The Story So Far

The Story so Far!

So, my IKRPG group has been running for some time now, and I’ve only now started to write on it. Let me fill in the details here.

First, the group.
Sor: The Trollkin Military Officer/’Jack Marshal
-Lefty, Sor’s Laborjack. He’s got a drill and an open fist.

Von: The Human Explorer/Rifleman

Sev/Ivan: This guy’s been swapped out, because the Gunmage/Spy has a broken arm.
we swapped him out for a Doomreaver/Iron Fang Pikeman….

Now, We were hired in a small town by a gobber named Nicoli. He’s been running a criminal/underground salvage off of the war in Llaele, and we’ve been hired to get some.
No worries. Its how we roll. We end up, through a series of unfortunate events, in a major Laele City (I think its Merwyn). This city is run by a fellow names Sodaving, an extraordinary hunter, a paranoid man, and a very powerful Kayazy Prince.
I assume.

We learn that the Order of the Golden Crucible stands opposed to him. We try and locate them, its harder than we think. We settle in with one of our compatriots at their dads bar, and we start feeling out the city and its inhabitants.

During that time, My character, Jerek of Jhord, master Alchemist and Thief, starts disguising himself to get into some of the tougher parts of town. He’s now a master of disguise, and has the city convinced he is Hogan, a Llaelese Freedom Fighter and a wanted criminal for his deeds, including staging a breakout from a local jail, and evading a patrol to catch him. I have actively spread rumors to this regard.

Until we were caught. My whole party and I.

And that’s where we are now!