Seething Ginger – 2019 Goals

I want to talk a little bit about what my ideas and goals for the coming year from both a personal standpoint and what I am going to write on the site this year. Each year I like to do this so I have a bit of a compass for where I am going to go, as well as put into actual words what I likely would just have floating about in my head.

The 2018 Recap

Last year I decided I wanted to diversify a bit more on the site. I had focused on Warmachine a lot on 2017 with the Tour de Cryx, playing every caster in my faction five or more times. It was a dedicated labor, but it wore me out a bit. I wanted to put up more Beer, History, and Metal in addition to the games.

Beer articles never really came to pass – Though I did try and share more of the beers I was drinking with photos as it was coming, but even then I fell off as I just didn’t feel like pulling out my phone and taking pictures every time I cracked a beer. I’m still gonna work on that – I really enjoy sharing beer stories.

History was the largest of the endeavors, and I may have bit off more than I can chew with that one. This Day in History (on the Facebook Page) was awesome and I learned and kept up with a ton of history, it was downright oppressive to do it every day of every week. I don’t know that I’ll continue doing it, honestly, as I’d like to get back a bit of that free time and free up some pressure. Something History related, though, is going to have to replace it. I don’t know what, to be honest.

Metal got its definite time in the sun, and next week I’m going to be introducing the same process – the Best Metal of 2018 listened to and “reviewed.” Though it didn’t see much traction or commentary, I really liked discovering the few bands in there that I really enjoyed – Overkill, GraveDigger, Novembers Doom, Archspire (!), and Satan’s Hollow. It was a great ride, and I look forward to it again!

Games went back and forth. I had a lot of Warmachine articles – Thursdays were dedicated to them, but I also did a few D&D Articles, and started my Character Creation series, which I really enjoy – I’ll be doing more of those for sure. Games are clearly what I write about the most and love doing.

Enough about 2018. Lets talk 2019, and what I want to do.

The 2019 Compass


First, and biggest, is the change in spotlight. This year, I feel a real draw towards D&D. I want to work on my world, tightening and clarifying as well as creating the details of the world in a much more codified way. I’ve got so much in my head from DM in the same world for 20 years, I want to make both a big ol’ reference guide, as well as a quick and dirty guide for new players that gives an overview without overwhelming them.

This means that I’m going to be changing my Thursday Articles to D&D this year, spurring me into action and keep me on track by making it so that I maintain a pace of editing and upkeep on the world that is both timely and accountable. It’ll be a lot of world building and setting details, and I’ll be challenged to dig deep in both why I built the setting that way, as well as the effect I hope to have, and its history. We’ll see – I have a vague idea of what I want to do and it’ll be an evolving process.

I’m not abandoning Warmachine! I’ll still be playing and involved in the community, writing articles and paying attention to the CID. It’ll be part of the Tuesday Article series, which are going to be rotating. I have an idea of what I want to do, but it is pretty flexible at this time. I’ll be adjusting if needed.

The first week of the month is going to be Double D&D – Creating Character is going to take the Tuesday Slot here, and I hope I can maintain the cool and fun characters I’ve been making. Once a week felt to rushed to get a really cool idea, and this spacing will give me the ability to flesh out the idea just a bit more.

Warmachine, as I mentioned, isn’t going to get left out. The second Tuesday of the month will be focused on the game, with Battle Reports, CID thoughts, List concepts for the OTC, and my preperation for Nova and a very likely trip to Warmachine weekend this year.

The third Tuesday is going to be a flex day where I can write about whatever I want – I’m not going to set it in stone. I assume this is where I’ll get in some of the MTG that I pay attention to, as well as WoW Classic coming out later this year, more Warmachine and Hordes talk, and other video games.

The Fourth, and often last, Tuesday is going to be the Metal Days, and I’ll be timing it so that this series lasts all year, I believe. I have to dig deep into how many albums I have on the Best of Lists, and how to build these articles into a solid and worthwhile endeavor. I really like listening to new metal, so the more the better.

the fifth Tuesdays are the trickiest. They occur about half the time, so I want to make sure they are something I can cover with no real time constraint. I don’t have any particularly awesome ideas at this time, but I’m strongly considering Bonus Warmachine Content – Cryx theme reviews, Painting updates and Galleries, something along those lines. The more I think about it, the more I like it, but I am not going to set anything in stone just yet.

Well, that is about it! The wrap up of 2018, and the plan for 2019. I’m excited to finally put dedicated time to my world with D&D and try and build this setting into something recognizable from the outside without it just sitting in my head. I hope you’ll still get enjoyment from all the other articles as well. Maybe I’ll even finish up that world creation series, too…

Till next time,