Skorne Chronicles, Vol 9



The Future Looks Bright

its been a while. There has been a lot going on in relation to Skorne recently, and its almost all been cool and positive. The Desert Hydra is going to be the next gargantuan for Skorne, and while I cannot wait, because the model is so freaking cool, their is that tickle of trepidation about anything involving the gargantuan. The first set were met with a resounding thud in the community, though they have had their stock pulled upwards due to their amazing sculpts. This batch has nearly the entire community worried to to a single statement:

“Through our design process and our development process and playtesting, we were able to come up with these models that are just as powerful and on the same level as their predecessors but don’t replace them in any way”

This is extremely troublesome to many, many players, especially those who feel that the original gargantuan were duds.  I’ve sadly only gotten to use the Mammoth once, but I think that it was a perfectly fine warbeast.  I do, though, think that the mammoth is the top of the line gargantuan. That something so meaningful on the board  with a significant amount of investiture of both points and actual dollars, turns out to be just fine is a little bit of a let down. I don’t know how I’d feel about the other factions.

Colossals were good enough to invalidate a number of other jacks for a number of years. Only now are we seeing a slight resurgence in the heavy warjack With Imperatus, Ruin, Dynamo and Moros leading the charge. These models do what the Colossals don’t do and they do it well. I seem to remember someone saying at last lock and load that they wanted these to be Apotheosis level characters, and I think they are doing that perfectly well.

The Gargantaun could serve to invalidate a number of warbeasts as well, if they want to be in discussion of how to spend ones points. Currently, almost no one talks about taking them because they are either on the shelf, or being forced into lists because someone simply wants to field the model.

The Desert Hydra has an awesome model. It would be a shame for it, or any of the round 2 Gargantuan to drop into either situation due to being obsolete before its even printed. I think, too, that the community won’t really be pleased with a second round of nearly unplayable models. As the old saying goes: Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, you can’t fool me again. I hold high hopes for them, but I can only wait to find out with everyone else.

And one more teaser

There is a caster, at least I expect that is what it is, teased during the spoiler reel at the end of the Gargantuans reveal. Among a number of concept arts for all of the factions, including (all guesses except Kromak 2 full art), Troll Oracles, Undead gator beast, gremlins, Gargoyle UA and more is something that looks like an insanely ornate ancestral Guardian. Many of his features are ill defined, which I expect is on purpose, and have caused something of a stir.

First, he has a lot of features in common with Mordikaar. This creates the thought that it is possibly a preview of Mordiakaar 2. However, features in common, to my eyes, simply means sharp and angular. There are ridges along the eyebrow that suggest piercings, something that seems difficult to do to a stone, prompting some to believe its a living Warlock. Even further adding to that is the thought that his chin-beard is strapped on, as there is this strange line going across his cheek from his face.

I don’t buy into any of that, because I think an Ancestral Guardian Construct Warlock would be awesome.

Quick Battle Report

I managed to get a game in against a good friend of mine a week ago, and it was my first time playing Makeda 2 in a long, long time. However, the list I brought was a simple but good one, modified to fit the current league.

Makeda 2
-Molik Karn
Incindiarii x6
Swordsmen x10
-Officer and Standard Bearer
Tyrant Commander and Standard
Ancestral Guardian
Beast Handlers x4
Mortitheurge Willbreaker

I played against a Jarl list with Warders, Fenblades and Highwaymen, which was all around a pain to chew through.

Jarl Skuld
-Rune Bearer
Krielstone x4
-Stone Scribe Elder
Fenblades x10
-Fenblade Officer and Drummer
Trollkin Highwaymen
Trollkin Warders
Fell Caller
Stone Scribe Chronicler

I really messed up on deployment, as Makeda deployed behind almost all of my troops and Karn, far away from either the Archidon or the Gladiator. Leash and road to War played very little part in this game. I stupidly lost nearly all of my swordsmen to Fenblades with vengeance after procing hero’s tragedy at least 8 times. Stay Death turned out to be pretty awesome keeping alive at least one key model each turn, if only for a single extra attack. Thankfully, trolls mostly rely on quality of attacks, not quantity. I was also able to use Molik Karn as a gun, shooting him out to kill the Impaler and then walking back.

I was feeling extremely under duress as my army got smashed to bits around the battlegroup. On my last turn, where I was finally able to get to Jarl with Karn, both my other heavies had frenzied, all my swordsmen and Incindiarii were dead, and only the Standard Bearer and his now fearless Beast Handlers were around.

As my friend pointed out, though, its extremely hard to chew through that many heavies, but I’m not convinced the Earthborn couldn’t do it. It was a hairy game that taught me some very tough lessons on how to deploy and play Makeda 2, and I am thankfull its here. Hopefully, tomorrow I am able to get in a game or two and smash some people in! I’ve got a Killer (read – Terrible) 15 point list.

Morghul 1
Pain Giver Beast Handlers x4

I got this!