The Hrondring

The Hrondring are a race of people blessed by the gods. Most of them are human looking, but they have four distinct appearances.

The first is Basically human. They can exhibit traits of their totem animals, (bear, for this argument, though there are many types) and are considered the workers, hunters, farmers and warriors of the tribe.

The second is a hybrid form, a beast with bipedal tendencies, opposable thumbs, and an expressionistic face capable of speech. They are generally considered dumb, and treated poorly, though they are respected for their formidable combat prowess. When they prove that they aren’t of the stereotypical intelligence, they have the potential for great shamanistic powers as if the beast-gods themselves have blessed them.

The third type is a full beast form. Granted considerable intelligence for an animal. They can understand commands and follow orders and make great scouts, mounts and guards. They can communicate, but not through speech except for some extraordinary individuals. They are the lowest class of the race as a whole.

The fourth type is the uncommon, gifted leaders. They are Humanform members that have the ability to shift into each of the two other forms. Blessed with this great power, they have the ability to be both extraordinary fighters and powerful shamans.