Monday Mythology: Hisea, Goddess of Royalty

Hisea, Goddess of Royalty

Other Titles: The Noble, Stern Princess, Blessed Daughter

Alignment: LN

Weapon: Longsword (Authority)

Major Domains: Royalty, Authority, Political Power

Minor Domains:  Negotiation,  Swordplay, Conspiracies

Totem Animal/Warform: Caribu (Her Warform is composed of Lightning, Ice, Crashing Waves and Swirling mist)

Holy Symbol: Four Stars in a diamond, one red, one white, one gold and one silver

Favored Appearances: Hisea is a being of splendor and awe, a noble even among the noble gods themselves. When she walks the lands of Kasan, she is the center of attention, followed by throngs and waited on by servants. Though she is conspicuous, she is not obviously herself.

Her Favorite form is female, that of a glorious and beautiful elf, with long, chocolate colored hair and pale, almost alabaster skin. She has the typical sharp and high angled features of a elf,  though her eyes are an uncharacteristically black color. She wears regal clothing of woven gold and silver, decorated with thousands of tiny gems of every color imaginable. These gems are sewn into the dress specifically to evoke d different colors from every angle.

Her male form is cloaked in gold, silver and gems as well, with a curly crown of bright red hair. His manicured and flawless beard is both curly and red as well, with green eyes that pierce straight to men’s souls. He is strong and well built, but conceals it beneath his finery.

Both forms carry her sword Authority with them at all times, and both are masters in its use.

Personality: Hisea is aloof and cold, distanced from her fellow Paltonarchs almost all of the time. She believes firmly in the rights of the Paltonarchs to rule as they must and feels complete disdain for the accursed. She dreads the day that she will be called upon to negotiate with the cursed beings, and does not truly know how she will be able to complete the task. To that end, she has set into motion a great and widespread plot to, at the very last moment, if all goes wrong and she is forced to negotiate, slay the Accursed that come. She understands and respects the many levels of power and manipulation that is required on the prime plane, as well, where she takes and active interest in the affairs of nobility. When Kings and Nobles speak of their divine right to rule, it is to her they are beseeching.

Teachings: Hisea is a very cold and powerful goddess, and her teachings represent that. She teaches that those in power are in power with her consent, and those that seek to change the established venues of power directly defy her. However, once those people are in power, she once again gives her blessing to them, begrudginly. Their power, while earned in a terrible way, is still legitimate. Do not be heartless, however, and negotiate in good faith. When the uprisings are crushed and the people see their place in life, it is a faithful execution of the agreed upon terms that will bring the land to stability, where your authority can rightfully reign supreme.

Abode: Hisea lives in the Court of Brilliance, a grand and magnificent court in both senses, surrounded by trees with glorious silver leaves and spectacular bark of gold.  It is here that many of the gods will gather in their spare time, but it also here that they come to have their grievances heard. Here, Oranna and Hisea both pass their judgement on the doings of the Paltonarchs.  It is here that the Oath of Vengeance was spoken.

Clergy:  On Kasan, the Clerics of Hisea are advisors and seers for the great nobility of the world. They speak with the voice of their Goddess, and woe be to those who do not heed her word. The clerics have little to do with any of the common folk, and rarely step foot ouside of their circles of power, where they can command influence and arrange for events to happen as they ought.

Knightly Orders: Hisea has an order of Knights pledged to her service that are deicated to the execution of the needs of the royalty of the lands they exist in. These Praetorians Swear their allegiance to the King of Queen of the land, and serve them unquestioningly, even to the death. In lands with just and benificient rulers, the Praetorians are turned to for assistance and succor. In lands with vile dictators and terrible overlords, the Praetorians are the stoic and unfeeling fist of the rulers.

Clerical Attire/colors: The Attire of the Clergy is simple, though expensive. They cover themselves in pale blue or white robes, and accent it with solid gold studs along the sleves and down the sides. Those with even more wealth to flaunt embroider gemstones in their holy symbol on the back, front and hood of their orante robes.

Followers:  Many of Hiseas followers are Nobles, Kings and Beurocrats, though there are a few warriors who are dedicated completely to the cause of swordplay above all else.