Tour de Cryx – The Scaverous Project Overview

Every once in a while, the timelines of when I am going to do events and when I write won’t exactly mesh. During those times, I’m just gonna try and write up what I need to and get it out. So, here we go! Scaverous – First Look. 

The Scaverous Project.

With the end of Goreshade 1s tour article yesterday, I would normally wait a week before going into the tank with Scaverous, but I have a tournament tomorrow hopefully, and I will be using Scaverous in as many games as I legally can. I’m even considering trying to Ironman it.

To start out, with this the first real caster in the Tour, I wanted to get the input of more of the community on what I should take with him. There was a lot of good discussion on the forums and the Cryx facebook group. After going back and forth on a pretty large pile of concepts, I’ve kinda landed on the list below. I had started with a different list, but after a few conversations settled here. There is still time to waffle around, but this is the list I’m 95% sure to go with.


Lord Exhumator Scaverous
-The Withershadow Combine
Soul Trapper
Wrong Eye and Snap Jaw
Warwitch Siren
Satyxis Raiders (x10)
-Satyxis Raiders Sea Witch
Croe’s Cutthroats
Cephalyx Overlords


Each piece is part of a decision, and in this, opposed to some other lists, I don’t feel that there are models that I’ve just added to the list.

  • The Withershadow Combine
    • This unit is amazing with Scaverous. Rerolls on critical Telekinesis rolls, feat turn spell spam or anything in between is amazing on top of the Black Arts from Admonia. Spell slave also allows for a TK to be held back in the pocket for use after Scaverous has gone, or perhaps before. Finally, it’s they are able to strongly chip in with the feat, enabling them to hit much more dodgy targets than they would normally.  An all-around strong unit with most casters, and golden in this list. I would not build a list without this.
  • Erebus
    • As Scaverous’ Character ‘Jack, Erebus holds a special place in the list. I will see if, as a few others have said, that he isn’t really worthwhile. I think I can get him to a respectable P+S, given the debuffs in the list, but it surely won’t end the world. He’ is also very strong defensively, with 14 DEF and ARM 20 after Death Wards +2. Granting souls to Scaverous is a bonus, especially with overtake allowing him to mulch a unit of clumped infantry. It could be very useful. I can definitely see writing a list without him, though I likely won’t.
  • Deathripper x2
    • I find that these 12 points are the basis for every Cryx list I build, having a pair allows me to get better use out of my spells for longer, provided the opponent doesn’t  don’t have long range guns and that I don’t have anywhere to hide. Without two in a list, I have to count out my spell casting by turn 3, and I don’t like being in that position when my caster really needs to drop out spells. Two of is a must for me.


  • Soul Trapper
    • This little guy simply extends the reach of my caster’s soul collection. I intend to sit him some 5” in front of my caster give or take, to make sure that I get the souls that come into me. I think this really allows Scaverous to have better positioning in the field, but it really allows the Soul Harvester target some leeway as well, not having to swing wide simply to collect a few souls for Scaverous. I can’t really see a reason not so spend the point on it. Even if you only get three souls during the game, it seems pretty sweet.
  • Wrong Eye and Snap Jaw
    • These guys were a surprise revelation in the list. I originally wanted to take them out and replace them with something different, but then it was pointed out to me that Starcrossed with Knowledge of the Damned rerolls is going to be maddening to deal with, especially if they are trying to hit DEF 14 Satyxis and DEF 13 Croe’s Cuthroats and DEF 14 ARM 20 Erebus. I cannot imagine a list with Scaverous without the pair.
  • Warwitch Siren
    • This is a simple problem solver model. I had a few issues I wanted to solve, and this one tags them all. I wanted to allow Erebus to collect 4 souls without any investment. 11 focus is a very good number to have on a turn. I wanted another model to benefit from the feat, and sprays are one of the most efficient ways to capitalize on the feat, and I also wanted, if push comes to shove, a DEF debuff. I don’t want to build a list without at least one, but I can see people discarding her.
  • Satyxis Raiders + Satyxis Sea Witch
    • Simply the best infantry in the faction, this unit provides a ton of synergy for the list. With two attacks, 2” reach and Overtake, the unit really sings as a delivery system for Soul Harvester. Its resistant to most shooting, as well, enabling them to get to their destination relatively unmolested. Additionally, Scaverous really turns up the accuracy of the unit with Icy Grip, allowing them to hit even the highest of defenses. Lastly, the interaction with Starcrossed and Knowledge of the Damned is superb, making melee against them, and short range shooting, a mini nightmare. I wouldn’t leave home without the full unit and the UA
  • Croe’s Cutthroats
    • This is the list where these boys shine. Telekinesis allows for pretty trivial backstrikes, you can aim and reposition, you get backstab and Icy Grip bonuses without much work. . They can easily get to RAT 12 with 3 dice to hit against casters, 10 against Jacks, Beasts and Battle Engines. Reposition allows them to maintain distance to their targets, and stealth will often keep them safe against shooting. Advanced deploy allows them to be in solid positions where they can likely hang out and threaten all game. With TK they have a blazing threat range of 19”, and will still be 15” away after their activation (bringing them down to a simple Rat of 10/8). Feast of worms gets them up to P+S 12 with weaponmaster guns during a backstab attack. I really like that these guys have a very exciting home with Scaverous, and will almost never not build a list without them.
  • Cephalyx Overlords
    • I originally had two Sirens in this list. I popped one of them out and took out the raider captain so that I could stick these spray-bots in here. I’m not completely convinced, but boosted pow 12’s are pretty good, especially when they ignore LOS. For 8 points, however, I don’t know what I would replace them with that isn’t just what I pulled out. I like these models, but I don’t know that they are going to pull the weight I need them to pull. We shall see!


In addition to the models I did choose, there were a couple compelling options I shied away from. Some people have talked about them, and I can see the merits, but I didn’t think they fit in with my concept for the list.

  • Iron Lich Overseer + Seether
    • This combo is pretty cool, I have to admit. +2 Str and an additional attack on a model that charges for free gives it 4 P+S 19 attacks. Dark Shroud from the ILO puts it up at 21. And stealth on the way in. However, I don’t like that its tied to a solo and eats up a ton of points (18) in a list that is already strapped. Maybe if I didn’t want to take WE+ SJ, was looking for something a little different in my infantry and changed it up a bit, I could go for it. 18 points gets me Nightmare, who may not have stealth, but does have ghostly and can get focus. Its very, very hard for me to pull jacks off my caster because of the advantages of Power Up and Allocation. I will definetly have to try this combo somewhere, but I am really bothered by the idea of the ILO getting exploded.
  • Bloodgorgers
    • If my list was a little more tanky, slow and oppressive, I could see these guys really taking a solid role in the list. As it stands, though, what I’ve built is much more of a faster striking and control based army. This unit is faster than its given credit for many times (11” threat v. Living) but with the majority of the armies on the board now favoring longer ranges and warjacks, I’m not sure they really have a place. Maybe a caster with Occultation and a mat fixer would work, as their lousy MAT 6 really hurts berserk. I want to want to try this combo, but with limited time and games, I’m just not sure I can do it.
  • Bane Knights
    • Man, I really want these guys to work, but in the new edition, I’m just not convinced that Satyxis Raiders aren’t simply better for the job. Faster, with a better MAT and defenses against ranged attacks make these models really linchpin to the list. Knights, on the other hand, would be vulnerable to ranged attacks from the start of the game, and would have little/no chance of really getting the hits in on the infantry I would like to attack without taking the 8 point dead weight that is the current Tartarus
  • Malice
    • There are a lot of people who use this model with Scaverous, and I can see why. Being able to scalpel out a large target from an army and kill it pretty much at will is an excellent way to get up on the piece trading. TK makes it even easier to get that started, with up to 4” of extra threat. I don’t like it though, because I want to slide in Erebus and/or Wrong eye and Snap Jaw. If either of those two go, Malice will be the first piece into the list. While he is solid and strong, he just didn’t make the cut.
  • Machine Wraith
    • These guys are in so many lists, so often. 2 points is hard to judge, now a days. Do I opt to upgrade my deathrippers to the indisputably superior Nightwretches, or do I toss in a Necrotech, Machine Wraith, or two Soul Trappers. All of them are superior support for our faction and the cost. The Machine wraith here really supports the Malice/TK/Croes combo, and I like it for the whole package that it provides. I just don’t have the room, it seems, to squeeze this in. Thankfully, if Erebus or Snapjaw don’t make it, I will giddily take the Machine wraiths.

Well, that’s my thoughts, theory and explanation about what I am building and why I put each part in my list. If you’ve any disagreements, or think I made the best choice, let me know, I’d like to hear it! First tournament using this on Saturday!