The Necrotechs Workshop VI: Tinker Tinker Tinker


The House that Cryx Built

In my first set of discussions about Denny 3, I was at first a little disappointed, and then cautiously optimistic. I’m all on board, now. I love the list and have been having great fun with it. Amusingly, after the diatribe I went on about not needing to create your own lists, I went and created… My own list.

I looked online first, and the only lists I saw were Trent’s 5 Helldiver lists. I’ve not built my last two helldivers, being too busy with my XCOM escapades, but I do want to try it. Another friend tells me I’m pretty much a moron for not including a leviathan, which I can give credence to. a fully fueled ROF 3 ‘jack is, undoubtedly, going to make its points back and probably a little more. There are, it turns out, a lot of fantastic things you can do with a Cryx caster, especially one that has ways of turning the opponents living models into advantages for her army.

What I find most troubling about all of those situations is that Deneghra does so little for her army to help them capitalize on what she’s given them. She has some extremely savage order of activation problems that, even with a Scarlock, I cannot seem to solve. So I gave up. Instead, I take whatever I can get this turn, turn it into efficacy for next turn and play her aggressively.


The list, as of Tuesday, is this:

Deneghra 3
Soul Trapper (2) x2
Satyxis Raiders x10
-Satyxis Sea Witch
Satyxis Blood Hag
-Satyxis Blood Witches (10)
Nyss Hunters (10)
Mechanithralls (6)
Ogrun Bokor
Orin Midwinter
Rag Man

Objective: Effigy of Valor

Three units of defensive teched bodies to feed the Mechanithrall engine, a min unit of Mechanithralls to be pumped by 6 each turn, Solos to round out specific matchups and a Pair of Arc nodes for assassination and delivery of crucial spells.

I very much enjoy the Satyxis Raiders in the list, as they alleviate a lot of the deployment issues I had with the earlier list iterations and that I sometimes have with Goreshade 3. Being able to deploy 11 models farther up field helps compact the unit frontage, not to mention all the upsides of advanced deployment that already exist. Against shooting heavy or AD heavy lists, the Bloodwitches are extremely potent. Popping Blood Shadow turn 1 or 2 and making sure that as many of them as possible get the charge into the front lines is key with this list. Additionally, the Blood Witches will often, under Blood Shadow, require the same methods of removal as do the Satyxis Raiders. Often, this means that one unit or the other gets into combat fairly unmolested, enabling a huge, tide turning charge.

The Nyss Hunters are one of my favorite pieces in the list, and I know that that is surprising to exactly no one. Being able to back up the fantastically fast Satyxis and the hard to remove Blood Witches with a high defense unit that can shoot accurately, does not mind getting in combat, and have pathfinder and hunter to ignore most detrimental penalties? Yes, please. I will take 10! They often end up behind the two lines of Satyxis, which is fine by me, as they will be able to activate late in the turn to clean up any remaining problem models, or activate early to clear out any models that could otherwise cause me to spend Ghostwalk when I don’t have to.

These three models are moderately high defense, with Satyxis Raiders going up to 16 against shooting, and starting at 14 against melee and magic, Nyss are an Innate 15, and Bloodwitches are 13, though that is often negated on the critical turn by becoming incorporeal. They also are fairly accurate, which is a great boon to a Cryx player. I’m used to my best troops being 6, with the occasional 7, but these troops consistently touch 8’s. Satyxis are often CMA’ing to get MAT 8, P+S 11 weapons, Blood Witches Gang for MAT 8 P+S 12, and Nyss CRA into RAT 8 P+S 12’s. While each of those are pretty solid on their own, mortality can easily push both attributes higher, getting MAT 10 and P+S 13 or 14. Finally, the Raiders have their minifeat, granting them an additional die of damage, and the Nyss are weaponmasters. The list can appear soft, but easily start to get serious damage into even heavy armor fairly quickly, with the bodies to tie less numerous armies up round after round. 32 models isn’t a joke.

But here is where the kicker comes: Its all a ruse. The real threat to almost everything is the unit of mechanithralls growing and growing in the back of the army. Slowly at first, but with increasing momentum, the unit expands. It grows, at first, from 6, to 12, to 18. By turn 4, if it makes it to turn 4, the unit has swelled to 24 Mechanithralls. With judicial application of Mortality and Scourge, Their MAT fails to matter, and their double strikes hit at P+S 17, each. In waves that pay for themselves, as each mechanithrall that drops simply creates another in the back of the unit. Its a glorious grinder perfectly built for this type of list.

I Became a Mercenary

There are four important mercenary model/units in this list. I’ve mentioned why I like Nyss so much, but there are still the solos. I’ll lump the scarlock in here simply because I don’t see the need for another heading for him.

Two of these mercenaries, the Bokur and Orin, are to allow her to take on certain matchups without locking me into Goreshade 3. Occultation is swell on Goreshade 3, but if I am not really feeling the love for a shooting caster, with the addition of the Ogrun bokur, I can drop Denny into the mix without much worry. This goes doubly so for any list with either Eiyriss in it. Preventing her from shooting out my focus, and potentially my Grave Wind, makes a huge difference in how aggressive I can play up.

Orin Midwinter is there specifically to allow and encourage dropping Denny 3 into Khador. The only real problem I would have is if a list pair has both Winterguard with Joe and Butcher 3, though I feel I have potential against both with Denny. He also has allowed some interesting conceptual lists, as both Druids and Hex Hunters seem to be prevelant in my meta. Being able to attempt to force an order of activations is really useful. in those situations, when I am unafraid of Denny 3 being hit by eiryss or some sort of massive shooting bombardment, I can definitely see the Ogrun, still cliented to Deneghra 3, sticking close by to Orin.

What Can I say about the Scarlock? He casts Grave Wind every turn and on the first turn I try to put it on the Satyxis Sea Witch. He is focus efficiency and, sometimes, a very useful ghost walk bot. a solid overall solo, in my book.

The Soul Trappers are a model that I am struggling with because they are so easy to kill, yet want to be so far ahead, just behind the front lines that their terrible stat line causes many to die. I am really, really struggling to try and fit a third set in there so that I have enough to last the whole game. No one seems to want to let them live. Using them to power Deneghra is an extremely enjoyable puzzle, as I figure out how to give one of them three souls and activate it to move closer and give Deneghra all three, and then loading it back up with further activations in order for Deneghra to steal from at the start of her activation, and then fill up again, if possible, and steal those three. It is viable and possible to have a single Soul Taker grand 9 souls in a single round, provided your opponent brought them and you’ve got a plan to do it.

Finally, I get to Rag Man, a model I really want to put in the list in order to enable a furtherance of the armor swing started by Mortality. I’ll likely have to remember that he has Bone Shaker as I try to get him into position in order to try and boost the melee damage of the army, but I think he can do great things for Deneghra’s assassination run, but also for tearing down armor. Bringing Blood witches to P+S 16 can be extremely effective, and punching up the damage on Satyxis raiders to 13 Weaponmaster Feedback seems like a potent strategy, provided i can learn how to use him.


The final part of my list is the two Arc Nodes. Though I ran the list with heavies and Helldivers and a few different lights, I’d fallen back each time to wanting another arc node. Having a threat vector that is not Deneghra is powerful in its own right. Having a gun that can stand still and aim for RAT 7 if it needs to is just golden. To many times, in the games before adding the second arc node, was I playing her an all or nothing caster that has to get in with P+S 15 melee attacks. Now, I can pop feat and, from an extremely safe distance shoot three scourges with two boosts either at a target or at an army. Telegraphing the feat a turn early doesn’t seem so bad if you’ve got a slew of powerful spells you can toss at them.

I’m pretty sure this is my favorite version of the list so far, though I am debating on whether or not to take out Rag Man and replace him with a Soul Trapper and a Necrotech. The decsion will be handled in a few more weeks here, prior to the April 9th Store Wars event!