Godswar, He fell deeply in love with Miani, goddess of Passion, and she with him. Together they shared the Palace of Fire and Ash, filled with roaring feasts, games of physical prowess, and unending raucous laughter. Together they had three Children: Kalboras, Ariannas, and Valeas. Kalboras was the first and eldest son, the god of Glory and Arrogance. Twin Daughters, Ariannas and Valeas were polar reflections of each other, the goddesses of Violence and Honor. For ages they stood together and fought against the Demon Queen side by side: War, Glory, Honor and Violence. Though they did not always see eye to eye, there was no doubt that they were born to combat.

It was not to last, however. Once Ferosh started his rebellion, Kalboras was quickly swept up, seeing vast glory for himself if he defeated his elders, with his vast arrogance setting up blinders to the foulness ahead. Early on in the War, Kalboras lead an assault on his parents home. Takannas’ rage at such an act of trechery, drove him battle-blind, and though he personally forced Kalboras to withdraw, the rest of the Palace was overrun. Ariannas and Valeas made a fighting retreat out of the fortress, but Miani wasn’t so lucky. Takannas’ only love and partner was slain, and he has never forgiven himself.

Now, he leads the war against the accursed with fervor and strength. When Fire is in ascension, he is the greatest power on the Iron Marches, and has leveled strongholds and made great gains over the years, only to lose them to his own shortsightedness and sometimes foolhardy boldness. Where he treads, war follows.

Though he is the leader of the War effort against the Accursed, his temperament from time immemorial has not made him many friends among the Paltonarchs. Nera is always stressing that he should be calmer and more methodical, while Taralin councils restraint. Oranna is quick to point out when he breaches the Cannon Prime. Gestril, however, is one of his few friends, as the God of Storms is as capricious, destructive, and powerful Takannas, and his two remaining children are ever loyal, wading into battle both with, and directed by, their father. Though they are antagonistic towards each other, when they are fighting alongside their father all differences are abandoned and they focus on the task at hand.


Kalboras, eldest son of the God of Fire, Takannas, is a brash and abrasive man. Though he fights with conviction and complete devotion to the cause of the Accursed, he has earned no friends among their ranks. This suits him fine. Kalboras, according to himself, is the greatest fighter among their ranks, and believes that he will singlehandedly turn the tide of the war against the enemy, if given proper resources and command. In his downtime, when Fire has descended, he spends much of his time perfecting the art of war, both physically and Mentally.

Born of the Union of the Fire god and the goddess of Passion, they each divested a portion of their portfolio onto their godling at his birth. From Takannas, he inherited Glory, from Miani he took Arrogance; The god that was birthed was one of great ideals, and completely convinced that he could attain those ideals if only he tried hard enough.

Throughout his short childhood, he constantly competed against the established Gods, chiefly Taralin and Gestril, the two he saw as his physical equals, as well as his father. From them he gained his skills in personal combat, forging his own warhammer with the help of the Goddess of the Forge, Adiallas. When his sisters were born, he felt both immediate kinship and strong rivalry. From the moment they were able to wield a weapon, he was at their side, training them in the ways of war, but all the while making sure they knew that they were less than he was – younger, less skilled, and with a weaker bloodline. Valeas would take none of it, and fought against his teachings, while Ariannas grasped them heartily, pushing them to their farthest conclusions.

Approached by Ferosh prior to the onset of the godswar, Kalboras was immediately taken in by the gods rhetoric and personal charisma. The chance to become the leader of all the gods, the patron of war and the greatest warrior in the cosmos, was to great to let pass. He eagerly signed on. Early on in the war, Kalboras’ Resolve was tested as he lead the assault on the Palace of Fire and Ash. Though it lead to the death of Miani, and he mourns for his mother to this day, he knows this is the cost of war he must bear.

As the war progressed, he felt the elation that came with inevitable victory. He was confident that if given time and bodies, the siege of Mt. Medrakis would be successful, he only had to wait out the Paltonarchs. Ferosh had other plans, and approached the inner circle of the rebels with the details of the Black Pact, and the price the Demon Queen required. Kalboras, though originally hesitantant, soon gave himself completely over to the idea, and was one of the first to submit himself to the rigors and trials of the pact. Returning from the ordeal with greater power and strength than before, his experience compelled others to commit. In his moment of glory, he was unable to see the treachery underfoot and the consequences of their actions.

The Defeat at the Fortress of Dawn and the breaking of the siege of Mt. Medrakis are one of the greatest stains on the glory and legacy of Kalboras, and he has sworn vengeance on the parties that wronged him. One by one he has vowed, they will each fall under his great hammer. Until then, he  will abide, trapped, in the Iron Marches, cursing the Paltonarchs and the traitors to his cause alike for his situation.

Among the Accursed, Kalboras is well respected as both a warrior and a general, though he refuses to acknowledge the supremacy of Adremach in the machinations of War and of Chremiss in the application of strategy. He has found a common soul in Xe, who can also be uncontrollable. He does, however, clash with Kashua, who’s desire and respect for the very foundation of life leaves him with a sour taste in his mouth. Blood is no more sacred than water or breath. More than anyone else, however, He clashes with his blood relatives, who he will often seek out in combat when Fire is Ascending. Through the Black Pact, he knows that he is greater than any single family member and should be able to defeat them though he has been unable to single one out to this very day. Valeas, and even his father he will feel no remorse for slaying, but Ariannas he feels a certain kinship too, though it is not reciprocated, and when he finally extinguishes her life, he knows he will shed a tear for a sister lost.