Last year was the inaugural Feat of Service event here in the Northern Virginia area, an impressive charity tournament that raised over $3,400.00 for the Wounded Warrior Project, helping to Honor and Empower our wounded vets. This year, on May 30th, the Nova Nomads will be hosting the second Feat of Service charity event, hoping to top last years awesome donations.

Sadly, I’ve been unable to go both years – the first was during Lock and Load, and this year is the week before I leave for Lock and Load, and just not the right time to be abandoning the little one again.

That does not, however, stop me from having a great desire to participate, and to assist those who will!

The main goal of the tournament is to raise money, and this is done in a very simple way.

Each gaming group forms into Teams. Each team is competing to raise the most money and send the other teams packing, bring the Feat of Service Team Trophy home. The Trophy goes to the team who, by getting donations and/or selling raffle tickets, raises the most money.


The MD Team, The Old Bay Bombers,is still way behind: at the time of me writing this we’ve only managed to gather $30 for the cause, and that’s no where near the impressive amount I’d love to see raised.

For every $10.00 that is donated to the Bombers, your name will be entered into a raffle to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. If you’re a gamer, though, you can turn that tablet into a released Colossal or Gargantuan of your choice!

Last year MD got taken to the cleaners pretty hard. Even though were simple minutes from NOVA, we didn’t make a good showing, and we didn’t raise much compared to the NOVA Nomads and others in the area. This has put us a little to shame.

This year, though the hour draws near, I’d like to help change that.

In addition, if your going to be in the area, there will be two tournaments, a silent auction and door prizes at the actual location of Feat of Service: Huzzah Hobbies.

In addition to entry into the tournament, the tournament players will be getting a custom Feat token from Muse on Minis:

As well as entry into the raffle and the chance to come away with some really cool prizes!

The 50 point Masters event will determine the Gameplay Champion! Up to 32 players will be competing not only for the Trophy, but for a three day pass to Captain Con as well! Its the perfect time to get an ADR Masters in before the seasons shift!

There is also the signature Custom Caster event, where through an online Spelldraft system, you get to create a Customer caster and a 35 point list and go to town. It spelldraft and who’s the boss and all sorts of fun rolled into one!

“Custom Casters will be judged on painting, modelling, overall creativity in design and rules integration as well as the 500 character written description.”

And the winner get a 4 day pass to NOVA open as well as the Golden Nomad and a Huge Based Model of their choice!

There are also a slew of Door Prizes, as mentioned, and the Silent Auction. Take a look at all the Awesome Prizes and Fantastic Sponsors of the Feat of service.

If you’re in the area, stop by the FoS on Saturday and donate to a good cause. If you’re farther out, considering donatin’ $10.00 or so, and getting in the raffle. We’ll even ship the prize right to your door of we need to!

Go Bombers!