Monday Mythology: Oranna, Goddess of Laws

Oranna, Goddess of Laws

Other Titles: The Iron Mistress,  The Dread Tactician, Lady Law, The Enforcer

Alignment:  LN

Weapon: Ironbound Staff (Redactor)

Major Domains: Laws, Plans, Order

Minor Domains:  Preperation, Tactics, Logistics

Totem Animal: Ant

Holy Symbol: A simple black and red quill, trailing a blue line in more exotic versions

Favored Appearances: Oranna is a strict and unforgiving being, and her chosen forms represent exactly that. While she prefers her female form slightly, she takes whichever form is most utilitarian for the event.

He Female form is both beautiful and rigid, unapproachable in almost every fashion, she knows each and every formality and nuance to the society she is in and will brook no deviation from it. Her hair is black, tinged with plenty of dark, dark blue, and it is formed completely in conformity with the current fashions and trends. She it tall, generally speaking, with cold blue eyes and angular features.

Her male form is similarly strict, with very similar features, including hair, eyes and height. His demeanor is pragmatic and standoffish, while hers is more factual and leading. His features, where hers a sharp, tend to be broad and flat, unassuming in the least.

Warform: The Warform of the Goddess of Laws is that of a Queen Ant, towering over her armies marching in perfect unison and fighting with precision and form. Composed of frothing waves that somehow manage to keep their form, with pincers and wings made of razor sharp ice. She can spit a blast of icy water that is so cold it manages to freeze everything it touches in place where it contacts them. Her form is so cold that where she treads, pools of frigid water gather and harden as the land freezes solid.

Personality: There is little of forgiveness or mercy in the being or Oranna, and ignorance is no excuse for not following the rules of the land. She stoutly opposes chaos in all its forms, and seeks to organize, lead and police everyone she can. Though she follows the laws to the letter and form, she grants mercy where there is leniency in the law for it. she sees no reason to punish simply for punishments sake; she is no tyrant. There are limits, however, to what little tolerance she has, and even a second offense brooks the most severe and devastating of consequences. Unwillingly breaking the law must be punished, but willing defiance is intolerable.  She also takes great care in planning and executing any form of project, from the smallest of barn raising to the greatest of all invasions.  While she objects to revolt and revolution, as one should work within the system if there is to be change, she finds no problem with invasion. It is a lawful and strict capacity of any nation to invade and conquer another, provided it has not pledged that it will not. The Laws tell you what you may not do, and anything outside of that is by its very definition, outside the law and legal.

Teachings: The Church of Oranna teaches the strongest and most obedient of subjugation to the laws of the land.  It also teaches that within those laws are the way to happiness and strength. However, one must not only live by the laws, but they must be an ordered and thoughtful person. They must strive to make the best decision, given the circumstances, and little should be left to chance. Chance and Luck lead to chaos and the unpredictable, and that is anathema  to Lady Orannas being. Plan out each day, follow the plan, make your life a bastion of order and symbol for others to follow. Live within the law at all times, and become a leader in your community and your family. Lead, when necessary, but follow when commanded.

Abode: Oranna lives in the Basilica of Edicts, an enormous building on a cliff overlooking an ocean of mercury on the western flank of the Paltonarchs territory in the Iron Marches. It is here that she leads her armies against the invading forces of the accursed and where her endless army trains and drills

Clergy: The church of Orannas priests are highly educated and sought after judges and barristers. They know the laws of their land, and sometimes others, in extreme depth, and have pledged to complete impartiality when dealing with the law. Additionally, they can be sought out for assistance when it comes to traversing legal matters, including laying claim to land, writing up a will, and bringing justice to lawbreakers. Sometimes, however, Nobles and aristocracy who believe themselves to be above the law find them to be a tedious and tiresome bunch, always telling them what they can and cannot do. Many households have a priest of Oranna as an adviser but not all of them listen.

Knightly Orders: Laws exist for people to follow, and order is best maintained by those who follow the laws. However, not everyone understands this concept.  The Lexions, Orannas tactical and military arm, are the enforcers of this concept. This Order has two branches, the Arbiters and the Mitigators. The Arbiters are called upon to lead a confrontation with groups of unruly or rebellious peoples, and will teach the forces of those lawfully in charge how to fight against and defeat a rebellious mass. The Mitigators simply do the work themselves. They will not rush into battle, but they will simply hunt down the lawbreakers to the end of the world.  There is no place that they can hide, and no amount of time that can pass before justice is met Once the contract has been signed, there is no escaping their proscribed punishment.

Clerical Attire/colors: Oranna’s colors are deep blue-grays and vivid whites, able to stand in contrast to one another. The robes of her followers are adorned on the left side of their chest, slightly higher than center, with her holy symbol. All of her priests, called Adjudicators, have pages and pages dedicated to the prescribed clothes that a priest must wear, how and when they wear them, and how to cut and take care of them. Resultingly, they present a uniform front to the world in their long robes, deep sleeves and great hoods.

Followers: Most followers of Oranna are planners and judges, with many great tacticians pledging that they owe all of their capacity to their fealty to Oranna. Generals, however, are more apt to be a follower of a war god. Some mages, and the rare warrior will dedicate themselves to the Iron Mistress, but most prefer a more lenient master.