The Editing is Endless

I’ve been working on writing my book, but its become obvious that I have to take some time to concentrate on finishing it up. August has been really miserable to me overall, and I wasn’t able to achieve what I’d put on my plate. I take all of October off each year, too, and this put September in a bind. I’d have four weeks of content to spout out while trying to catch up.

Instead of trying to do that, I want to focus on editing for the next 60 days, taking all of october and all of september off (and most of august, if we’re honest)

With enough focus, I will be back on the 3rd of November with new articles, hopefully about how cool the book is progressing, and what I am doing to get it published. Its the longest break I’ve taken from writing in the 6ish years I’ve been doing this, so its a little spooky, but its something I knew would be coming up. Editing takes focus and direction, and I’m at the point where I have to sit down and not worry about posts or content.

I’ll still be relaxing, so don’t expect that I won’t have anything up. Facebook will still have some random stuff, much more spur of the moment, quick hits, to stay in touch.

Well. For the longest space yet.

Until next time.