Monday Mythology: Ostelaan, Accursed of Feasts

Ostelaan, Accursed of Feasts

Other Titles: The Gluttonous One, the Sumptuous  King, Lord of Lust, The Celebrator

Alignment: CN

Weapon: Baton (Merrymaker)

Major Domains: Feasting, Lust, Gluttony

Minor Domains:  Beer, Hospitality, Entertainment, Cooking

Totem Animal: Hog

Holy Symbol: A Mead Cup, overflowing

Favored Appearances: Ostelaan is an extremely flexible being, preferring no given form over any other. He simply exists in whatever form pleases him most at the time. Currently, he has been seen parading as an exotic elf, with skin glistening and dark, pitch black eyes and even darker hair. He is well muscled, with strong lines and close cut hair. He currently favors men as his go-to partner, but will settle for women, if he’s bored.

He was adventuresome with his last favored female form, a voluptuous and powerful orc with deep green skin and prominent forehead and tusks. She sought no partners, but instead took any and all who came to her. Her feasts were lavish and grand while she lived among the orcs of the wildlands. She never took specific place as her home, and instead traveled the lands, throwing feasts with those beasts caught by her great hunting prowess and cooked by her own hands.

Warform: The Warform of the Accursed of Feasting is a hog, his body composed of crashing waves and roiling currents. His slavering maw if filled with huge, razor sharp teeth of ice, with a snout and hooves of solidified salt. Though rare on the battlefield, Ostelaan consumes everything in front of him when roused to combat, savoring the taste of the souls and essence of those opposed to them as they are dissolved in his endless stomach. see – Totem Animal)

Personality: Ostelaan is both  lead by his need to consume. He does not just devour food though,  but fills his days with lustful activities, beautiful dances are singer, and copious amounts of alcohol, though he never seems to become drunk. In his private hours he lives well, but his lavish feasts are events to be remembered for years. exotic and beautiful dancers entrance, bards and poets of ages past enthrall, meals prepared by chefs of impeccable skill and magnitude and as many forms of beer as he can get a hold of. He consumes everything possible in the highest quantities possible and lives for little more, and while under his roof, he will brook no hostility from his guests and ensures through violence if necessary that all his guests are treated equitably and with grace. Though he is also the Accursed of lust, it is not a violent, forceful lust, but the lust driven of visual desire and shared attraction. It is not, however, love, and he finds on ability to connect with the lovers he takes.

Teachings: Ostelaan teaches that life is best lived to its fullest, and that means taking in all the joys in life: food, sex, drink, and entertainment. He is the Accursed that cares least for the war, having little invested in it other than his love or Ferosh, the late Accursed of Ambition. Instead, hospitality and entertainment are to be both savored and sought at prodigious rates, leading to a wandering life looking for new and powerful experiences. Though he teaches that gluttony and lust are acceptable, he also stresses that one should be in shape to enjoy those activities, and actively encourages purging after consumption and abandoning ones partners. Shackles, whether emotional or physical, prevent one from ever experiencing everything that life can provide

Abode: The Great Hall of Banquets is located the the rear of the Iron Marches, and sits in the groves of leaden trees and rusty grass, but within its halls a thousand feasts take place each day, each one greater than the last. It is here that the Accursed gather between battles and conflicts, each one inviting their immortal followers and their demon servants.

Cultists:  As a cult, the followers of Ostelaan are hard to root out. Many could be just gluttonus and lustfull sons and daughters of nobles and rich merchants, but a few are truly dedicated to the Accursed of Feasts. Their parties are lavish, their feasts are impeccable, and their entertainment is sublime. Keeping their heads low isn’t really a possibility with the lifestyle they have chosen, but they hide in plain sight, encouraging their fellows to throw ever and ever more insane feasts, Hiring entertainers from far away lands, staging readings and plays from ages long ago, and even hiring writers to create new plays and poems for their own aggrandizement. Simply by exposing others to the lavish and sumptuous lifestyle, they are spreading the power and influence of their chosen mentor.

Attire/colors: Bold reds and vibrant blues are the colors of Ostelaan, though he has no specific uniform for them. The colors are simply pleasing to him, both in their contrast and their complement. Both him and his clerics prefer loose fitting, easy to remove clothing for multiple reasons, and have been known to even dine in the nude, when it fits them.

Followers: Those who follow Ostelaan tend to be wealthy, as it takes considerable finances to be able to pull off the style and grandeur that Ostelaan demands. Other than being wealthy, his followers come from all walks of life, from warriors to poets to scholars.