Monday Mythology: Gestril, God of Storms

Gestril, God of Storms

Other Titles: The Shattered one, King of Clouds, The Champion, Bringer of Doom

Alignment: CG

Weapon: Spear (Tempests Cry)

Major Domains: Lightning, Storms, Thunder, Tranquility

Minor Domains:  Rain, Wind, Aggression, Primal Fury

Totem Animal: Rhino: The Rhino symbolizes the violent nature of nature, everything that Gestril espouses and embodies

Holy Symbol: A single, open eye with a lightning bolt bisecting it

Favored Appearances: Gestril favors neither sex nor race when appearing on the prime, and has come to the aid of many. Oftentimes, he appears as a member of the race of those he has come to assist, and of the opposite sex, though he looks almost the same except for the small details of his race.

In male form his is large, broad shouldered and wide of girth, though not fat. He has a sharp, angular face, with wild, jet black hair. He has lost an eye, or effects as much, and wears an eye patch over it, sewn with rubies to give the impression of an eye even on his patch. The remaining eye is wild and bright blue, betraying his inner storm.  His arms and legs are toned and scarred from constant combat, and its visible that he is competent with a weapon.

His female form is similar, though less stout and more fit, as if she’s trained her entire life. her hair is long, wild and black as well, though unlike his, is not bound in a ponytail, but a leather diadem set with ice blue sapphires. Her features are broad, and wide, while his are tight and angular, though they both have only a single eye and scars to show both their temperament and their experience.

Warform: The Subtlety and power of a storm is embodied in the warform of Gestril, that of a rhinoceros. Strong, Powerful and leading the charge, this beast is composed of storm clouds and lightning bolts. Gestril may be the most powerful warrior in the Pantheon, and all who oppose him know it. His form underscores that, a horn of solid and complete Ice, and eyes of churning rage. Even though almost all of the gods and accursed take enormous forms for their warforms, Gestril is an exception even to them, towering over many of the warforms of others and powerful enough to never be attacked head on.

Personality: Gestril represents the best and worst in nature all at once. He is unforgiving and capricious as a summer storm, but he also does what is in the best interest of all, even though it may be terrifying and dangerous. Gestril is also the most brazen fighter of all the pantheon, having fought numerous duels with the Gods of War, having come out on top each time. He attributes this to the primal fury and natural skill in his person, citing that no training in the world can overcome the power of natural abilities. He is wild, strong and bombastic, and extremely opinionated. To contrast, however, he also is peaceful when unprovoked, content to wait out life and combat in idle time contemplating and listening. Once aroused to combat, he is implacable, but leave him alone and he is as dangerous as a child.

Teachings: The teachings of the Storm Lord center on a single theme: respect. Though we may not all share the same beliefs and goals, a lot can be said about simply respecting the people in the rest of the world. However, in extreme contrast, they also teach very little forgiveness: Those who break the respect granted to them are forever remembered as betrayers and the lost.  There is little room in the heart for those who have proven themselves unworthy. As a Nature Aspect, he also teaches reverence and respect of nature, though in his case it is almost universally the weather. Storms, both of violent lightning and strong rain, show the Storm Gods displeasure and his wrath. What little there is to be done other than hunker down and prove your strength against the might and rage of the storms.

Abode: Gestril lives in the Tower of Reverberations, a massive tower in the center of the Marches that stretches into the sky and touches the clouds above, Though he does not train an army, per se, his followers live and reside in at the foot of the tower, constantly in the eye of an enormous storm.

Clergy: The Followers of the storm are strong, self-willed people who lead the societies they are in through deeds and words both. They strive to set an example to all the people who encounter them as unforgiving of treachery and lenient to the natural forces of man. While weakness is to be expected, complete submission to it is not. Self Reliance, strength in the face of adversity and the willingness to admit that not everything is within your power are the basic tenants of the church of Gestril. The natural way of things is unpredictable and terrifying. One can only stand against that nature for so long before they become either weak, insane. There is a path between being overrun, and losing it completely, and the Stormlords of Gestril are here to guide.

Knightly Orders: The Scions of Thunder are a small, loosely organized group of dedicated servants of Gestril, Lightning Mages who seek a greater oneness with the sound and energy of the storm. Deemed insane by many more logical people, the Scions seek out the roughest and most powerful storms to bask in the revelations they bring. Dedicated to seeking the knowledge of the universe within the dark hearts and calm eyes of the storm, they are gaining every stronger and more powerful understanding of the natural weapons of lightning and thunder, harnessing them for their own strength and power.

Clerical Attire/colors: Gestrils priests wear dark gray and ice blue when they are not in combat, wielding the spear and shield of their patron. Almost all of their robes and clothes alike are the same storm-gray with a hem and trim of the cold, clear blue. Emblazoned on their back is the eye of Gestril, the sigil of their lord and the master of storms.  

Followers: Rogues, Warriors and wizards all follow the Path of storms, with some local druids and priests following the Lord of Lightning as well.