Rashban, The Accursed of Rivers

Rashban, Accursed of Rivers

Other Titles: The Endless Rage, Queen of Floods,  Drowner

Alignment: LN

Weapon: Harpoon (Piercer)and Hooked Net

Major Domains: Rivers, Speed, Determination

Minor Domains:  Floods, Drowning, Swimming

Totem Animal: Crocodile

Holy Symbol: A Black river splitting a gold mountain in two.

Favored Appearances: Rashban is an aloof and detached woman, but easily the greatest fighter that the Accursed have at their call. Once a god of water, she is now the perfect foil to the Fire Families war gods. As such, she is nearly always armed and armored when encountered in either form,  and is of strong build and powerful frame.

In her Female form, she is of average height, never topping 5″10″ and of a physique that suggests working for her living all her life. Her curly blue-black hair flows down to her shoulders and seems to pile up on them in pools. Her eyes are crystal blue, almost white, set in a round, expressive face.  Frown lines are nestled deep in her cheeks and her face seems to rest as a simple scowl. what little joy that there is in life, she seems to never encounter it. She wears supple and light leather armor, dyed a deep and shimmering cerulean blue. When she knows that she will be in battle, she wears a leather helm that covers her entire face, eyes and all, using her other senses and her abilities as an Accursed to fight.

Her form as a man is only slightly different, favoring that of a Dragonborn over all others. Massive, scaled and deep blue, he is often mistaken for the spawn of a blue dragon, though nothing could be farther from the truth. He wears no armor and no shirt, simply a pair of trousers dyed pitch black. his face is stoic and unknowable, able to hide even the most obvious of thoughts within his scaled and myterious face. His eyes are dark, almost black, with no whites or pupils, simply orbs of darkness set in his angular, sharpened skull.  He is covered in nautical tatoos and scars, showing his attachment to the rivers and seas

Warform:  The Warform of the Accursed of Rivers is a Crocodile, massive and covered in scales of Ice and salt. The teeth are massive and made of ice as well, but contained within the scales is a rushing river of churning water. Little escapes the jaws of this massive fighter once engaged, and though the form is bulky, it is surprisingly agile with impressive speed when needed.

Personality: Rashban is a stern, dour woman who has few friends and less confidants. A member of the water family, she tends to be truthful, honest and direct, and sees little value in deceit and duplicity. She laughs little, and sees the world through the grim lenses of the absolute truth, as it is to her. What she believes once, she will believe almost indefinitly, and it takes many arguments to convince her otherwise. She is a strong companion, however, and will commit to any action asked with the full and strong belief that she can, and will, accomplish the task. She believes that she will die in battle on the Iron Marches, slain at the hands of one of the Fire Gods, but she believes that when, not if, that happens, it will be at the turning point of the war, when she alone accomplishes whatever mission is critical and vital to the victory of the Accursed.

Teachings: Rashban is a stern, unbending woman,  and what she values in herself and others is the inability to change, the suborn dedication born of knowing ones correctness and place in he world.  She also takes a stern view on those who go out of their way to try and change their place in the world seeing it as a violation of the natural state of things and the proper balance of the universe. Hold the course, stay the line, and don’t break. Never second guess yourself, and know that what you set out to do can always be accomplished.

Abode: The Drowned Stronghold sits at the bottom of a river of mercury in the darkest recesses of the Accursed held area of the iron marches. Magical barriers keep the mercury out, while the fortress itself is filled with brakish, dark water. Few people walk these halls, but those who do are the grim and dire guardians and companions of the Accursed of Rivers.

Cultists: Those who are drawn to the cult of Rashban tend to be those obsessed with the rivers and the fate that she holds over those who traverse them. They call themselves the Floodbringers, and they see themselves as a very important part of cycle of all things. They wander up and down rivers, scouting out places that are especially vulnerable to flooding, and pray there for the power and mystery of their god to wash away the town and all its terrible inhabitants.

Clerical Attire/colors: The colors of the Accursed of Rivers are simple river colors, with grays and blues of all colors in favor. They tend to wear flowing robes with wide, voluminous sleeves and hoods. the colors tend to be sown in a swirling pattern, and sometimes even are patchworks of other colors all strapped together.

Followers: Rashban tends to gather followers who live within her rivers; Ferrymen, fishermen, and travelers, but also attracts runners, athletes and conservative philosophers.