NOVA time


It is, finally, that time of the year.

Four years ago I joined the Privateer Press Gang, and the first day of work as a PG was at the NOVA open. Each year it marks both the end of my convention season and my anniversary as a PG. This year, and many others, will also mark the anniversary of my first Convention as an official PP Judge. As you can see, NOVA means a lot to me, and I love watching the Warmachine and Hordes population there explode, as well as the population of the convention as a whole.

This year, for the first time, the Convention is set to sell over 1000 tickets, and Warmachine and Hordes are extremely likely to sell over 100 individual tickets. While some places see this as a slow year, I’m extremely excited. each year has nearly doubled its attendance, and this year, while a stretch, could do the same. It blows my mind to see the players from the Norther Virginia, Baltimore, Philly, NYC, New Jersey metas and even beyond make the trip to DC to throw down.

I know its going to seem like a shameless plug, but I am excited for each event and for every player that shows up. we’ve got nearly 90 players registered for the Team Touranment Friday morning, the largest Team Tournament I’ve heard of in the US (please, correct me if I’m wrong: Give me a goal to hit next year), and almost every event is near capacity. We have Who’s the Boss, Hardcore, a Tier tournament, Stand Issue Steam Roller, Scrambles, and an Official Iron Gauntlet. Honestly, the plate this year is massive, but we are already looking for improvements we can make for next year, including better timing structure of events, better and simpler registration process, and an even bigger and more massive prize pool. But even with all that, we are always going to be open to suggestions and improvements, so if you have anything, tell me in the comments, and we can discuss it.

The Continued Adventures of Zaal 2

While your at the convention, be sure to track me down and get a game in. While I’ll be judging plenty of events, I’ve set aside some time to get games in with the newest of the Skorne Casters. I’ve been batting around lists, as you know. In many of those games I felt that I was on the back foot on the turn of the win, and that if I didn’t take control and beat the opponent right then, I’d loose the game. To that end, I would stick my neck out much further, and go even more “all in” than I generally like to do. And I am comfortable at about 60%.

So, I’ve been batting around a few other ideas to try and get a little more oomph out of the list, and I think I just might have it.

Zaal, Ancestral Advocate
-Cyclops Shaman
-Cyclops Raider
Paingiver Beast Handlers (6)
Nihlators (10)
Praetorian Keltari (or Swordsmen + UA) (10)
Venetor Slingers (10)
Cataphract Cetratii (4)
Tyrant Commander and Standard Bearer
Ancestral Guardian (2)

This list, I feel, gives the the oomph I need and the beef to be able to carve through tough opposition. Slingers are 10 souls for 6 points, and if they kill even a single model, I’ll be proud of the whole unit. Nihilators and Keltarii are there to take advantage of the Slingers poor souls, and press the advantage. The Cetratii, Ancestral Guardians and Hakaar are there to finish off any resistance that is left, with the bonus of being able to block LOS to Zaal against some of those heavier shooting or Spell assassin lists.

With 42 souls, I think I can really put a dent into the opponent and make them squeal even if they kill over 20 models in a given turn. The next turn, they are going to give me that many souls once again, and maybe even more with Zaal able to scoop up clumps of infantry with Annihilation.


I know its short, but I’ve got final preparations to make for the NOVA this weekend, two days even, and these Aradus Sentinal/Soldier kits won’t build themselves! I won’t have a post until next Thursday, too. so don’t abandon me. It gets lonely on the internet.