The Necrotechs Workshop XLIV – An Ancient Sign of Coming Storms

The day has finally come! The Black Fleet CID has dropped, today as I write this, and the next few articles are going to be me digging into this in depth, posting battle reports and other sorts of Black Fleet goodness. This one here is going to be the foundation, so let us get to it. 

Thankfully, I’ve already written articles on both the Slaughter Fleet and the Scourge of the Broken Coast, which are collectively referred to as the Black Fleet, the previews of models I’ve also already written on. With that background out of the way, lets get to it. This is gonna be a big one, friends… 

New Models

With the introduction of the black fleet comes a number of new models. We’d seen some of them, and heard of others through various sources, and there are even a few new ones. I’ll grab the PP blurb, the Model overview and the Concept drawings, when I can. I’m not going to go through the models in Document order, but in collections I think are logical. 

Skarre, Admiral of the Blackfleet

Skarre, Admiral of the Black Fleet: Skarre 3 is a support style Warcaster that brings a solid shooting platform to the table. She should synergize well with her battle group and supports a variety of Cryx options. Reinforcements [Living] gives excellent support to the living portions of the Black Fleet (Scourge of the Broken Coast and Slaughter Fleet Raiders). Guided Fire and Deceleration have proved very powerful in Black Industries and Infernal Machines lists.

Things to test: Do you feel her ability to make a gun line is too strong? Are her lists too survivable against shooting based lists? Is she personally too hard to kill? Is her personal ranged output too much? Not enough?

So, Skarre is supposed to be a support style caster, able to make a powerful, but not overbearing gun line with the models in her battlegroup and able to bring a formidable amount of personal power to the table. How does she do here? 

Her Stats are very solid. Speed 7, Mat 7, Def 13 and ARM 19 are all admirable, especially for a huge based models. She’s got 7 focus and a surprising mound of boxes at 28. I don’t think I can undersell the durability of this model at this point. Its a massive and unexpected health pool. I don’t know that this makes her too strong, but it does present a strange quandary to the opponent because its unlikely that she will suffer enough ancillary damage to be in a vulnerable position. To be fair, however, Wraith Engines have only slightly less hit points and armor, and I loose them most games to shooting and/or magic. Enough concentrated effort will remove pretty much anything from the game, and Skarre will be no different. All of that said, however, she might have a few extra HP. I could see dropping her all the way to 23 (so she has 18 after the feat) and it not being considered to few boxes. 

She’s got 27 Battlegroup points, which makes sense for a caster with two spells focused on her jacks. 

Her feat, Blood Rite, is boring, if efficient. Every version of skarre so far has cut herself for an effect, and this time its a vayle2/Kreoss3 type effect where all her spells are cast without spending focus, and instead she uses her health pool. With only 5 spells, I can see the parallel with the other versions. I think its a solid feat that gets work done in nearly every game, but there are much better feats in Cryx, and I think that is the point. She’s more than a feat with legs. 

She has five special abilities, as well.  Flight means that she can move over her own troops, and sometimes her opponents, but not much else. Its a solid ability. Bulldoze is a very strong ability that will enable her to clear positions for her to to land in many instances, and even clear the path for some other models from time to time. Its a great trait to have. Dual Attack is something I’m surprised she has a with the sheer volume of attacks that she has. Being able to make her four melee attacks and three ranged attacks every round might be a bit on the high side, especially with the potential for up to 7 more attacks. Even at P+S 9, like three of her attacks are, it might be more than enough to put it over the top. One of the melee attacks even has ram, knocking the target down and optionally pushing it backwards 1″.  Repariable is simply great, honestly. Being able to put a unit of Ironmongers or a Necrotech in the list and repair either her feat or whatever chip damage she was dealt over the course of an enemy turn is simply giggle inducing. I’m definitely doing that. Reinforcements is by far her most interesting rules, even if its not her best. The ability to return d3 living models (though not large based) is an interesting take on recursion. Certianly their are limitations, but the concept of returning a couple smog belchers, Vengeanced Marauders or Bloodgorgers or Black Ogrun Boarding Party makes me pretty pleased. I do like that both Vengeance and Reinforcements are both “during” the maintenance, so I can choose which one goes first. Seems like I can get vengeance attacks from trolls if I am close enough. 

Now we move onto her weapons. 

All three guns are RNG 12, which is convenient. One is simply a hand cannon, which is fine in its own right, and the other two are freaking Cannons, both of which are POW 14, AOE 3, shadow fire weapons. It is important to note that shadow fire simply requires a model to be hit, so multiple models can be tagged in one go and models nearly immune to damage will easily be affected. Being able to pull two LOS blocking models off the board is pretty nifty. 

In terms of melee, she has three raider crew members wielding cutlasses at P+S 9, which is just fine. Not going to contribute often, but they can help clear out models when Skarre is engaged because of the Independent Attack Rule. Her ram is solid at P+S 14, which is pretty much where one wants their caster P+S to be to really affect the game, with the Ram rule, allowing her to knock down the target on the first hit. 

its a really effective set of attacks, and on top of all of that, every attack on her card is magical. Its really useful in the mirror. I worry that she might have too much going for her, but that is for testing to bear out. 

Lastly, we have her spell list. Admonition is a solid carryover from Skarre 2, and is really just a solid spell. Dash is amazing, its just amazing. I don’t know where to steer this ship I’m sailing, whether or not its to speed 8 Satyxis, Speed 6 Bane Knights, or speed 10 Soulhunters. Everything just seems to good! Deceleration is a strong spell that I’ve asked for previously, though it was during a different phase of Cryx’s evolution. I requested it simply as a way to get jacks through to their destinations, but now its a strong and powerful deterent with a number of models. Dark Host and Black Industries seem to benefit the best from it, with Black Industries taking the cake with ARM 25 Inflictors. Spamming them might not be the best tactic, but you can take a couple without any worries. Draconic Blessing is an interesting buff for the Admiral, and I think one that feels right. She doesn’t have an armor debuff, in the entire kit, so seeing it as a buff is really nice, and being able to cycle it without spending focus is extremely awesome. Lastly we have what seems to be the signature spell of the caster: Guided Fire. I really, really like guided fire in Cryx. It helps buffer out the miserable RAT and great speed of the in faction shooting jacks. Needing to stand still to have a fair chance of hitting something means that you have to rely on the opponent to position poorly. Now, with Power Up and Guided Fire, I can put a trio of guns on the board and be pretty confident that I’ll get work out of them every turn. 

Can she make a gunline?  Probably, though not really a long range one. I can get a Scourge list with 11 Nightwretches, a Defiler and a unit of Blood Witches. I can put together a Black industries list with a Sepulcher, two leviathans, two Corruptors and three nightwretches. I’d like to play them to see how it feels, but it seems that she can. 

Are her lists too survivable against shooting based lists? Likely not. The weakness of Cryx Jacks under her becomes their boxes, not their armor. I do foresee a pretty abysmal list with three Seethers, 5 Slayers, 2 Nightwretches and a unit of cephalyx. Is a list with 8 arm 23 models too good? Maybe, but I don’t know. 

Is she personally too hard to kill? I don’t think so, but the possibility is high. If anything on her is busted, its probably her ability to survive through so much.

Is her personal ranged output too much? Not enough? It is likely just right. Three range 12 guns with boosted to hits and likely needing boosted damage is going to tax her something rough. That said, her ranged yeild is likely simply nuts, as she can drop two shadowfire templates that can drift and make things sometimes trivially removed from LOS. 

Overall, I really like her design and style, and she brings a big, beefy base with a ranged component that feels exactly like a battleship on the board, what with all that ranged explosions and inevitable, bulldozing huge HP pool. Its just really cool. 

Ok. Whew. Lets move on to some other stuff. 

Blighted Trollkin Maurauders

Marauders bring variety to the options allowed in Slaughter Fleet Raiders. Much like their melee oriented counterpart (Blood Gorgers) they take buffs well with their Thrown weapons. Ranged attacks generally do very well against de-buffed targets, fitting well into the Cryxian playstyle. Having a very strong MAT of 6 means this unit is not afraid to get into melee with their chain weapons. With Ashen Veil they are the more defensive option when compared to Blood Gorgers.

Things to test: Are the Marauders too durable? Are they a compelling choice next to Blood Gorgers? Do they overshadow them or fall behind? Why?

I’m going to include Blighted Trollkin Bloodgorgers in here as a discussion point because somehow, they aren’t in the CID. 

The Blighted Trollkin Marauders both look and feel really cool. A ranged compliment to the trollkin that don’t feel completely out of place. I can’t really ever see taking Bloodgorgers to begin with, even with their inclusion in the slaughter fleet, and with these dudes in the roster, its never going to be a contest. They have the same base stat line as the Bloodgorgers, and they keep the miserable MAT of 6, meaning they will likely never hit anything more dodgy than the lowliest of Khadoran Jacks. 9/15 is likely a fair price point, though, because their abilities are pretty good, outside of their MAT and RAT stats. 

CRA is very good for bolstering their terrible RAT stat, and with Draconic blessing or an armor debuff, you can easily get 5 RAT 7 P+S 16+ attacks into a group of models. Its not really terrible, and I love that the attack blows up into an AOE if it hits, because the imagery is pretty stellar, and auto-fire is simply awesome. Ashen Veil means that taking Gaspy 3 can give you a broader application of Veil. With Skarre 2 they likely become obnoxious, sitting on one side of a forest with Saxon and emerging to toss a billion exploding braziers into the enemy who is suffering black spot. Unyeilding seems bizzare, like it does on the Bloodgorgers. I don’t really like it on single wound troops, even at ARM 18, because while the average power has creeped down a bit from its high in MKII, charging POW 8’s still kill these dudes. It, in nearly every circumstance I can think of, does nearly nothing. Chain weapon is good on the unit. Can’t say much more than that. 

Are the Marauders too durable? No. I can’t see why this would even be a question, honestly. Def 14 arm 16 v. ranged and ARM 18 v. melee isn’t what I would refer to as durable. they aren’t going to, often, die to POW 10 shooting, but thats about the extent of their durability. Tough is valueless to me, and means nothing. sometimes a dude lives, but then he gets killed later by an attack that didn’t have any other targets. 

Are they a compelling choice next to Blood Gorgers?Do they overshadow them or fall behind? Why? Yes they are a compelling choice, but only because Bloodgorgers themselves are not compelling. Asking me if I’d rather eat concrete chips or kale doesn’t make kale a compelling choice. its a facetious answer, but its the true one. I don’t want something to be “as compelling” as Bloodgorgers because I can’t find a reason to put Bloodgorgers in a single list. Both times I thought they would work with a caster, they failed. They overshadow them simply by existing. Bloodgorgers hold up foam trays and hold down bookshelves at the moment. 

Jussika Bloodtongue

Jussika Bloodtongue: Jussika can attach to both Blighted Trollkin units (Blood Gorgers and Marauders). With No Sleeping on the Job she supports not just her own unit, but even other Blighted Trollkin that are close by. This ability combines very well with her Granted: Vengeance, meaning models that do land their Tough roll will still be able to benefit from it. Jussika should be a compelling choice for both Trollkin units.

Things to test: Does she provide benefits that make it a meaningful choice on which Blighted Trollkin unit to attach her to?


With Arm 17, tough and 8 boxes, her and Gerlak are similar in durability. They perform different functions, of course, but they are complimentary. (either the damage number or the track is wrong for her, one is 8, the other is 5. We should know by publication) 

Vengeance is a great rule, and its even better on a tough unit with no knockdown because passing a tough roll gives you vengeance and gives your opponent only migraines. No sleeping on the job is solid and extends beyond her unit with good placement, though that needs to be seen if its even possible. Her personal combat prowess is solid, with overtake and two weapons, and she can even contribute to the ranged damage of the Marauders with her blunderbuss, which is, I assume, exactly the same RNG and POW on purpose. Relentless charge is really cool, as you often encounter some thing you need to work over, through or around as a medium based unit, and this removes a significant chunk of those obstacles from the field. oh, and she has unyielding, making her a pain to remove in combat. Just shoot her, though. She has no way to stop it. 

Overall, She’s a solid model that brings a touch of utility to the unit she attaches to and can stand on her own of needed. Bringing Vengeance via Granted is a strange decision that the designers keep on making, and while I understand the intent – that smart play on the opponents part will negate a benefit that you’ve brought to the table, its basic function is to have the model not see the table as it has that benefit costed into the model, and without it is just not worth the price. 

Things to test: Does she provide benefits that make it a meaningful choice on which Blighted Trollkin unit to attach her to? Only in the fact that the Bloodgorgers will warm the shelf, even with her around. She’s a Marauder attachment. 

Black Ogrun Smog Belchers

Black Orgun Smog Belchers: The mobile artillery of the Slaughter Fleet Raiders, the Smog Belchers bring powerful ranged attacks to the theme force. It is important that they are unique from the Marauders and both keep a unique role. Smog Belchers bring a substantial amount of control against living warrior models and can help protect Warcasters or support models that are behind them after they fire their cannons.

Things to test: Do you find the Smoke Cloud rule to be worthwhile? Is it too difficult on order of activations? Do you find it to be beneficial? Do you feel their damage output is appropriate for their cost? Please take into account different warcaster options when answering this question.


The Smog Belchers are a really interesting unit. They are very different from their initial conception back in July, and I think that is probably alright. With 5 damage each and Tough, they are likely to stick around a bit longer on the table, but not to much with the ARM 15. you’ll need a P+S 13 to take them off the board reasonably without boosts, but that super-common boosted 12 will just pick them apart. They will often have an effective defense of 15, which is extremely strong, so I think they’ll make it out just fine. Smoke Cloud is a really inventive and cool rule, but my only problem is that if they are in front of the army at the start of a turn, I don’t believe any medium based models will be able to pass between them. That means that the wall of smoke is going to be weird to work with. I am definitely going to give them a try if I get a chance. Their RNG 12 makes them pretty short ranged, but the Speed 6 and RAT 6 makes it completely justifiable. Arcing fire is a great rule, and I think its going to be their saving grace, as they won’t want to be in front of the army, but behind it, shelling the back lines of the enemy or the front lines prior to engagement. Choking ash is going to be fun against brick lists and/or shield guards, as they often clump up and will get shelled with this hateful, charge stopping effect. Now we just need Snipe in faction, right? 

The cannon itself, as a stat line, is very solid. AOE 3’s are nice to have, and P+S 14 makes it sing just the right notes on blast damage. being a magical weapon on top make the weapon all the better, though I don’t know how often I need to shell a wraith engine to death with a POW 14 gun. 

Things to test: Do you find the Smoke Cloud rule to be worthwhile? Is it too difficult on order of activations? Do you find it to be beneficial? It is an interesting rule that could be extremely protective of mid-level warcasters that want to be in the mix, but also fear getting plucked off the board. I think its a rule that cannot be evaluated simply with text, and needs to be seen on the field. 

Do you feel their damage output is appropriate for their cost? Please take into account different warcaster options when answering this question. Yes. Their damage output, combined with their utility, is just fine. 

Black Ogrun Ironmongers

Black Ogrun Iron Mongers: Keeping the Slaughter Fleet Warjacks in tip-top shape, these Iron Mongers are a hybrid mechanic and support unit that is reasonably competent in combat. Bringing solid defensive stats for their points and some powerful special rules to support their Warjacks is key to the design of this unit.

Things to test: Is Curse a compelling reason to run the Iron Mongers? Do you feel they are impact enough to warrant their inclusion in lists?

The Ironmongers are a cool, and very simple concept. With reasonable survivability and significant repair potential, they are a compelling choice to replace the necrotechs in many lists that didn’t take them. Curse is neat, and I would love to see a caster, somehow, get cursed from an Ironmonger and then shot to death by Skarre 3’s battlegroup. its a strong and interesting synergy that they bring. Often, it is going to have little effect, though from time to time its just going to make the warjack both alive and that much better. Finally, dismantle is a rule I’ve not seen nearly enough of in the game. the ability to be extremely proficient in stripping down warjacks is great to see represented in a unit once again. 

Things to test: Is Curse a compelling reason to run the Iron Mongers? not really, but their cost is significant. Their whole suit is compelling, however, so I see this as a pretty moot point. 

Do you feel they are impact enough to warrant their inclusion in lists? Likely, though 7 points is a lot to stomach. I would have to try building lists with them for longer than a day. I expect that they fall staunchly into the “sometimes” category. 

Scharde Pirates and Officer


Scharde Pirates & Officer: These lil’ fellas are the shock troops of the Slaughter Fleet Raiders. Surprisingly fast with their officer they can apply a lot of pressure to their opponents starting from a very early point in the game. The Officer brings a very offensive set of abilities to the Pirate unit. Speeding up the unit and creating a fast skirmishing unit is the role we would like to see out of this unit with its command attachment.

Things to test: Is this unit too fast? Are they oppressive on scenario elements? Are the efficiency of sprays on an assaulting unit too strong when combined with the de-buffs available from the assortment of Cryx Warcasters? Is the unit’s durability appropriate for its point cost?


I am loving this unit. That does mean, however, that it is going to be nerfed into oblivion and back. Fast, Fragile and able to mow down buckets of enemies in the right circumstances, I am looking forward to the Slaughter fleet gaining access to these models. Their Officer simply pulls that possibility even further up. While their RAT 5 isn’t going to be making the world green with envy, its justified when they can shoot up the board some 11″ and then shoot up to 17″ away from their starting position. With Skarre 2, I just see them lighting everything on fire, as RAT 7 double sprays with crit fire are a significantly fun thing. The officer bringing no quarter and assault is really strong, but what I love the most is Feign Death. This ability makes tough worth it for me, and makes tough feel correct. I hope these models come through with a semblance of their role here, as I would love to play them. 


Things to test: Is this unit too fast? I do not believe so. Cavalry with sprays of higher accuracy exist in the game and are both more manuverable and with better defensive stats. Reaching 17″ into the board isn’t anything new. 

Are they oppressive on scenario elements? unlikely, though the repercussions of Tough and Feign Death are well known and can be a real problem. 

Are the efficiency of sprays on an assaulting unit too strong when combined with the de-buffs available from the assortment of Cryx Warcasters? It is no worse than anything else that can get so far up the board. Bane Riders can get extremely far and are more potent, though with less targets. 

Is the unit’s durability appropriate for its point cost? I feel both the point cost and the units durability is fine. 

Scharde Dirge Seers

Scharde Dirge Seers: A combination offense and utility support unit, the Dirge Seers should be an annoyance to your opponent while helping deliver your army. Hex Bolt shutting down special attacks, power attacks, Guidance granting magic weapons and Eyeless Sight, and Summon Vortex to protect your back line and themselves, the Dirge Seers have an excellent set of spells. Battle Wizard, MAT 7, and Needle allow them to deal with infantry while still applying their spells. Don’t forget about Dodge and Riposte!

Things to test: Do you find the Dirge Seer’s spells useful? Valuable? Is Dodge, DEF14 with Vortex feel powerful? Is it too much? Not enough?

These are interesting creatures. With a high MAT and a nearly anatomical precision rule, they can easily get off spells via battle wizard when facing living models. Their magic ability 6 is pretty low, but with how easy it is to trigger battle wizard, I think that is fine. Guidance seems like its good, as magic weapons and eyeless sight are great bonus’ to have around. Hex bolt is on of my favorite things, and I love seeing it on a unit with FA2 and Magic Attack 6. We have plenty enough defense debuffs. 

The only weird interactions I see are riposte, dodge, and summon vortex. Dodge and riposte are mutually exclusive, if I read my rules right, and dodge and summon vortex can get very bothersome if you can’t move out of the way without giving you caster or some other vital piece away. The vortex moving with the caster is understandable, but problematic for making good, or even quick decisions. 

Things to test: Do you find the Dirge Seer’s spells useful? Valuable? Yes to useful everything seems like it will get used in its time. a bit more uncertain to valuable, because is it worth taking more support and utility that could be useful when I can take working models that will always be there for me. 

Is Dodge, DEF14 with Vortex feel powerful? Is it too much? Not enough? With Dodge, the Vortex becomes a personal protection agency, and feels like its going to be used less to protect my vulnerable back lines and more to prevent the model from immediately perishing. 

The Satyxis Blood Priestess

Satyxis Blood Priestess: As a Warcaster Attachement the Blood Priest grants its Warcaster two major things: Sucker and Arcane Assist. Increasing the durability of some of the more fragile Cryx Warcasters can be very powerful. Focus efficiency in the form of Arcane Assist is also a very compelling choice for some of Cryx’s more buff-oriented caster options. We also would like to see the Blood Priestess join the fight in the mid-to-late game where her Sacral Blade’s menu of abilities can really come into effect. With the utility abilities to Heal, Dispel, or cast spells the toolbox of options should be quite unique in this model.

Things to test: Does the Satyxis Blood Priestess make a Warcaster too durable? Do you find her abilities to be relevant and compelling for a wide variety of Warcasters? Do you think her melee potential is substantial enough to make charging into combat with her a viable option?

This new warcaster attachment, or third, is very compelling. I like pretty much everything she brings, and I think that might mean she’s a little stronger than I think she should be. Her cost of 5 is hefty, but she brings a significant quantity of abilities to her caster that both currently do, without the seeming limitations that the other ones have. Her mat 7, is excellent for a warcaster attachment, and a magical P+S 13 sword isn’t anything to laugh at. Stealth is a great defensive tool for her to have in the back of the army. Arcane assist is one of the main reasons I brought the Withershadow around, and the rest of the package was ancillary bonuses. Temptations of Fate makes me extremely happy. I know that the last model to die will be the priestess, but having the option to keep a bodyguard back with the caster, likely a unit or two of gunslingers, to be honest, and have them die if I’m really dumb is pretty excellent. The ability to turn it on or off by simply being within 3″ of the caster, and not needing an action is extremely legit. 

Of the three abilities on its sword, I don’t find any of them game breaking or over the top. they all have their solid place in certain games, but not all of them are going to be relevant every game, or really many games, but when they are they are going to be extremely awesome. I love it. 

Things to test: Does the Satyxis Blood Priestess make a Warcaster too durable? This is a likely yes, but I also find that its likely not a big deal in a world with armies of shield guard jacks and Butchers with Sac Pawn. 

Do you find her abilities to be relevant and compelling for a wide variety of Warcasters? Yes. Her abilities allow her to be grabbed with nearly any warcaster. Often a caster is either tossing spells out, or trying not to die via gunfire, or both. This neatly assists with both problems. 

Do you think her melee potential is substantial enough to make charging into combat with her a viable option? Yes. I’ve charged in with Syllys and Orin Midwinter from time to time when needed, and they aren’t even close to this effective. 

Misery Cage

Misery Cage: A cheap focus efficiency piece. The Misery cage is fueled by corpses and grants your Warcaster focus.

Things to test: Is gaining focus on Cryxian Warcasters worth the 2 point investment? Do you find the model is useful with only its starting corpse? In your games, did the Misery Cage collect additional corpses?

This is an extremely cool little model that needs very little explanation. With distant deployment and starting with a corpse, this is a model that can, if fed correctly, keep a caster topped off with focus and keep itself stealthed. Be careful and thoughtful with your order of activations, and it should be good. 8″ might be a touch to short to really get enemy models, but I think the limitations on are are fine given the ability and the faction that it is in. 

Things to test: Is gaining focus on Cryxian Warcasters worth the 2 point investment? Most likely. If it is too difficult to refill, then it is likely not going to be that great of an investment. I have enjoyed using soul trappers, so this is a similar concept to fill those often-empty 2 points at the end of the list. 

Do you find the model is useful with only its starting corpse? In your games, did the Misery Cage collect additional corpses?: These are both game play questions which I can’t give a preliminary answer to, but with only its starting corpse I would expect not. With even just a second corpse during the whole game, I would expect that it becomes worthwhile. I could even go for 2 for 3 points as there are significant times during list construction I’ve ended up with a 2 point gap and the only thing to grab is the soul trapper, whether the caster wanted it or not. 

Axiara Wraithblade

Axiara Wraithblade: In the chain of command, Axiara is just under Skarre for the Black Fleet. An excellent tactician and leader of the living forces of the Black Fleet, her battle plans should be varied in use to accommodate the different Satyxis units.

Things to test: Are Axiara’s battle plans useful to the army you built? Do you feel she contributes meaningfully to your game plan as both a support piece and a combat model?

Like Gerlak before her, I’ve been waiting an age for Axiara to be put into the game, and I am glad she’s here. at 6 points, she’s a bit pricey, but I think her MAT 8, DEF 15, Dodge, SPD 7 and other abilities more than make up for it. 

Her tactician ability is excellent, and I love not playing with the rules of the game. Having a ton of living models that are able to simply charge through one another will be super, as will the gunslingers being able to shoot through the front line. I can even see taking her with Blighted Trolls or Ogrun. 

Her battle plans, though she lost Throat Cutter from her initial conception, seem pretty solid. Dodge on raiders on a hill or in clouds could be hilarious, Sneak is great on the same unit, and also on the Gunslingers. Reposition is great on nearly everyone. I’ve focused on the Satyxis, but there is even more goodness to be had with Bloodgorgers or Scharde Islanders who Repo or Prowl. Dodge on Scharde Islanders could be amusing as well, especially with Asphyxious 3 and Ashen Veil. Lots of uses here. 

Oh, and on her sword, if she kills a living or undead model, she can go incorporeal, no big, right? her MAT 8 P+S 13 weaponmaster sword, that she gave herself Repo 3″ prior to using. 

Things to test: Are Axiara’s battle plans useful to the army you built? I cannot imagine a list I build and then put her in where they are not. It would be one of the foundational portions of her list. 

Do you feel she contributes meaningfully to your game plan as both a support piece and a combat model? 100%. She might even need a tweak, a little, down. I don’t want that, but she seems great. 

Severa Blacktide

Severa Blacktide: A character Satyxis Gunslinger, Severa brings strong magical attacks with some utility to the table. Run & Gun is an incredibly powerful ability that makes Satyxis Gunslingers a much more effective unit. Her shot types give her many options to choose from while Vortex Blast gives her a rather unique effect on the table.

Things to test: Are Severa’s shot types compelling? Do you find yourself using one consistently over the rest? Is Chain Attack: Vortex Blast a compelling choice? Do you feel it is too strong? Not strong enough?

We’ve finally come to the last of the new models! whoooo boy. I hope your not bored yet. Its been a long write. Lets get through this girl and onto the changes. 

I love this model. It could be because we’ve lacked good ranged support prior to the current edition that I don’t even really mind if they are tossing piles at us. She’s relatively cheap, at 6 points, but has two really strong guns and an elite cadre. RAT 8 is very accurate, and defense 15 is very good at avoiding attacks. Her personal abilities make her very tricky to feel good about from the opponents side of the board. If she gets engaged, she can disengage easily with Pistoleer, if you try to shoot her down and fail, she has reciprocate, and if you simply give her targets, she is going to gun-sprint to safety. 

Her three gun shots are also good, with shadow bind on hit, Black penny, and Guns and Portents for herself. 

honestly, the Vortex Blast seems to be the least useful ability. I don’t know many small based models (those who’ll take the most from the POW 12) that will survive 2 shots from her without perishing unless I’m trying to simply trigger this ability, and maybe that’s the point, but it seems really unlikely. Still, I like her, and am totally using her in the future. 

Things to test: Are Severa’s shot types compelling?Do you find yourself using one consistently over the rest? I think the shot types are fine, though I expect I’ll be using Heart Seeker most of the time, until I want a target bound and stationary. The advent of the battle engines and their prominence in the game, though, has made it likely that I would use shadow bind every time they are on the table though. 

Is Chain Attack: Vortex Blast a compelling choice? Do you feel it is too strong? Not strong enough? I don’t know, and its going to take testing. I think its a compelling result, but not a choice. I can’t stop myself from dealing damage to the targets, so I think that its more a result of luck than of choice. likely not strong enough. 

OK. Man. That was a long and winding road. Just a couple more to go! 

Changes to Old Models

Warwitch Deneghra

Warwitch Deneghra: Deneghra 1 is a very powerful Warcaster. With the ability to play incredibly strong assassination, attrition, and control styles she is one of the most versatile and powerful Warcasters in the game. We have gone through many different options to tone her down and we felt that her control and assassination game is the best place to shave a little of her power level off. Allowing enemy models to Run, Charge, and make Special Attacks and Actions should reduce the total shut-down some players felt after her feat turn. To hamper her assassination potential, we removed Scourge and replaced it with Black Talons, a new spell. AOE 3” Critical Shadowbind is certainly less powerful than an AOE attack that knocked down anything hit, but can still lead to some powerful plays. We hope that these changes can bring Deneghra 1 in line with the rest of the game.

I like these changes. Making it so that her feat is less oppressive in a control situation, and making it so that her army has to roll dice to hit the caster, instead of simply dropping them on their ass and making sure not to roll snake eyes is a strong way of inching her back in line without destroying her heart and soul. Also, reducing Dark Seduction to COST 3 is going to get it less unused, and its about time. 

Wraith Witch Deneghra

Wraith Witch Deneghra: Deneghra 2 has been re-imagined with these changes. A completely new feat, a re-worked spell list, and a new direction on play style should help bring the caster back to the table. As a concept Deneghra 2’s army should play like a stealthy strike team hitting the opponent fast and hard, completing its objectives and then escaping back to the shadows after the battle. (Please note this is a conceptual description and should not be taken word-for-word when thinking about her spells and abilities). Spells like Shadowstep, Damnation and the latest version of her feat, Web of Shadows, all have strong thematic components to them to support this idea. We also swapped around some of her other spells to make them more interesting and synergistic with the other portions of her rules. Please note we have removed the restriction of only casting Breath Stealer once per turn. This change will also affect Saeryn 1 and Cyphon 1.

This is a really  great change. Her feat (making models incorporeal) is awesomely versatile, and her reworked spell list is really, really fun. She kept hellmouth and curse of shadows, too of her best spells, though she did lose Marked for Death, which will make her harder into the mirror. Breath Stealer, though, is a great spell, and being able to spam it now that the once per turn stricture has been removed, is going to be awesome. The big two, though, are Shadow Step and Damnation. Damnation is going to allow for some sweet feat combinations, with her battlegroup flying through walls, models and the world in order to get to and eat the caster. I love it. Shadow Step, her second new spell, is like a fire step from Feora, but just with Shadow Bind. I’m not sure its useful, but it will almost always be way out of danger. Additionaly, it can be used offensively – if you have a good target within charge distance, only some 12″, you can charge, Shadow Step behind them while Shadow Binding them, and then Dark Banish them some… 4+ inches of threat for your battlegroup. Its got potential! 


Corruptor: We felt that the Corruptor was slightly too expensive for its output. Lowering it to 15 points should help it play out a little more favorably when building lists.

Yes. This is good. I approve. Maybe not far enough, but still playable. 

Black Ogrun Boarding Party

Black Ogrun Boarding Party: These models are pretty unique in Cryx and we feel with a slight nudge this unit could become a real contender. Jumping up to defense 13 and picking up Gang could be the bump they need to see the table.

I think this is exactly what they needed. With a conditional uptick in melee capacity and a touch more defense, they should be able to slot into a number of lists, and I don’t think its too much stress for the game to handle. MAT 9 P+S 15 sounds impressive, but I’ve only got 5 of them, and most of them won’t make it to combat. Totally cool with this, its a great change that will let me work with them instead of having them sit in the foam live they have been for 2 editions. 

Satyxis Blood Witches

Satyxis Blood Witches: Replacing Blood Mist with Grievous Wounds in their menu of options allows us to make the changes listed below to the Blood Hag. This change will make the unit more consistently useful.

This is a really sad change for many. While grievous wounds does increase their usefulness related to Entropic Aura, it also removes their RFP effect, which was the main reason many of these models where being taken in the first place. This will likely leave to an exodus of players who were using this as an In-faction answer to the mirror. I personally like the change because grievous wounds works better and has a further range, but I understand any problems with it being changed. 

Satyxis Blood Witches Blood Hag

Blood Hag: Removing Entropic Force in exchange for Grevious Wounds on the entire unit allowed us to play with the Blood Hag’s rules. Because of the inherent lower P+S in the theme force, adding Dark Shroud to the Blood Hag gives an option for utility from the unit. Side Step on the unit can be quite strong setting up Gang and pairs very well Axiara’s Reposition [3”] to clear lanes of your own models or dig deeper into the opposing force.

This is another painful change, but one that I like, as well. Dark Shroud in the Satyxis Theme force that isn’t Rag Man will allow for a different method of creating that magic -4 arm swing that the faction feels it needs in order to be on the level with everyone else. Additionally, Side Step is a really good rule. Often you’d be making strange choices when it came to who and what the Blood Witches attacked to get the most out of their Blood Razors. This change allows them to pick optimal targets for their horn attacks so as not to interfere with each others attacks, or to headbut targets that they don’t care about and get in deeper for Blood Shadows. 

Satyxis Gunslingers

Satyxis Gunslingers: The Gunslingers have swapped out a few shot types for some more generally useful abilities. Part of this does remove the ability to create a cloud wall out of shooting your own models. While this seems very unlikely to occur when theme forces are taken into account, it’s still an interaction we were not a big fan of. These new shots types with Severa’s Run and Gun make this unit quite potent.

I’d always hated shooting birds in the back of the head to create a cloudwall, even back when I did it. It always felt fluky and dumb. I am glad that its gone. With Run and Gun from Blacktide, an unannounced RAT buff to 7, the addition of Dodge, and the above changes – removing the cloud and feedback shot types for Ghost Shot and Guns and Portents, has made the models a pretty compelling choice for me. I expect that this unit will be picking off important solos, clearing lanes and unjaming models all day every day, and I’ll love it. This unit was great when I played it before, and I rarely used either feedback or clouds to much effect. Super Pumped for these changes, as it brings them to where I expected them to be when they were teased. 

Satyxis Sea Witch

Satyxis Raider Sea Witch: Satyxis Raiders are an incredibly strong unit – we wanted to increase the cost of the Sea Witch because she doesn’t fit inside the curve when looking at the benefits she brings compared to other attachments.

I’m pretty ok with them increasing her cost to 4, and it makes sense when it comes to out-of-theme balance, not that that is taken into account anymore. Now a unit is worth the same cost as two units of carrion thralls, and I know which one of those wins in my heart every time. Carrion Thralls. Realistically, the only real thing I don’t know why they didn’t change is the True Wind ability. With the Theme Granting Pathfinder to all stayxis models, who needs relentless charge anymore. Just take it off. Replace it with something if you like, but its just not even an option any more. 

Gerlak Slaughterborn

What? You missed that he gained Veteran Leader [Blighted Trollkin] too? this just might bring out my Bloodgorgers, and it makes the marauders pretty sweet at RAT 6. 

Satyxis Raider Captain

She got a bit TOUGH-er… ugh. I hate myself. 


Whew. We finally made it! what do you think? What are the parts your looking the most forward to testing? 

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