The Breath of Fimbulwinter

I’ve been excited since the announcement of 3rd edition Warmachine for over a month. Its three weeks until it launches at Lock and Load, and I have consumed a staggering amount of information on the changes that are coming, both upwards and downwards.

Its not that I’m down on third edition, though, Its that my expectations have changed a lot since the original announcement, and I really just want it to be over.

I’ve been chasing spoilers, of every sort, for the past month. From the opening salvo of insiders, tweets, Facebook responses and even the leaked confidential cards. I devour everything I can get my hands on.

and its very, very tiring.

Originally, I was amped up to get faction insiders detailing the changes and the thought process behind each factions changes. I really wanted to get in the guts of why and how each portion of the game changed, and why it was stripped, buffed or nerfed the way it was. Sadly, I don’t think the Insiders are accomplishing that goal as well as I wanted to.

The Cryx insider, though, was really well done. It dug a bit deeper and told a little more of the story Surrounding the changes rather than simply the changes themselves and the justification. Its very good to say that you want to differentiate between the Blighted Nyss Swordsmen and the Blighted Nyss Legionnaires by making one defensive and the other offensive. It is a completely different thing to tell me the context in which that has changed, why certain abilities were chosen instead of others, and why you settled on the final points cost and abilities as they emerged.

This has created a lamentation among the faction communities, both on the Privateer press Forums and on Facebook, among other places. Each community (except Retribution) that has had an insider has in turn watched some of their favorite models get torn down, while seeing some smaller or strange or even confusing buffs to other pieces. Every time an Insider comes out, we are holding our breath, wondering what the results of this Insider will be, and how it will affect the game as a whole.

It is exhausting. 

You know what ones I have really, thoroughly enjoyed, more than I thought I would. The mechanics Insiders. Weapon Range, Jack Marshalls, Light Artillery. Each of these have been a really cool look into what, if not the why, the game will look like in just over a month. Each and every time they release a mechanic insider, I get the jitters, hoping that it’ll reveal some sort of cool consistency or interesting concept. I get chills thinking about them.

MKII isn’t long for this world, and watching its slow, wheezing death has been taxing over this last month. With another month to go, and the Battle box casters coming out in the near future in No Quarter, 3rd edition is set to take the place of the deceased without letting up.

I do think, though, that the start is going to be shaky. with so much negativity surrounding each factions blurb, by the time we get to 3rd edition, it may already be to late for some.

Which brings my to my final mourning.

That of Bad Seeds. See, Magnus Agenda was a list I enjoyed running in MKI. A simple, fun contract introduced towards the enabled Magnus 2 to take some of the more basic Cygnar troopers and play out his role as one of the strongest supporters of Vinter Raelthorne. In MK II it was turned into a pretty terrible theme force, and then replaced with the Bad Seeds theme list, which allowed a strong suite of Trencher, Sword Knight and Ranger models as well as a short list of Cygnaran Jacks. It was a blast to play, though it wasn’t very powerful. Playing the rogue arm of the Cyngaran Military loyal to the old king and following a disgruntled old ex-Patriot was both storyline and tabletop gold. I am sad to see it go, in a way I didn’t miss anything from MKI. I will no longer be able to take my converted Cygnaran Merc Defender, nor will I know what to do with the two Trencher Master Gunners. Maybe there will be a cool list I can run with Siege, a pile of Trenchers, and some Cannons, but we will have to wait and see how that works out.

I eagerly await the drop of the new edition so I can see the full scope of the rules, get all the grieving out of the way, and start playing games, hopefully, with some models and rules I’ve not used in a long, long time.

Until then, I’ll get gutchecked every time a faction insider comes out, and high as a kite with every Mechanic based one.