The Necrotechs Workshop XLIX – The Fleet Arrives


As I write this today, the final Black Fleet models have arrived into Warroom, and I am ready to start building lists with them, trying to squeeze the most fun and effectiveness out of each list and model. 

Back before the CID, I put up a review of both Slaughter fleet, and Scourge of the Broken Coast. Even though the models have changed, I’m not going to go over the basics of the theme this time. Instead, I’m going to look at the models that have been pushed out and what lists I think they are going to shine in.  

First the models that have dropped today: 

Skarre, Admiral of the Black Fleet
Axiara Wraithblade, 
Severa Bloodtide
Blighted Trollkin Maurauders
Black Ogrun Smog Belchers

These join 

Sharde Pirates + Officer
Black Ogrun Ironmongers
Scharde Dirge Seers
Jussica Bloodtongue
Misery Cages
Satyxis Blood Priestess

As new models and the following as changed models available to the two theme lists. 

Satyxis Sea Witch
Satyxis Bloodwitches + Hag
Satyxis Gunslingers
Black Ogrun Boarding Party
Satyxis Captain
Warwitch Deneghra
Wraith Witch Deneghra

Lets get into some list building! 

The first sub-theme that really has me wanting to building lists for it is the Blighted Trollkin list. With 42 possible troll models to stuff into a list, I’ve been trying to find the best caster to lead this crew. 


General Gerlak Slaughterborn [6]
Blighted Trollkin Marauders (max) [15]
– Jussika Bloodtongue [5]
Blighted Trollkin Marauders (max) [15]
Bloodgorgers (max) [15]
Bloodgorgers (max) [15]

It starts out with a pretty basic 60 points, netting us 3 free models to start in the Slaughter Fleet Raiders theme. These are almost always going to be Gerlak Slaughterborn, Jussica Bloodtongue as a jumping off point. 

Axiara Wraithblade is something I’m really looking forward to getting onto the board with this list, and I can’t really see this list working without her Tactician ability there to prevent them from stepping on each others toes, in a very literal sense. Her other Battle Plans – Serpents Grace (Dodge), Sneak (Prowl) and Special Orders (Repo 3), function in interesting ways with a number of caster and both units. Dodging Marauders (def 14 because of ashen veil), Prowl Marauders (because of ashen Veil) and Repo’ing Bloodgorgers and Marauders all sound really good. She brings so much to the list that just cannot be replicated via other means and she’s hidden among all those medium bases making her very hard to scalpel out yet still able to contribute via Gunshots and charges. 

That leaves the list with 15 points + Battelgroup left to play around with. 

Boomhowlers and Raluk make an amusing, if generally ineffective additions, bringing to total troll count up to 49, but I don’t think this is the best use of models for the army. honestly, with this many troops and a pair of support solos, I’m likely as not to see what I can bring with the casters battlegroup to see what I can put on the board. 

Casters that stick out immediately would be any that help deliver the army. Its 40 fairly slow models that need to get to the opponent, and making sure that they do exactly that should be top priority. 

– The Witch Coven has Veil of Mists, Occultation,  Nightfall and Ghost Walk to help the list push up the field. They do loose the use of a real skarlock, but the Blood Priestess makes a passable substitute if you can bring a unit of sacrificial models to feed her over the course of a few turns. 

Bane Witch Agathia brings Parasite, Ghost Walk and a Shadowfall, also with using the Blood Priestess to ghost walk after the feat. 

Asphyxious 2 brings Clouds for Delivery, along with Parasite and some interesting feat shinanigans

and Lastly Skarre 3 Brings Dash and Deceleration, making them both heartier and quicker. 

Of the four, I do think that Witch Coven is the strongest delivery option, and the army needs little to no MAT fixer, with two attacks on each model, and berserk on 20 Bloodgorgers. They also have Infernal machine to help out Kharybdis, who is available to all castes in this theme. Him and three arc nodes rounds out the list, and putting Saxon Orrik in the list makes it a little less reliant on the Ghost Walk every turn. 

This list is one that really sounds like a blast to me. I could easily trade out to any of the other three casters on the list, likely getting some more Lights in the trade to take advantage of gang Fighter. I look forward to this one, and is the reason I’ve got two units of Marauders on the way. 

The Second list I want to try out is a mixed fleet with many different units to capitalize on everything they do. A list that brings all sorts of different angles and threats that can overwhelm an opponent with options. I’m less concerned about delivery here than I am about diversity of threats. 

Skarre 2 Brings easy access to a thousand ranged attacks thanks to Marauders and black spot, along with Corruptors detonating models to clear out jammed up situations. Axiara brings the same level of utility brought in the other list, which is great. Skarre also has Death Ward, which can help the forward unit of Marauders suffer less losses while also having vengeance, which can come in pretty handy. 

Dirge seers will bring more clouds to put alongside the Smog Belchers and will provide guidance to the Corruptors, in case someone is bothering to try and hide behind clouds or with stealth, and with Seas of Fates, Corruptors taking out important solos can be a powerful tool. 

The Corruptors here bring a couple of really cool interactions with Skarre and Black Spot. Black Spot needs the model to be destroyed to trigger, and the only attack that the Corruptor has that destroys, conveniently, is Distillation. Healing Skarre up to 2d3+6 each turn really puts the game in a different place both after feat and upkeeping spells. Shooting a model under Black Spot will trigger your second shot, allowing you to drop a Burster or Psycho-Venom shot wherever you so please on the following attack. Being aware of all these different methods of using the Corruptor to your advantage is key to making this list him. lastly, these big guys can hit very hard in this list, tapping out at P+S 20 with Gang Fighter and Rag Man. Protected by Smog Belchers and given leeway with Guidance, its very easy to get these guys the drop on opposing models. 

While the dream I once had of double-taping assault sprays into opposing infantry is dead, I do think that the Sharde Pirates really can achieve greatness under Skarre 2. As a chaff unit with sprays, assault, and No Quarter, they will often be able to be the unit that engages first and ties up the lines while the rest of the army gets into position. 

Lastly, The Smog Belchers protect the caster and the Jacks, while also providing quality ranged attacks and controlling debuffs where the AOE’s land. Being unable to run or charge is a massive debuff, and can allow more of the army to get into place, when needed. Its a great set of layered threats that often isn’t present in many of the modern, themed lists. 

Finally, I have the last of the lists I want to talk about today, a strange and bizzare list that takes the Satyxis of the Scourge theme and places them under the control of the bane of MKII himself, Lich Lord Apshyxious. 

Delivering a Satyxis seems like a good thing, and there are few ways to deliver them better than a corrosive cloud wall. With Severa to provide a hellmouth like effect that doesn’t RFP to asphyxious’ soul reaper template, it seems like a strong place to start. Captains keep everyone standing up while also providing a massive personal melee threat range always seems worth it to me. Raiders that are DEF 20 to ranged with dodge and prowl backing it up seems strong. It has a ton of game into ‘Jack heavy theme lists due not only too the initial wave of 20+ feedbacking satyxis, but also Gaspy 2’s feat delivering 6-9 models with feedback back into the army for one last push when needed. 

Ambush provides a lot of pressure to put models forward, while overtaking, repositioning Satyxis provide a lot of incentive to stay as far back as possible. 

Well! thats about it for todays lists. I have a thousand more I am looking to try out, but these are the ones that are percolating to the top of my brain-pit. I know there is a list here with Denny 2, as well, but I’ve got to spend more time with it. Denny 2 is good in everything, just got to find her sweet spot. 

Until next time, 

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